Are Golf Balls Safe for Dogs? All You Need to Know Details

Are golf balls safe for dogs? In some perspectives, the answer is NO and in other perspectives, the answer is YES. Let us clarify how and why it is YES and NO. If your dog plays with a golf ball or chases a golf ball or rolls it using legs, then a golf ball is safe for the dog. Moreover, if your dog is trained then it knows what to do with a golf ball and will act accordingly.

But if your dog chews a golf ball or picks it with its mouth, then a golf ball is not safe for your dog. There is every possibility of serious accidents including choking, teeth or throat damage, or other health issues.

So the answer depends on the activities of your dog. However, if your dogs develop the habit of playing with golf ball, you should know some more information.

Are Golf Balls Safe for Dogs? All You Need to Know

In a general sense, golf balls are not safe for dogs. Below are some of the details of why golf balls are not safe for dogs:

Possibility of Choking

Since dogs use mouths to pick, fetch or even chew balls, unexpected accidents like choking, vomiting, or other long-term health damage may occur. When a dog catches the ball from the air by jumping high, its mouth becomes widely opened which might cause choking.

If your dog is smaller in size, it may not capable of holding the entire ball inside the mouth. So there is not any chance of choking. But if your dog is larger or medium in size, then there is a higher possibility of choking hazards as your dog can hold the entire ball in its mouth and swallow it.

Possibility of Throat Damage and Vomiting

Furthermore, while fetching the ball, the dog holds it by the mouth and runs back fast which can result in the ball going inside the throat. If the ball is stuck in the throat, it causes great damage to the throat. It also creates a vomiting problem for the dogs.

Risk of Consuming Chemical Materials and Toxins

Chemical materials such as rubber, plastic materials, the thermoplastic resin (surlyn), urethane, etc. are used for making golf balls. All these are toxic materials. So if your dog consumes or swallows a golf ball, it can impact your dog health.

Oftentimes, your dog chews the golf ball and makes it into pieces. After that, your dog consumes those pieces which is the reason to cause damage to the dog’s digestive system.

Possibility of Teeth Damage

The fiberglass and sandpaper used to make the balls are also injurious to the oral cavity and teeth of the dog.

Risk of Other Health Damage

There are also some health damages if your dog consumes golf balls. At times, it is life-threatening for the dog and if the ball is old, it hurts the esophagus and intestine of the dog and causes discomfort and difficulties in food digestion. Sometimes, you will need to go through a surgical procedure if the golf balls pass the throat.

Possibility of Allergic Reactions

It is very normal that after swallowing a golf ball, allergic reactions might occur to your dogs in absence of instant aid.

Why People Love to Let Their Dogs Play with Golf Balls?

We all know that the innate behavior of dogs includes chasing things as an act of hunting. They love fetching, rolling around, returning and chewing. And, of course, all kinds of balls that they can hold in their mouth are their favorite toys.

They chew balls or other objects to keep their teeth strong and clean. When the dog owners see their dogs are chasing a ball or hunting it, then the dog owners feel good. At that time the dog seems very happy which inspires the owners to let the dogs play more.

But, sometimes, accidents happen when your dog swallows or chews the ball instead of playing. That is when letting the dogs play with golf balls can be hazardous or extremely dangerous. So we should know all the necessary things before letting our dogs play with golf balls or other small size balls.

How to Keep Your Dog Away From Golf Balls?

Indeed, prevention is better than cure, so there are some effective ways to keep your dogs away from golf balls. Here are some of the ways you can consider:

Hide the Golf Balls from Your Dogs

The best way to keep your dogs safe and away from golf balls is to hide them or keep the balls out of your dog’s reach. You should keep the balls in a secret place or inside storage containers.

Avoid Golf Balls as a Playing Kit for Your Dogs

The best way to keep your dog safe is to avoid golf balls for playing. Instead of golf balls, you can give your dogs other similar toys that are not harmful to dogs. Also, provide the toys which are safe, sturdy, and not too small, without sharp edges and those which cannot be swallowed.

Pay Attention to Your Dogs While They Play

You should be paying attention to what your dog plays with, keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t swallow inedible things.

Preparation for An Emergency

Even after taking many precautions and keeping full attention, an accident may happen. So you should gather relevant knowledge and be prepared for any emergency action needed.

Can Dogs Swallow A Golf Ball?

Dogs can swallow golf balls, when they’re about to catch a ball from the air by jumping high, their mouth becomes widely opened as a result of which ball can go inside the throat.

Again, while chewing and even fetching the ball they run back at high speed which can cause the ball to slip inside the throat.

What Would You Do If Your Dog Swallowed a Golf Ball?

If your dog swallows a ball, it’s important to seek professional help immediately from a vet. In case it takes you more time to reach, you can give some first aid like trying to dislodge the ball by firmly pressing underneath the jaw with both thumbs at the base of the throat and pushing forward until the ball is out.

Another helpful method could be the Heimlich maneuver i.e. squeezing the dog’s backbone upwards and downwards or compressing the belly a few times.

An Interesting Fact: Do Dogs Know People are not Dogs?

Finally, we would like to put an end to this article by sharing an interesting fact about dogs. What do you think: do dogs know people are not dogs?

The interesting thing is that study suggests that dogs have a portion of mental capabilities like humans and they understand that people are not dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can a dog pass a golf ball?

Answer: No, dogs cannot pass golf balls. When dogs swallow something indigestible, it stays in their stomach causing gastric contraction.

Question: Can a dog swallow a golf ball?

Answer: Yes, dogs can swallow golf balls since they are slippery outside while fetching and catching from the air.

Question: Is a tennis ball bad for dogs?

Answer: Unless the surface of the teeth of your dog is affected by a tennis ball, it is good for your dog. Before providing one to your dog, you should make sure that it is designed for hounds.

Final Thoughts

Since you have gone through the article, you must have gained some idea regarding the question are golf balls are safe for dogs. By being a little careful, you can save your dog from getting to the worst condition while playing with a golf ball.

In fact, it will be better if you provide other toys rather than golf balls to your dog. So we hope you will be aware of these things and your loving dogs.

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