Bridgestone B330 RX vs RXS: Which One is Best for You?

The most common struggle while choosing a golf ball is “Bridgestone B330 RX vs RXS”. A golf ball is the most important piece of equipment you utilize on every shot. As a result, choosing the right golf ball is quite important.

As the company has already released many models such as Bridgestone B330 RX, RXS, and many more. Therefore, you must be cautious and aware while selecting a golf ball that is appropriate for you to cover the speed and distance you desire.

There are many factors that are very important for every golfer to keep in their mind before choosing their desired golf ball. Because they are going to affect the overall performance of the golfer.

Although Bridgestone B330 RX and RXS are from the same company, both of them have some differences which will impact the performance of the golfer directly. Thus this article “Bridgestone B330 RX vs RXS” will include all the important comparisons.

Bridgestone B330 RX vs RXS: Which One is Best for You?

Many new models of the Bridgestone B330 series have been introduced in a very short time period. The Bridgestone Tour B330 RX is a tour golf ball that is designed for swing speeds between 85 to 105 mph and is the softest multi-layer ball on the market.

On the other hand, the RXS is intended for players with swing speeds less than 105 mph, and it has a softer cover than the RX. The primary difference between the B330 RX and RXS is the simple design.

Here are some important differences between the Bridgestone B330 RX and the RXS for better understanding:

TopicsBridgestone B330 RXBridgestone B330 RXS
Layers & Covers3 layers; a urethane cover, gradational core with seamless dimple patterns.3 layers; urethane cover, gradational compression core with simple dimple design.
Compression60 Compression – Mid64 Compression – low
Average Swing SpeedSuitable for golfers whose average swing speed of 85 to 105 mph.Suitable for golfers whose average swing speed is less than 105 mph.
Driving DistanceSuitable for golfers who have a driving distance of around 170 to 240 yards.Can easily cover a driving distance of 220+ yards.
SuitableSuitable for golfers who wish to cover a maximum greenside.Suitable for golfers with medium to fast swing speed.

The Review of Bridgestone B330 RX

Bridgestone is an excellent choice for golf balls because they provide high-quality golf balls that are well-liked by golfers. Especially The Bridgestone B330 RX Golf Balls are high-quality items that are worth spending a significant amount of money on.

The tour performance of this ball is designed with over 300,000 ball fittings for swing speeds between 85 to 105 mph and maximum tour distance. The Bridgestone B330 RX has a softer amateur core that maximizes compression for increased distance.

The new revolutionary cover provides maximum greenside performance, with higher friction for more rough spin and less spin off the driver for increased distance. Also, the Bridgestone B330 RX has a developed core that is 28% softer than other conventional tour golf balls. Thus it results in longer distance and less spin.


  • Durability is longer of Bridgestone b330 RX
  • The quality is also higher
  • It also has a good consistency
  • Also has a good control
  • Can cover a longer distance
  • Budget-friendly


  • On wedge strokes, it’s quite flat
  • On off-center hits, it sounded sharp

The Review of Bridgestone B330 RXS

Bridgestone is without a doubt the top golf ball manufacturer and is successfully manufacturing new models for quite a long time. Each model is advanced from the previous one. The new Bridgestone B330 RXS golf ball has revolutionized the game by combining distance and green management in one golf ball.

It was previously nearly impossible. It is highly recommended for anyone with an average swing speed is less than 105 mph and likes a nice trajectory. The butter feels off all clubs, great stopping power on the greens, and superb distance control are some additional qualities of the Bridgestone B330 RXS.

In addition to this, it reduces the spin off the tee and maintains tour level control around the green because of the 20% thinner Urethane cover. And also the backspin is countered by the mantle layer, which increases distance and accuracy and also the dual dimple technology helps with the consistent flight.


  • Provides excellent performance
  • Highly suitable to cover a longer distance
  • Can maintain higher control over the greens
  • Great consistency throughout the game
  • Budget-friendly
  • Various colors are available


  • It is sometimes difficult to find the correct ball that matches the swing speed.
  • Golfers who have faster than average swing speed are not satisfied with the outcomes
  • Cannot cover a longer distance for those who have the faster swing speed

Final Thoughts

Both Bridgestone B330 RX and RXS have a good performance overall. Both of the balls can cover a great distance for golfers who have a mid to lower level of swing speed. For many years, Bridgestone has been making golf balls that are suitable for everyone.

Usually, golfers choose one ball over the other one based on their preferences. Those who are seeking longer distance and accuracy, choose Bridgestone B330 RX over RXS. Contrarily, those who prefer distance and feel, choose Bridgestone B330 RXS.

Hopefully, after reading this article “Bridgestone B330 RX vs RXS” you have come to your own judgment about which is better for you as a golfer, now you can easily choose which one is more preferable to you. All the contents on our website are from reliable sources, so you can be confident in what you read.

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