Callaway ERC Soft Vs Chrome Soft: Review & Comparison of 2022

Callaway has produced some excellent golf balls over the years. Callaway is a premium golf company that has strived to evolve and introduce new concepts to the golf industry. Today we will compare two of its golf balls against each other, the Callaway ERC Soft Vs Chrome Soft. Both of these balls are designed to cater to a diverse group of players.

Also, to provide you superb greenside control, higher ball speeds, and a fantastic feel. Though they may seem similar at first blush, we can show you that they are anything but. To find out which golf ball we think is the superior one, and the one worth your money, keep reading the article and you will get an in-depth analysis of both of these golf balls!

Callaway ERC Soft Vs Chrome Soft: Overview of Reviews

Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls Reviews

The ERC name was previously connected with Callaway’s longest drivers and irons, and it’s returning since the company claims it’s their biggest ball with a soft feel. The ERC Soft is a three-piece set with a Graphene-infused core.

This is one of the toughest, yet versatile, materials the world has ever known, allowing the Dual Fast Core to be soft for touch while remaining solid enough just to conserve momentum and offer higher takeoff and reduced spin. The cover is made of polybutadiene, which Callaway claims is a cross between ionomer and urethane covers in terms of quality.

Three lines are also visible on the cover, with a broad red line in the center and two slimmer blue lines on each side. The Triple Track design is based on Vernier Visual Acuity, meaning it has been demonstrated to be the most effective pattern for visual aligning.

The contrast of the three lines helps you align the ball better than the standard line. The ERC Soft is offered in white and yellow cover options, just to add to the visual appeal of the 322 Hex dimples.


  • Softer feel.
  • Extra distance off the tee.
  • Triple Track Design.


  • Triple track design may be off-putting from the fairway.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Reviews

A softer inner core is encircled by a harder outer core in Callaway Chrome Soft’s revolutionary dual-core structure. For golfers with slower swing speeds, the soft inner core translates to higher ball speeds and longer distances, while the firmer outer core provides more control for low-handicappers with faster clubhead speeds.

The two inner layers of the “Dual Soft Fast Core” are surrounded by a thin mantle layer. The Chrome Soft’s soft feel and outstanding grip of the clubface are due to its ultra-soft urethane outer cover.

The Truvis pattern printed on the Chrome Soft gives the ball enhanced visibility and focus off the clubface and during flight. Truvis balls resemble soccer balls in size. Despite the fact that visibility is a subjective concept, most players believe that the Truvis pattern aids in tracking the ball in flight and locating it after it lands.

Hex-shaped dimples are also used on Callaway balls, which they claim provide superior wind stability.


  • Equal distance as a premium ball.
  • The ultra-soft cover gives you an excellent feel and control.
  • The Truvis pattern aids players in locating and tracking their ball.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • May spin higher than some other tour golf balls

Callaway ERC Soft Vs Chrome Soft: Comparison


The Callaway ERC Soft has a compression of about 60. On the other hand, the Chrome Soft has an average compression of about 75. As we can see, both of these balls are about average when it comes to compression. If you want a golf ball with a softer feel, then the ERC Soft is a better option.

Construction and Cover

The Callaway Chrome Soft has a 4-piece construction. The Chrome Soft’s ultra-soft urethane outer cover gives it a soft feel and excellent grip off the clubface. Callaway balls also include hex-shaped dimples, which they claim provide better wind stability.

The ERC Soft is a three-piece set with a core made of graphene. In terms of quality, the cover is constructed of polybutadiene, which Callaway claims is a cross between ionomer and urethane covers. There are 322 Hex Dimples on this ball to help with aerodynamics.

A 4-piece construction is more durable than a 3-piece construction. Also, a pure urethane cover will have more durability than an ionomer infused cover. That is why we think the Chrome Soft has better construction and cover than the ERC Soft.

Visual Aid

Both of these golf balls have similar visual aids with three lines under different names. The Callaway ERC Soft has a Triple Track Design and the Chrome Soft has a Truvis or a True Visibility Design.

Both of these employ a three-line visual aid that will help you align your ball off the tee. If you prefer, you can also turn the balls 180 degrees to their plain face. Neither of the golf balls have an upper hand when it comes to this visual element as they are very similar.


The Chrome Soft has been manufactured with a Urethane cover while the ERC Soft has an ionomer infused Urethane Cover. Urethane is used to produce premium golf balls because it provides better control, but it is an expensive substance, so they are pricey.

Balls with ionomer coatings, on the other hand, function extremely similarly to urethane balls at a lower cost. As a result, the Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is an ideal pick, as it provides superb control and is reasonably priced thanks to its hybrid cover.


Question: Are these golf balls good for senior players?

Answer: Both the Callaway ERC Soft and the Chrome Soft are suitable for golf players of all ages, including seniors. They are very good balls for players with a low swing speed.

Question: What does ERC stand for?

Answer: The ERC acronym in the Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball stands for Ely Reeves Callaway, the founder of Callaway Golf.

Question: Do they offer good distance?

Answer: Both of these golf balls are designed for low spin and long-distance gameplays.

Question: Are they available in multiple colors?

Answer: Both of these golf balls are available in multiple color options, including white and yellow.

Final Thoughts

So, when it comes to Callaway ERC Soft Vs Chrome Soft, which one do you think is better? From the comparison above, we have a clear winner. The Chrome Soft performed better in pretty much every regard. That is why we think that when it comes to Callaway ERC Soft Vs Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft is the better pick. Let us know below if you agree!

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