Can You Play Topgolf in the Rain?

The ultimate hangout that you have been waiting for awaits at topgolf. If you are really looking for a fantastic time with your friends and you love golf, then it is one of the best places for you. And it does not matter whether you are a golf enthusiast or not, topgolf can surely entertain you at any time.

Topgolf is the place where you can unleash your inner Tiger Woods. If you are in doubt about your age or abilities in golf, worry not, topgolf has your back. They offer games suitable for you, accordion to your skillset!

One might ask, Can you play topgolf in the rain, the answer is – hell yeah….

You can play golf at the topgolf in the rainy season when it’s raining, in the scorching heat of summer, you can play in the daytime with a group of friends, and you can also play golf at night, basically, any time you want.

Can You Play Topgolf in the Rain?

Of course, you can play topgolf in the rain. It is designed and built according to your comfort when the weather is not helpful. Every part of the golf alley and other game corners are climate controlled. It has indoor golf bays; these parts are always warm and keep you dry for your convenience.

You don’t even have to worry about the lighting. It has adequate lighting if you are thinking of a night time game with your friends.  So to answer- ‘Can you play topgolf in the rain’, yes, you can.

Topgolf’s motto is ‘Rain or shine we are open!’ you can easily assume from this motto that it is ready to give you your ecstatic retreat anytime and every time.

Things Topgolf Offers to Be Your Ultimate Hangout Destination

The best part about topgolf is that it offers a different range of games for everyone and every occasion. It is absolutely safe for children as well as old people. You can enjoy games and eat food here. If you are planning to watch a football game with your friends and drink, topgolf has that option too! 

Drinking and Game:

Topgolf has several big-screen TVs so you can watch your team’s game in between your hangout. Every Monday and Thursday night topgolf sets up these TVs. on Saturdays and Sundays, Topgolf is playing the biggest games of the year all day for their customers. 

You can order your favorite beer and popcorn with your friend and enjoy it on the following days. It is perfect for sports junkies as this place has several sports bars as well. 


You do not have to worry about your appetite while you are trying for your perfect swing at golf. This gaming arcade offers both sweet and savory items to satisfy your tastebud. You can buy donut holes, Asian chicken wings, burgers, soups even Hickory-Smoked Beef Rib barbeque. Topgolf has high-end restaurants and the foods there are exquisite! It has top-notch bars as well.

Perfect for Everyone:

If you are thinking, that this place offers enjoyment to a certain age group, then you are absolutely wrong. You can bring your grandpa and your son together and they are bound to enjoy at the same time. Kids can enjoy games too while being safe from a golfball hit. People with disabilities can also enjoy games here.

If you have never played golf in your life, even you can try to swing a few pitches here.  Topgolf not only offers golf but also has other types of games.  

Things You Need to Know About Topgolf

Usually, most of the topgolf arcade is three-storied half circled balconies from where you hit with your club. These ends are called ‘bays’. It is without a railing for obvious reasons but is totally safe. You have to play from a safe distance which is already marked with a red line. 

It has a giant semicircle of netting approximately about 170 feet high in the direction you are aiming your swing. The most interesting part is the golf balls. They have a microchip installed inside of them so that the players can track their balls and know the scores by measuring the distance.

At a time 6 players can play together. You can book a reservation beforehand on holidays. You can check their website for the exact open and closing time, usually; it is open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving. Topgolf is in 50+ locations in the USA and also in the UK, Australia, and Mexico.


Topgolf is designed to give you a good time with your family and friends, on days, even when the weather does not support you. An outdoor plan totally depends on the weather’s mood. But topgolf got you covered when the ball is not on your court. And the most important part is, you don’t have to be an expert in golf to go there.

People of all ages and with bare minimum knowledge in golf can make the best out of the day at topgolf. A trip to topgolf is going to be your ultimate fun experience, even in bad weather, for sure.  

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