Callaway Supersoft Vs Pro V1 : Comparison & Easy Choice

Callaway Supersoft and Titleist Pro V1 both provide with outstanding performance. But when it comes to the point of Callaway Supersoft Vs Pro V1, which one to choose?

However, both balls differ in respect of construction, compression, feel, distance, etc. They also differ from one another in terms of durability, value, dimple count, control on the green, pricing and from player to player.

Going through the very own websites of individual ball may be deceptive. So studying the reviews of players and analyzing them is always a better option for choosing a ball which might be best suitable.

One might be good with the low handicappers and the other might be another way round. Also, the shape of the dimples vary from tetrahedral to hexagonal which is neither way negligible.

Technical Comparison of Callaway Supersoft Vs Pro V1

SpecificationCallaway SupersoftTitleist Pro V1
Layer2 piece3 piece
Best forAccurate green side swingAimed at green side spin
Overall Rating4.5/54.6/5
Dimple Count332388

Difference Between Callaway Supersoft and Titleist Pro V1

Callaway Supersoft golf balls differs from Titleist Pro V1 considering some of the important aspects. By going through below sections, you can find out how they are different from one another.


Callaway Supersoft balls have been made with very low compression with swing speed below 95 MPH. On the contrary the Pro V1 has a compression rate of 90 providing better spin-off wedge shots.

For Begginer or Professional Golfer:

The Supersoft balls are excellent with the beginners, high launch and drop straight but hard to control the downside spin while Pro V1 is mostly for the professional golfers of advanced level.

2-Piece or 3-Piece Layer:

Callaway Supersoft with 2-piece layer and urethane cover provides with outstanding swing. But the Pro V1 with 3-piece layer gives more control in higher ball flight enhancing the speed.

Dimple Count:

Titleist Pro V1 with 388 dimple count is of tetrahedral shape and is suited for low handicappers. On the other hand, Callaway Supersoft consists of hexagonal dimple counting 332, best for high to mid handicappers.

Benefits of Use A Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft is best known for its durability. It indeed is very popular among golfers for this very property. Since, the ball has been designed to produce high ball speeds and a low spin rate, it provides with excellent accuracy with low compression. Callaway Supersoft provides the player with an exceptional feel and good control around the greens. Lastly, the price is also affordable.

Features of Callaway Supersoft:

  • Callaway Supersoft has a compression rate of 75.
  • The urethane cover consists of 4-piece layer.
  • Has a dimple count of 332 with hexagonal pattern.
  • Callaway Supersoft suits slow hitters best.
  • Provides with accurate swing on the green side.

Pros of Callaway Supersoft:

  • Provides with soft feel and fast ball speeds.
  • Reasonable price.

Benefits of Use A Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1 is an excellent choice for great scoring performance. The special design of the covering and core provides for consistency of ball flight and soft feel. One of the most important factors, that must be mentioned is, the drop and stop control of the ball is unparallel. And, of course, it covers longer distance than that of the other.

Features of Titleist Pro V1:

  • Has a compression rate of 90.
  • Consist of 388 dimple count.
  • Has a 3-piece layer with urethane covering.
  • Provides with soft feel.
  • Better in mid spin.

Pros of Titleist Pro V1:

  • Provides with excellent performance and durability.
  • Very soft feel with penetrating trajectory effect.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Do Callaway Supersoft have glossy or matte finish?

Answer: They come in both glossy and matte finishing.

Question: How many balls are available in one box of Titleist?

Answer: 12 balls per box.

Question: What’s the difference between Pro V1 and Pro V1x?

Answer: Pro V1 with 3-piece construction has got softer feel than that of the Pro V1x.


Callaway Supersoft and Titleist Pro V1 both are unique and beneficiary for the golfers in their own way. As a golfer, you just need to consider the above-mentioned factors and pick the one which might be more suitable for you.
So when you get confused when you need to face the battle of Callaway Supersoft Vs Pro V1, you should read this article again and again. This is the perfect way not only for you but also for all the golfers out there.

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