Can You Wash Golf Gloves?

It’s very easy to get your golf gloves dirty while you’re playing. As much as we want to keep our gloves in pristine condition, golf is a sport after all and it’s normal for the gloves to get dirty while you’re playing. Many people wonder about the question, can you wash golf gloves? Today we will give you our top tips and tricks on how to keep your gloves clean and how you can make the best out of your golf gloves!

How Can You Wash Golf Gloves Easily?

If you’re wondering, can you wash golf gloves? Don’t worry. Most golfers don’t realize but it’s very easy to clean golf gloves. However, most leather golf gloves are not washable. But if your golf glove is washable, always use a mild detergent and wash the gloves carefully while washing by hand until all surface dirt is removed. If you’re using a washing machine then use a delicate setting.

Using is a washing machine is not necessary in most cases and washing them by hand is very easy. Before throwing a glove in the washer, secure the Velcro. When washing a leather glove, never use bleach. It will destroy the gloves. Also, always air dry your golf gloves after washing.

Can You Wash All Golf Gloves?

Can you wash golf gloves of all types? Sure, you can. But make sure you choose the best method. Leather gloves must not be washed excessively because of the moisture worsens. Only wash your leather gloves if it’s absolutely necessary. All golf gloves can be washed, just be sure to go gentle. 

We suggest washing your gloves by hand to keep you away from damaging the gloves using a washing machine. Some people even throw their gloves into the dishwasher, definitely don’t do that. That will deteriorate the condition of your gloves.

How to Clean Leather Gloves?

Can you wash golf gloves if they are made of leather? Leather is a natural material; this means you need to take extra care when washing them compared to synthetic gloves. It dries up quickly from the soap left in it because it is a natural material. It is very necessary that your gloves are rinsed thoroughly if the soap is used.

This is needed in order to prevent the leather from drying and cracking. When the gloves are too dry, the leather is going to crack and your gloves will be damaged. Machine washing leather gloves is not recommended because the mechanical force will wear out the gloves prematurely. Manual washing by hand is recommended instead.

It may seem tedious but it doesn’t take too long to wash the gloves by hand and the process is very simple. In comparison to hand washing clothes, just pretend that you are washing your hands when cleaning your gloves, except that you have the gloves on.

How Can You Wash Synthetic Gloves?

Can you wash golf gloves if they are synthetic? Synthetic gloves are not as high-maintenance as leather gloves. One main method of cleaning it is by using the washing machine. They can be cleaned within a limit of 30 Degree Celsius in the washing machine. Do not use any kind of fabric softener. Using a delicate cycle is also imperative.

You don’t want to ruin the gloves by using a fast spin. You can gently wash the gloves using a sensitive and slow spin. It’s also necessary not to combine it with heavy items, such as bulky towels or slippers, it can ruin the material. And hand washing the gloves is always an option.

Maintenance of Golf Gloves on the Field

Your gloves can last a long time with proper maintenance. You wouldn’t need frequent washing if you maintain your gloves during the game. Leather gloves usually last longer than synthetic. Serious golfers know that leather is much better than synthetic when it comes to glove materials.

Leather is a porous material, which permits moisture and air to reach the entire surface. Consider your gloves to be a porous material that keeps your hands comfortable on the hot green day. Don’t saturate your glove with sweat, it will soak through. Apart from moisture, too much salt content is another thing that can ruin your gloves.

Salt dries out the leather and can break it down at a much higher rate than average. Your leather can also begin to peel off from exposure. That leads us to our next tip: never wipe the sweat off using your glove. Instead, throw a microfiber towel in order to remove your sweat if you want your gloves to last as long as you can.

This helps the gloves to last longer because they are not intended to wipe sweat. You should also air out your golf gloves in between holes and keep them away from water.

Can You Put Golf Gloves in the Dryer?

You should always avoid putting your golf gloves in the dryer. It’s best to let it dry air instead. But make sure to put it on and make it conform to your hand shape until it dries up, this will keep the material stretched. It might be a good idea to put it on a dry tissue to easily absorb some moisture.

But hanging it on a clothesline is one of the easiest ways to dry your golf gloves. Never put it in a dryer as the glove will damage and the materials will be stressed!

Getting a good grip for your golf game

A proper grip is essential for your golf game and a good golf glove can help you do that. A proper pair of golf gloves will prevent slip and help you play the game in your best form. By now you should already know how to grip properly. As long as you maintain your golf gloves as we have instructed in this article, you should be able to get a good grip for your golf game!

When to Replace Your Golf Gloves?

There are a few indications to know it’s time to replace your golf games. If your golf gloves are dirty, it might be time to replace it. Can you wash golf gloves and make them clean again? If you can, you wouldn’t need to replace it. But if there are stains that are just not coming off, it might be time to replace it.

If your golf gloves are noticeably stiff and if they do not fit your hands anymore, you should consider replacing them. The last and the most obvious indication is that they are visibly damaged and worn out, replace your golf gloves at this stage.


Can you wash Cabretta leather golf gloves?

Yes, you can. Follow the instructions for cleaning leather gloves from above.

Can you wash Footjoy golf gloves?

Yes, you can wash Footjoy golf gloves. We recommend cold water, a gentle rub, and air drying to clean them. 

How do you clean a Titleist golf glove?

Yes, you can also clean a Titleist golf glove. You can wash them by hand and you can also soak them in a bucket of cold water beforehand.

How To clean smelly Golf Gloves?

You might try to cover the scent with a little shaving cream. This is a popular hockey trick. Another method is using dryers’ sheets and storing them in the glove. They absorb humidity and also help to disguise a bad odor with a good scent. Only use these methods if regular washing can’t get rid of the odor.

How to dry a golf glove?

You should always air-dry your gloves. Never use the dryer because your gloves will get damaged.


If you were asking yourself, can you wash golf gloves? We hope we have answered that question. We hope you’ll use our tips to wash and maintain your gloves. Visit us again for more golf tips and tricks!

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