Are Vice Golf Balls Good? Best Two Vice Golf Balls 2022

Vice represents cutting-edge technology, yet a powerful design that revolutionizes the excitement of playing golf. But are vice golf balls good? Their design always clearly follows function: their balls have a distinct ball number as well as a distinct putting line. Playing golf has always been an expensive hobby. And we’ve been exploring ideas to make golf more accessible for fellow players.

Purchasing fresh golf balls is one aspect of the game that might help you save money. Vice Golf Balls are one of our favorite golf balls. They have many of the same qualities as the most expensive and perhaps best balls on the market, but at a considerably lower price. However, readers may be wondering, are Vice golf balls any good? Let’s find out.

Details About the Query ‘Are Vice Golf Balls Good’?

For the price point against the quality, Vice golf balls are undeniably one of the best golf balls in the market. Vice’s constant quality production allows the golf balls to be top-notch quality without breaking the bank of players. Vice’s 5 types of golf balls are tailor-made for different styles of players. This ensures that vice golf balls are indeed good.

Why Are Vice Golf Balls Good?

Mainly because of the good durability, Vice outperforms Titleist golf balls on a robotic test. Vice developed golf balls that deliver 25% more usage than its counterparts. For the price point, Vice golf balls offer exceptionally great quality and features with their golf balls.

What Are the Best Vice Golf Balls?

In a test, overall Vice Pro Plus performed better than its expensive counterpart Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. So, Pro Plus is guaranteed one of the best Vice golf balls. Others include Vice Pro Soft and Vice Drive Golf.

1. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Soft is an excellent offering. A three-piece structure, it performs well for players who swing the club slower than 95 mph. The golf ball has 318 dimples, unlike the usual count of 348 or 350. While it is not as long as others, this ball is considered to be no slouch and is impressive by its well-rounded characteristics.

The KIL alignment aid is located on the side and is available in white, lime, or red, as well as Living Coral, Peach Parfait, or Blue Light hue finishes. During testing, the thin urethane layer worked its magic around the putting surfaces, leaving us pleasantly impressed with this adaptable product.

2. Vice Drive Golf Balls

The Vice Drive, the range’s only two-piece ball, is intended towards slower-swinging golfers searching for maximum distance. It achieves this by the use of a low compression Energy Speed Core, which also provides a comparatively soft feel. Vice drive balls are known to be sturdy and not readily cut, which is great for those who like to get the most out of their golf balls.

It also has a surlyn cover, which was found to be durable and not easily cut. While it does not provide the premium performance of other goods in their line, it is unquestionably one of the greatest distance golf balls available if that is what you are looking for. It played slightly better than expected around the greens, but it’s off the tee that this ball really shines.

How to Use Vice Golf Balls?

Because of the price, Vice is a great option for beginner golfers. Just like any other golf ball, vice golf balls can be used by any range of golfers. However, based on playing style you can choose different types of vice golf balls such as Drive golf balls for less spin and longer flights.

Name of Professional Golfers Who Use Vice Golf Balls

Professional golfer and golf YouTuber Rick Shiels has raved about Vice golf balls in his YouTube videos. Rick personally has played Vice golf balls during his tournament plays. He used Vice Pro Plus.

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How to Clean Vice Golf Balls?

Soak your Vice golf balls in warm soapy water with lots of suds. Gently keep them in the water for one to two hours. Then gently rinse your golf balls with clean and cold water. Completely air dry the Vice golf balls to store them for later use.

Vice Golf Balls Similar to Pro V1

Vice Pro Plus golf balls are similar to the features of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. With drivers, Both the gold balls’ performance is almost the same. Both have cast urethane covers, dimple counts are 336 and 388 respectively. Both support the low launch and longer distance with consistent flight.

Which Company Makes the Vice Golf Ball?

Vice is a German-based golf accessory firm that specializes in quality golf balls at a reasonable price. Vice sells only five different types of golf balls in order to assure that their products are always improved.

What Compressions are Vice Golf Balls?

The Core compression of vice golf balls are 25 and overall compression is +/- 86.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are Vice Balls Legal?

Answer: Yes. Vice balls have been approved by USGA and R&A thus the balls are OK to be played in worldwide tournaments

Question: Can I mix and match Vice Golf balls?

Answer: Yes. You can mix and match your preferred vice golf ball types and colors. With mix and match, you can also save extra bucks if you order 3 Dozens or more golf balls.

Question: Can I get my Vice golf balls customized?

Answer: For US and Canadian customers, Vice offers golf ball customization and it takes 14 to 21 days to prepare and deliver the customized golf balls.

Question: Are the Vice golf balls tested against its rival brands?

Answer: Vice gets all of its golf balls tested at an independent golf ball testing lab in San Diego. Customers can find the detailed test results on Vice’s official website.

Question: Which type of Vice golf ball should I get as a first-time buyer?

Answer: They offer a variety pack in which all types of balls are included. It’s a good purchase for a first-time buyer to test out all the types and then decide for later purchases. Customers can also use Vice’s golf ball fitting tool to choose a type to purchase.


Now that you have reached the end of this article, hopefully, you have found the answer to your question, are vice golf balls good? It is difficult to go wrong with vice golf balls because of their strict quality control of the balls. Vice is constantly testing and reviewing to meet the golfers’ needs. If you are a first-time golfer, it may be difficult to find the perfect balance for your speed, swing, budget, flight, spin rates, and distance.

Since Vice is one of the best quality golf balls with an affordable price range. Before getting your hands on the expensive brands, Vice will give you a chance to test the waters of the great game of golf. We guarantee you a pleasant surprise with Vice Golf balls.

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