Benefits of Standing Closer to Golf Ball

If you know the benefits of standing closer to golf ball, you might get the chance to unleash your inner tiger woods. So without any more delay, let’s talk about the tricks. Before that how about sharing an interesting story about golf game. 

Did you know that golf is the only sport that has been played on the moon? Yes! Alan Shepard, an astronaut of the Apollo 14 hit the first golf ball on the moon in 1971. This makes golf the first sport played there. Though the astronaut did not use a real golf club there. he improvised a little there! It was a six-iron golf club head attached to the handle of a contingency sample return device. 

He attempted 2 hits and ironically missed the first one. So there you go, even rocket scientists can miss a hit while playing golf. It is pretty normal. This is why you can give yourself a break and learn about the proper distance while hitting that white little ball.

Should I Stand Closer to the Golf Ball?

Well, to answer this question in one word, is yes. You do need to stand closer to the ball to swing a perfect hit. There are many benefits of standing closer to golf ball. It helps you to avoid injuries in your body, like muscle pull or sprain. Also, it lets you avoid mishaps like throwing the club instead of the ball. Let’s have a look at the benefits of standing closer to golf ball.

Benefits of Standing Closer to Golf Ball

There are obviously some benefits of standing closer to golf ball. It helps you maintain a good balance and concentrate on the pressure points of your body and so on. Below are some of the benefits of standing closer to the golf ball:


The first and foremost thing while playing golf is to have a good balance. This is not only your hand’s balance, we are talking about the full body. You need to stand at a distance from the ball where you can control your body when you are going for a swing. Standing far away from the ball will only lead you to the possibility of injury. If you are constantly trying to reach the ball from a distance, it is no good.

Pressure Points:

While playing any game it is absolutely crucial that you concentrate on your body’s pressure points. One of the benefits of standing closer to golf ball is that you can concentrate fully on your feet, heels, wrists, and hip. These are the pressure points on your body. 

While casting a swing you need to put the correct amount of pressure on each of these points. Otherwise, you will lose the balance of your body and that is not going to result in a good hit. You need to choose wisely. You do not need to be very accurate. All you have to be is athletic. You have to be comfortable in your body while hitting the club.

For a Stable Back:

Above we talked about pressure points and an athletic posture. But what actually is an athletic way to hit a swing? How do you decide that you are having the right pro golfer posture?? Well, Worry not. It is not that tough to find out. That’s what we are here for. Before hitting the ball-

  • Make sure your back is straight. Meaning you are not bending your back like a bow.
  • Keep your legs parallel to each other
  • Relax your back and shoulder
  • Comfortable hang your hands while holding the club.
  • Be comfortable in your body
  • These are the things that come easily when you stand closer to a golf ball.

Hitting the Exact Point:

Other benefits of standing closer to golf ball includes swinging the club properly and hitting the ball at the right place. Remember most of the time, your aim is to send the ball far away. 

For this plan to execute, you need to hit the ball at the exact point to get maximum speed. Standing far away from the ball is not beneficial for that action.

The Right Angle:

Last but not least. It is crucial that the angle between your hand and shoulder, your wrist, and your club is perfect. To adjust the right angle you need to stand closer to the ball. Even the angle between your legs and ground matters. 

A perfect angle will stop you from swinging ‘too flat’ or swinging from ‘over the top’. These two habits are the most common mistakes for a golfer. Standing at the right distance will make your sway perfect.  

What Is the Correct Distance to Stand From a Golf Ball?

There is no ‘correct distance to stand from a golf ball’. This totally depends on your height and how comfortable you are at a particular distance.  

As we have said earlier, it is always better to stand comparatively closer to the ball than far away. This way you can hold the posture that helps you to deliver a great full swing.

If you stand far away from the ball you will notice that your whole body is moving with your club. This is an absolute no. Your body should be straight while having total control in your hand. At times like this, your iron’s height matters as well.

So what to do exactly?  First, You need to find a spot, where you feel most comfortable. Place your golf ball, stand holding the club in your hand, and try going back and forward while moving your feet up and down on the ground. 

Remember to keep your club steady on the ground while doing that. Now look for a distance you feel comfortable holding the club. That is your ultimate, perfect distance for a perfect swing. At this distance, you will also feel that your hands are hanging down freely. 

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Question: Is it better to stand closer to the golf ball?

Answer: Yes, it is certainly better to stand closer to the golf ball as it helps you control your body balance, concentrate on your body’s pressure points, hit the exact points of the golf ball, and so on.

Question: How close to stand to golf ball?

Answer: There is no exact measurement of how far or close to stand to the golf ball. You should stand at the point that is comfortable for you. However, pro golfers stand within 3 inches from the golf ball.

Question: Why do pro golfers stand so close to the ball?

Answer: The golf pros stand closer to the ball so that they can keep the hands and the end of the butt of the club within 3 inches from the body. Standing too far from the golf ball can lead to a low trajectory and also hit the ball with the club imperfectly.


Golf can be a getaway game for you. the first game of golf was first played in  Scotland? Yes! It is a Scottish game in origin and the first person to play the game was James VII of Scotland. Though there is a debate that golf was actually played by the Romans first. but let us not get all confused about that. Whoever started this game, the fact that it is a great outdoor game, moreover a very classy one. 

Golf is considered one of the most expensive games in the world. Mostly because of the equipment. So, with the above discussion of the benefits of standing closer to the golf ball, I think you are now all set up to rule on the golf course like Tiger Woods. Best of luck!

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