Best Golf Balls Under $20 ( Latest of 2022 )

A good golf ball is essential for a good game of golf, this is something all will agree on, but when it comes to the price of a golf ball, players tend to worry a little bit. Can you guess why? Yes, it is because a lot of balls are required during one game. Unlike other games, golf players need a lot of balls. Footballers or rugby players can play a match with only one ball but golfers need a lot more than that.

And this is the reason that the price of golf balls matters. The lower the price of a golf ball, the more tension-free the game is for a player. Here we are going to give you ideas about the best golf balls under 20 dollars.

The Overview of the Best Golf Balls Under 20 Dollars

So are there really golf balls available under 20 dollars? To answer your question, yes, there is! These balls are not only budget-friendly but also professional-level balls. Any good golfer will agree that with these balls, golf can be easy and enjoyable. Amateur golfers usually need more balls and they are the main customers of these budget-friendly balls.

TaylorMade Distance Plus, Volvik Power Soft, Vice Drive, Callaway Warbird, Wilson staff fifty elite, Nitro Ultimate Distance are some best golf balls under $20 to name a few.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Reviews (One Dozen)

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls are one of the top-tier golf balls and best golf balls under $20. It comes in a packet of 12 and costs about 19 dollars a pack. These balls are large in size which helps the players spot the balls easily in the ground. The color of these balls is mostly white but yellow balls are available as well. It has great value for money as you are getting 12 balls for 19 dollars.

The special feature of TaylorMade Distance Plus is that this synthetic ‎1.25 Pounds ball is very fast in speed. It has high distance coverage which is the first priority of most pro golfers. They look for balls that have a performance for a fast game. The reason behind this feature is the materials. The core is made of fast TEACT and the ball cover is made of proprietary IOTHANE.

These two materials along with the low-drag aerodynamics of the dimples make sure the ball can travel a long way in a short period of time. Another feature of these balls is that the balls have an alignment aid on them, making it easier for golfers to keep the right alignment and roll it in the line.


  • Large in size
  • Premium product under 20 dollars
  • Good swing speed
  • Gives players a soft feel
  • Can be controlled easily on the green


  • Dimples can be shallow and break easily
  • Compared to performance, can be a bit too pricey

Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls Reviews

Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls are among the brightest golf balls you will ever see. But the color of these balls is not the only great feature of it. It has an incredible driver performance because of the spin range and launch angle. The launch angle for these balls is medium to high and the spin range is carefully reduced to give maximum stability during the game.

The Soft Ionomer Cover and the glossy exterior makes it among the best golf balls under $20. Performance-wise it has a high trajectory. Has a great speed for optimal distance coverage.


  • The outstanding red color makes it easy to spot
  • Bigger than any other balls
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Durable than other balls in the price range
  • Solid rock hard balls with controllable spin


  • These balls give a mid soft feeling
  • Plastic is the main material for these balls

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls Reviews

These white large sized rubber balls are the best when it comes to speed. Professional players prefer Callaway Warbird Golf Balls for a great swing distance and the perfect speed. It has a 2 piece cover design and is made of optimized ionomer. This makes the ball roll around the green at a controlled speed and makes the game more enjoyable.

The material and the dimple design increase the spin of the ball as well. Long carry distance is a must-mention feature of these balls.


  • Can cover a long distance
  • Has a better spin than any other ball
  • Made of rubber and has a Durable cover
  • Has a high launch quality and long carry distance
  • Easy to control the grip on the green


  • Suggested for only men golfers

Wilson staff fifty elite golf balls Reviews

If you have watched the movie Cast Away then you can clearly recognize the company, Wilson. Yes, this is the company that made that famous football that kept Tom Hanks company on a lonely island. It is one of the oldest companies making balls, so you can assume that it is a great one. The material for this Wilson staff fifty elite golf balls is

Ionomer, which makes the ball very unique. The strong core and reactive cover combination make sure the ball goes the highest distance but also gives the player a soft feel during the game. One of a kind, the world’s first 50 compression golf balls.


  • One of the oldest companies making golf balls
  • Strong core and responsive cover makes the ball durable
  • Maximizes the performance while making the smooth
  • Great value for the price
  • The bright orange color makes it an easy spot on the green


  • Currently unavailable in the market
  • Only made in one color that is orange

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball Reviews (15-Pack)

This is the cheapest product among all the products reviewed above. It comes in a pack of 15 balls which costs only 10 dollars. Super budget balls. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls are colorful and come in pink and orange color, the color makes it easier to find in the green golf ground. It is one of the best golf balls under $15. You do not have to worry about losing these balls. Has a great dimple design that makes the game easier for old players.

The Aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design gives a controlled swing speed and carries distance. The special features contain 2 piece core design. It makes the ball travel faster and super reactive. This means the ball can transfer the energy from the player to the club and ultimately to the ball. This follows a USGA-approved design and that is why it’s a great ball for beginners and old players.

It has high resistance while launching and high durability because of the materials it is made of- Dupont Lithium Surlyn. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls also cover a very long distance because of the cuts and abrasions on the balls.


  • Designed best for slower swing speed distance
  • Very reasonable price
  • Very colorful balls very easy to find
  • Has a greater rollout for new players
  • Has Aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple for best performance


  • Has less spin control than other balls
  • Sometimes has defective balls in a new pack

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Best Golf Ball Under 20 Dollars

To get the best result out of this article and experience the best game of golf, you need some other factors to keep in mind.

We have seen some examples of the best golf balls under $20 above. But do you know how these balls are made? And how many types of balls exist?

Well, there are 2 types of golf balls. These types are different based on the way they are made.

Two-piece Golf Balls:

As the name suggests, these balls have 2 parts.the cover and the core. Both of these are made of different materials. Generally, a core is made of synthetic rubber. The rubber helps with the compression level. The higher the compression level, the more professional the ball is. Though the two-piece balls are mostly for amateur players, they still have categories among them.

The outer layer, the cover, is made of different materials. In most cases, 3 materials are considered ‘standard’ for a golf ball cover, these are:


Golf balls that have covers made of Surlyn are hard but it gives a smooth feeling when you are swinging hard. It helps the player to control the speed of the ball. Especially, if the player is a beginner, then it is better to use a ball that has Surlyn cover. Golf balls made with Surlyn covers are very sustainable.


Urethane-made balls have all the qualities a Surlyn made golf ball has. But the unique feature is that Urethane-made golf balls have more durability.


This material is the main cover layer for most professional-level balls. Balls made with Balata can be controlled more easily and roll smoothly on the green.

Three-piece Golf Balls:

A three-piece golf ball has an extra layer in the middle of the cover and the core. The core is made with hard rubber and the middle layer is made with liquid rubber. The outer layer is made of soft plastics.


As you can assume from the above discussion that all the balls are unique in their own way. Based on their price all the 6 types of balls give high performance. If the readers of this article want a suggestion for the best golf balls under $20, it will be a tough decision to make, but still based on users’ ratings and reviews, TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls and Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls are the best.

The first one is the highest place holder because of its features. The design and feel of the ball, during the game, made it the best. The second one is preferable because of its price. This ball has all the best bits and costs only 10 dollars.

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