Best Golf Balls for Putting | Top Expert Choices of 2022

Golf is a club and ball game for the best of the people taking a break from their work. It’s a sport you’d want to play and have a good time with your peers for fulfillment and relaxation. Putting the golf ball down to the hole is when you feel satisfied. This article will introduce you to the 6 best golf balls for putting. You will need fewer strikes to hit the ball down to the hole. With your skill, the softest golf balls for putting will further assist you to put it down the hole.

This article will be a guide for you to purchase the best golf balls for distance and putting amongst the thousands of golf balls in the market. We have made a thorough research on each golf ball in this article so that any one of the golf balls you choose is surely one of the best.


Our 6 Best Golf Balls for Putting – Best Choices

  • If you’re looking for a combination of great durability, low spin, and maximized distance, go for Callaway 2021 golf ball as many golfers believe that it is the best golf ball for distance and putting.
  • Taylormade TP5X Prior Generation Golf ball is your absolute go-to for extremely low spin and the softest golf ball for putting.
  • If you want great spin control and long-distance shots with any club, Titleist Golf Balls will provide you with quality without breaking your bank.
  • If you are a beginner and you have a tight budget, Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls is a great starter pack.
  • For excellent screen grabbing, low spin, and low flight, Srixon Z Star 5 is the best putting golf ball
  • For a better and bigger core for increased distance and a better cover for increased longevity, Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Ball is the best type of golf ball for putting.

1. Callaway ERC Triple Track Golf Balls 12B PK

Special Specification

This is the best-putting and longest golf ball of the brand. It is featured with a new hybrid cover and a soft feel for a low spin. This golf ball is one of the best because it follows all the guidelines; it has a low spin, great control on the green, soft feel.

Callaway features outstanding and well-received Triple Track lines on ERC to help you figure out the perfect alignment for every putt. Its PARALOID Impact modifier assists to create versatile construction to achieve great greenside control, durability.

Product’s Highlights:

  • Callaway 2021 ERC Triple Track Golf Balls are covered with a high-performance multi-material hybrid layer.
  • It has HEX Aerodynamics.
  • It is a 3-Piece ball.
  • Extra-ordinary feel, control, low spin with long-distance.
  • Maximum ball speed and performance from tee to green.


  • Callaway golf balls have a soft feel which contributes to low spin.
  • It’s the longest ball of Callaway which is specially constructed for distance and putting.
  • The Hybrid Cover featuring PARALOID Impact modifier from DOW delivers an excellent combination of maximized distance, high launch low spin, and durability.
  • Triple Track with Vernier Visual Acuity improves alignment to decrease stroke to down the ball to the hole.
  • The great Price point for Quantity and durability.


  • The shine of the golf balls isn’t long-lasting.
  • The finishing of the ball is not the best.

FAQ about Callaway 2021 ERC Triple Track Golf balls:

Question: How many balls are there in one pack?

Answer: A dozen (12 balls) in one pack.

Question: What’s the compression rating of the ball?

Answer: 60 compressions with a higher ball flight.

2. TaylorMade TP5X Prior Generation Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Special Specification:

The TP5x golf ball has a Tri-Fast Core and a Dual Spin Cover that work together to make a 5 layer golf ball is the best type of golf ball for putting. The ball’s revolutionary three-layer core design incorporates progressive compression, allowing for maximum energy transfer and enormous speed on full shots.

The contrast between an ultra-soft cast urethane and a semi-rigid inner cover allows for maximum contact between the cover and club grooves, resulting in an outstanding spin performance with full wedge strokes and precision control around the green.

Product’s Highlights:

  • The golf is built with a three-fast core and dual-spin cover specifically to perform well during putting.
  • Special 3 layer core system exhibits progressing compression, maximum energy transfer
  • Generates massive speed during full shots.
  • The dual-spin cover works exceptionally well for pinpoint controlling on the green.


  • Taylormade TP5x golf balls are specially made for long-distance shots.
  • Taylormade is the Best golf ball for putting with its 2 layer spin core technology.
  • These soft golfs are very much durable with high-grade Urethane material.
  • These golf balls are made for high trajectory shots.
  • With pinpoint control on the greens, the golfer has better control over the distance it travels when putt.


  • Little pricey for the quality.
  • The cover of the ball scuffs after several hits.

