Can Babies Ride in Golf Carts? Explain With Babies Safety

So, this article starts with the right answer to the question “can babies ride in golf carts”?

The answer is YES.

If your babies are under 6 years old then you have to protect them by your arm on your lap. Children younger than 6 years are allowed to ride golf carts without protection.

Golf carts are one of the most common sights in vacation communities and as they don’t go very fast and parents often fail to realize that they should be aware of the safety issues of children. Children are more prone to lose balance easily in moving vehicles.

Let’s talk about Can babies ride in golf carts? Since golf carts are relatively slow vehicles, it is assumed that they’re safe for children and even babies. But the bitter truth is, that golf carts are prone to rolling over in accidents causing passengers to be thrown from the vehicle.

Parents should be keeping in mind that, seat belts might not be able to prevent riders from falling out because golf carts have seat belts that go only across the lap.

Is It Dangerous To Take Your Baby On Golf Cart?

There’s no guarantee that your baby would be safe just because they are in a device that is supposed to keep them safe, wondering why.

Because car seats do not undergo safety testing for use in golf carts. Again, putting a car seat in a golf cart isn’t a way to secure the seat to the cart if your cart doesn’t have seat belts. At times, innocent fun can end up in a hospital trip so parents should be aware of the possible dangers.

In case an infant falls off the vehicle or bumps their head against the frame of a golf cart, the listed-out possible symptoms include, unconsciousness, confusion, fatigue, unstable walking, difficulty talking, dilated pupils, and sudden vision problems.

The driver should make sure that all passengers have been fit in properly in the cart because limbs sticking out might trap or hit them while driving past. Teaching children safety rules could be a quality measure.

Potential Golf Cart Injuries In Children

According to recent studies, the injury rates from golf carts are double in children than in adults. As a result of which, The American Academy of Pediatrics urges parents to put “child safety” first priority. 56,000 emergencies and visits by children have been recorded by golf cart accidents between 2007 and 2017.

  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Unstable walking
  • Difficulty talking
  • Dilated or blown pupils
  • Sudden vision problems
  • Loss of consciousness

So, a golf cart should not be expected to handle brakes like a car. Some may consider the safety measures recommended to be unnecessary or overly cautious but the fact is, the potential for injury is significant in golf cart accidents.

The common injuries include cuts, strained muscles, broken bones, and even brain injuries occurred by falling out, jumping off, or by getting hit when tipped over.

Measures To Keep Babies and Children Safe On Golf Carts

Babies are especially vulnerable in golf carts because they are not equipped with safety measures. The vehicle is dangerous for children because falls and ejections might result in a disproportionately high number of head and neck injuries which are fatal.

Again, many golf carts have brakes only on the rear wheels and they can be unstable during a sudden stop.

However, even if somebody is still carrying a baby on a golf cart, it is recommended to pack lightly. Overloading causes an imbalance which can easily cause the cart to lose its center of gravity and tip over.

Should Babies Be In Car Seats On A Golf Cart?

Since anchors do not exist in golf carts, it is impossible to properly belt in a baby’s car seat. It is mostly seen that people simply hold babies assuming that the car is slow enough to maintain balance in case of any minor issues.

But it is forgotten that even a small bump can jolt the cart causing the baby to be thrown from the person’s arm.

The baby would completely be unprotected if the car gets involved in some accident. Some simple tips should always be followed to ensure the safety of children while riding a golf cart.

For example, not allowing babies or children under 6 years of age to ride on a golf cart and not allowing untrained drivers under the age of 16.

Can A Bumpy Ride In A Golf Cart Cause Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Babies can develop Shaken Baby Syndrome when shaken with violent force or hit against a hard surface which is a neurological disorder and can be fatal for the child. So reckless driving should be avoided.

The risk factors do not disappear even if parents feel confident enough to keep hold of the baby because there are always some possible dangers that nobody might know. Many parents ask if babies are safe in car seats on a golf cart.

Well, it might make perfect sense to place the baby in the car seat for protection but it must be given a second thought “how safe would it be?”

What’s the Youngest Age to Ride in a Golf Cart Safely?

Children can be instructed to always have their feet on the floor throughout the ride. Making children wear a bike helmet and protective pad could also help. It provides added protection from concussions and other head injuries. It cannot be denied that following the rules is indeed the best way to keep children and passengers safe.

You should never allow passengers more than the recommended number no matter how experienced a driver you are. Riding a golf cart is always fun for children but it should be remembered that, golf carts only have rear axle brakes and when going downhill or while making sharp turns, carts can easily overturn.

Few safety tips to reduce the risk of or lessen injury severity in a golf cart accident

Baby’s safety on carts is no less than establishing safety rules for other vehicles. Nobody would like to turn their fun trip into some hospital emergency trip, so it is recommended by the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s hospital not to give children golf cart rides no matter how much fun it may seem.

They should rather be taken for a stroll. Children are the most precious gifts to parents so whether your child is below or above 5 years of age, they should be kept secured in your arms, lap, or next to you.


You should have to know that “Can babies ride in golf carts” If you avoid going over uneven or dangerous terrains and always keep a slow and steady pace.

When you are driving in a golf cart always keep your baby secured in your arms on your lap, or in a seatbelt close next to you, if your child is under six years old, Forgot the golf cart, save your baby, and take them for a walk If you notice any negative feelings.

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