Are Nitro Golf Balls any Good? Everything You Need to Know

Choosing the perfect golf balls is more of an art, and there is absolutely no point in investing more in the best set of clubs; if you are using the wrong golf ball. You will get a ton of varieties of golf ball brands and you may get confused to choose from the options from expensive ones or reasonable ones. You may hear that Nitro golf balls come at a reasonable price and are wondering are Nitro golf balls any good.

Here are all the details of the Nitro golf balls that might just give you the satisfaction you want. This ball will certainly offer you the best-performing match anytime you play golf. In this article, we have jotted down all you have to know about Nitro Golf golf balls and their varieties.

All the balls by Nitro are durable at the same time soft, cover a good distance, and have a great outlook. Their symmetrical dimple design allows higher lift but lower drag, and most importantly, their affordable pack of golf balls will not bring much out of your purse.

Are Nitro Golf Balls any Good?

In this era of competitiveness, staying at the top is no joke and if you are questioning yourself “Are Nitro golf balls any good?” We have got the answer for you. Nitro golf ball has numerous reasons to hold its position among the best golf balls. Nitro has various designs and perfect quality golf balls. Nitro takes the feedback from users seriously and comes up with a quick improvement to offer better solutions to users.

Through gradual improvement and innovation, Nitro ensures excellent performance, supreme quality, great outlook, better performance, higher satisfaction, etc. The Nitro golf balls are soft as any other premium quality golf balls, and most importantly affordable hence making golf easier and available for everyone. The overall performance of this ball is unmatchable compare to other balls of a similar price range.

If you are a beginner or high handicapper then golf balls by Nitro are your ultimate choice and their affordable price makes it easier for beginners even when they lose a ball or two while learning golf. The balls are soft, light-weighted, the translucent cover allows for greater visibility. However, for the low handicapper and skilled players, this ball may seem a little harder.

Are Nitro Golf Balls Illegal?

When a golf ball doesn’t meet the USGA standard then it is considered to be illegal and not appropriate for a tournament. The golf ball has to have a specific size, weight, and most importantly it has to be perfectly round in order to be USGA approved.

And any of these criteria are not full filled, then the golf balls are classified as unfit for a tournament. Nitro golf balls fulfill all the categories to be legal, but yet to legal. However, they are like any other good quality golf balls with high velocity, cover a good distance, and are fit for both learners and skilled players.

Nitro Golf Balls vs Titleist Golf Balls

When it comes to choosing between Nitro and Titleist let us jot down the major differences for you. Nitro golf balls are made for players of all levels whereas Titleist is only preferable between professional golfers. The higher the dimples the more the vertical distance coverage.

Though the Titleist golf balls have higher dimples 352 compared to the Nitro golf balls within the range of 320 to 350, the Nitro can offer almost the same dimples at a comparatively lower price. You should also keep in mind that the horizontal distance coverage by Nitro will be higher.

This makes Nitro desirable among beginners. Most importantly Nitro is worth buying for its affordability, even if you lose a few balls during the match, it won’t matter. You should keep in mind that it is obvious that you will definitely lose balls during a match. So playing golf with Nitro golf balls will cost you less.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How many dimples are on a Nitro golf ball?

Answer: Having higher or the right amount of dimples is crucial as a golf ball without dimples will travel half the distance compared to a golf ball with dimples even if it was shot by a professional. Nitro Golf ball’s dimple design increases the lift and decreases drag while increasing the overall distance coverage. A small change in the depth of dimple will change the distance coverage significantly. Nitro golf balls have dimples within the range of 320 to 350.

Question: What is the compression of a Nitro golf ball?

Answer: Nitro golf balls are soft feel up to 90 compressions with hit and stick action. The compression count varies from 60 to 90 depending on the various models of Nitro golf balls. Compression is the main core of a golf ball, lower compression means softer core and higher compression means harder core. Lower compression balls usually range from 60-70 and are suitable for senior golfers who have slow swing speed.
Medium compression balls range between 80 and 90 and are widely accepted for their average cores, swing speed, and maximum distance coverage. Compression above 90 is considered high compression balls and they are firmer and maximize speed for high swing golfers.


Now, you all have got the correct answer to the question,” Are nitro golf balls any good?” We have no doubt that Nitro golf balls are definitely good for all levels of golfers, especially for beginners. These are in fact the best golf balls if we compare the price and quality with other expensive golf balls.

Different models offer different benefits. The symmetrical dimple allows higher distance coverage and medium compression allows higher swing speed. The titanium cores maximize energy; Dupont Lithium Surlyn ensures higher durability. This is the ultimate high-performing and affordable ball best for players of different skill levels.

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