FAQ about TaylorMade TP5X Prior Generation Golf Balls

Question: Do these balls come in different colors?

Answer: They only have white colors for now.

Question: How durable are TP5x golf balls?

Answer: The Taylormade TP5x golf balls are quite durable. They can last multiple rounds without any noticeable bruise or changes

3. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls, White

Product Special Specification:

Titleist Velocity Balls have a high-speed core to increase speed and an enhanced aerodynamics package to improve flight. It creates high fly on all shots, increasing distance and assisting in stopping the ball on the green. It is one of the best-putting golf balls. The high-speed LSX core generates speedier results.

This leads to a significant downrange distance for your game. The 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design allows for long-distance penetrating flight with tight dispersion.

Product’s Highlights:

  • The 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design allows for long-distance penetrating flight with tight dispersion.
  • Titleist Velocity golf balls are available in 4 different colors.
  • These golf balls have extremely low long game spin.
  • It has 350 Octahedral Spherically-Tiled Dimple patterns all over its surface.


  • Titleist Velocity Golf ball’s greater iron stop ability helps the golfer control its distance.
  • This golf ball has high flight capability on all sorts of shots.
  • The dimple of the surface of the Titleist Golf ball helps perform well on the greens.
  • The golf ball can travel a longer distance by translating the energy it receives from the shot with cutting-edge technology.
  • Great quality for its price against the rivals in the market.
  • Titleist golf balls spin really well on the greens.


  • The golf ball might travel longer than expected with the shot.
  • These golf balls last for only 3-4 rounds.

FAQ about Titleist Velocity Golf Balls, White:

Question: What Titleist is recommended for 15 handicapped women?

Answer: Titleist Velocity Golf Balls would be appropriate for you.

Question: How do these perform for slower swing speed?

Answer: Titleist Velocity Golf Balls carry well in slower swing speed.

4. Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls 15-Pack

Special Specification:

The semi-translucent cover improves visibility. A novel sensation for a two-piece ball is provided by the soft thin cover and lower 70 compressions as the best golf ball for putting. For greenside control, this spin ratio is out of this world. The titanium core’s super reactiveness provides remarkable distance. Designed for swing rates ranging from slow to medium. Each ball has a rose image imprinted on it.

Nitro creates high-quality products without sacrificing performance. Today’s golfer is looking for high-performance products that deliver results. Nitro listens to the client, produces performance products, is reasonable, and is experienced. Some in the industry claim serious balls for serious players, while Nitro produces inexpensive balls for today’s golfer.

Product’s Highlights

  • Nitro manufactures high-quality goods without compromising performance.
  • This Nitro’s softest ball ever is made possible with solid core two-piece technology.
  • A breakthrough new soft translucent cover, and 70 compressions. Ideal for female players or those with a slower swing speed.


  • The bright colors of the golf balls make them very convenient to find.
  • Nitro Glycerin softballs are surprisingly durable.
  • The rose imprints on the golf balls are attractive to the women.
  • Most inexpensive golf balls on this list.


  • Lighter-colored balls are hard to see from a distance.
  • The golf balls don’t seem to perform well in woods or water.

FAQ about Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls 15-Pack:

Question: Is this considered a super soft golf ball?

Answer: With the compression of 70, Nitro Glycerin balls are one of the softest golf balls in the market.

Question: Are these good for women?

Answer: Nitro Glycerin Soft Balls are one of the best golf balls for women in the market.

5. Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Product Special Specification:

Golf Balls Srixon Z Star 5 Designed for golfers who desire peak performance. The new Srixon Z-STAR golf ball combines unrivalled technology with an outstanding feel, allowing players to improve all facets of their game. Srixon has used energetic gradient growth core technology. Improved launch conditions and a softer feel on all shots for extra distance off the tee. Its 338 Speed Dimple Pattern golf balls are more aerodynamic.

Improved flight performance allows for greater distance gains and full shot control. Spin Skin covering is softer and more elastic makes these best golf balls for distance and putting. Softer feel improved greenside spin and provided more consistent spin on approach shots from any lie, particularly from the rough.

Product’s Highlights:

  • Its 338 Speed Dimple Pattern makes these golf balls better for putting.
  • Srixon has come up with a new third-generation skin for better spin.
  • Reduced compression The Energetic Gradient Growth Core provides a softer feel on all shots and optimizes launch conditions for longer distances off the tee.


  • These golf balls have the highest and more consistent green side spin.
  • The dimple pattern provides improved flight and gains in distance.
  • Srixon Z Star 5 golf balls are extremely durable.
  • Very low compression makes these balls the best type of golf ball for putting.


  • May feel sluggish during tee shots and approach shots.
  • Most expensive golf balls on this list.

FAQ about Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls (One Dozen):

Question: What is the shelf life of these golf balls?

Answer: As long as the golf balls are kept at room temperature and in a dry place. These golf balls can be stored for up to 5 years.

Question: What is the main difference between the 2016 model and 2017?

Answer: The new Z has a gentler feel than the previous model, works well and they are softer than before.

6. Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Special Specification:

The Volvik Vivid Golf Balls have a better, bigger core for increased distance and a better cover for increased longevity. The SF Matte coating is unique in that it gives aerodynamic uniformity and a greater trajectory.

The very robust power core provides maximum distance with a softer feel and improved energy transmission. Reduced glare for improved visibility, ball striking, and focus. Increased greenside spin for more precise pinpoint control.

Product’s Highlights:

  • The golf balls have 11 different color options.
  • Ionomer cover with a matte surface and 322 dimple design for steady, stable ball flight.
  • Having a compression of 75, these golf balls are one of the softest golf balls in the market that is best for putting.


  • The new larger core maximizes distance for golfers with driver clubhead speeds ranging from 70 to 100 miles per hour.
  • Three-piece structure with a mid-to-high ball flight to provide lesser driver spin and higher wedge spin.
  • The Volvik Matte Finish Golf balls have a compression of 75.


  • The Volvik matte finish golf balls tend to lose distance during tee shots.
  • Difficult find in cloudy weather due to matte finishing of the golf balls.

FAQ about Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Balls (One Dozen):

Question: Which color is the most visible/easy to find?

Answer: Among Volvik Vivid Matte Finished golf balls, neon green, red, and pinks are easy to find.

Question: Are the black balls more visible in flight on bright sunlight days?

Answer: Absolutely! They can be difficult to find on gloomy days or in thick terrain, but they are a wonderful ball on sunny days. You’ll have a great time playing them.

Our Buyer Guide About Best Golf Ball for Putting

When deciding on the best putting ball for you or a loved one, we recommend that you follow the well-considered suggestions supplied by our Tell Me More Golf reviewers. The target lines printed on the golf ball should be the first thing you think about.

Second, look for a ball with a soft feel that helps putting control and distance, and last, look for a ball with a color that is easily visible and has hues that appeal to the golfer. Golf manufacturers have opted to create and situate their ball lines in a variety of ways. Golf balls with putting lines are becoming increasingly popular among golfers of all ages.

What is the Best Golf Ball for Putting?

You would prefer to have better control over your ball for putting with lower strokes. For that, Callaway 2021 ERC Triple Track soft golf balls are the best fit. We have compiled a total of the 6 softest golf balls for putting in this article. They are the best in the market at this price point. We can assure you that you will love this list for purchasing golf balls.


Question: Are soft golf balls good for putting?

Answer: Soft golf balls deliver great control with low compression and low spin which is great for chip shots and putting. Any of the golf balls in this article is good for putting.

Question: Can you use a different golf ball for putting?

Answer: Soft golf balls are the best for putting so we recommend using soft golf balls. For putting, you’d want a golf ball that you can control better, that has low spin and better control on the green. Softer golf balls provide you with all the leverage you need for low strokes to get the ball down to the hole.

Question: Do pro golfers use different balls for putting?

Answer: Unless the ball is unplayable, damaged, or lost, even pro-golfers are not allowed to use different balls for putting. They are required to use the same ball they started using during the teeing ground.


The purpose of this review was to find the best golf ball for putting for our readers. We assembled a team of evaluators who devised the three criteria we felt would be most accurate in determining the top six best putting balls. We examined a wide range of golf balls available on the market and identified those that met our criteria.

Then we tested everything that matched and chose the best of the best. We hope that you profit from our research as much as our Tell Me More Golf researchers have. It will ultimately come down to the golf ball that complements your style of playing and putting, but these are the balls you must include in your own tests.

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