Do Matte Finish Golf Balls Spin More? ( Explained Details )

Do matte finish golf balls spin more? It has been a matter of argument if the finishing of golf balls matters in course of spin since spinning is really a very important factor for golf. One of the two most used balls is classical glossy and the other with a matte finish.

But before we jump onto some decisions, something that must be brought into consideration is the physics on which the spinning of the ball depends. It is in fact the core, cover, and dimple of the ball that influences the spinning of the ball, not the finishing whether be glossy or matte.

Details of Do Matte Finish Golf Balls Spin More?

Although some golfers believe, balls with matte finishing spin more in dry conditions and the reverse happen in terms of a wet one. However, golf balls with a matte finish do not affect spinning.

One of the three most considerable factors that influence the spinning of the ball is the core. The speed mostly depends on the compression of the ball. The compression ratings vary from over 100 to below ninety depending upon the high swing and low swing speed.

The second most important factor on which the swing depends is the covering. Considering long and short shots two types of covers are used, one of which is more rigid and durable and the other one is softer.

Surlyn, the rigid one is used for the long shots because it doesn’t create a backspin and is also recommended for beginners. On the other hand, urethane, the softer one, provides higher spin and is popular among advanced-level golfers.

Last but not the least, are the dimples that affect the spinning of the ball. The number of dimples varies from 300 to 400. The dimples of the ball actually double the distance of the flight compared to that of a smooth surface.

What is Spin and Why Does It Matter for Golf Balls?

With the strike on the surface of the golf ball, it goes up in the air and this is something we are calling it to spin. When the air hits the dimples on a golf ball, it creates a low-pressure area which makes the golf ball go up in the airlift.

The faster the spin, the higher distance the ball travels. The spin rate of a golf ball is measured in revolutions per minute.

Spin rate is something that impacts the overall distance a ball flies. Ideally, for most golfers, when hitting the driver with a spin rate between 2,000 and 3,000 RPMs, the golf ball will have maximum carry distance. But the control of the ball will be under control.

Do Matte Finish Golf Balls Make A Difference?

Though matte finish balls have nothing to do with the spin but it cannot be denied that they make difference. They absorb light and provide an anti-glare effect which is easier for the eyes in the sunlight. It also facilitates a golfer’s focus and concentration.

Matte Golf Balls Pros And Cons

Matte golf balls provide high visibility but do not spin. The classical glossy and the matte finish, both have the same mechanics and structure, so this can be expected that any of them can be different in course of a spin.

Matte finish balls do not shine like the classical ones, the reason why it’s soothing for the golfer’s eyes.


  • High visibility
  • Provides an anti-glare effect
  • Soothing for the golfer’s eyes


  • Shine less

Who Makes Matte Finish Golf Balls?

We all know that Volvik is one of the world’s top-quality golf ball manufacturers who makes matte finish golf balls. Volvik produces three-piece and four-piece multi-layer and top-quality golf balls.

The company is very popular for producing perfect matte finish golf balls for beginners, pros, low or high handicappers, and others. If you are looking for a matte finish golf ball for pros, you can use this.

If you are looking for a matte finish golf ball for beginners, you can try this. And in the case you are searching for the best matte finish golf ball for low handicappers, you can try this and if you are high handicappers, you can try this.

Best Matte Finish Golf Balls

A lot of producers produce matte finish golf balls. But we have discussed 2 of the best matte finish golf balls in the below section. Both golf balls have satisfactory user ratings and a global reputation.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist is the latest model ball that’s been launched in 2020. The ball has a core that is firmer; as a result, it generates more speed. It spins quite high and no problem is seen to have occurred with low spin also.


  • Firmer core
  • More speedy on full shots
  • Designed to fly high
  • Adds a degree of stopping power
  • More energy retained


  • High flight
  • Longer distance

Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite Golf Balls

Srixon has released the 12th generation model. This is especially for golfers with a slower swing. The golfer would not have to compromise with the feel. It promises to provide more accuracy.

Top Features

  • Low compression
  • Maximize distance without compromising feel
  • Softest ever Fastlayer core
  • Snapback into shape
  • Increased accuracy


  • More accuracy
  • Perfect feel

Matte Golf Balls Performance

There are some arguments about whether or not matte finish golf balls affect performance. Most golfers believe that the performance of the game does not have any relation to the golf ball with a matte finish or not.

Matte golf ball performance doesn’t vary from that of the shiny one if we consider the physics and mechanism of the golf ball, but it surely does some good for the visibility of the golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are Matte Golf Balls any Good?

Answer: Matte golf balls are better for the visibility of the golfers. It absorbs light and produces an anti-glare effect which is more soothing; on the contrary, the classical shiny balls are not that good in sunlight.

Question: Are Matte Finish Golf Balls Legal?

Answer: Matte finish golf balls are legal. There is no legal issue or argument raised against the matte finish balls.

Question: Who is for Matte Finish Golf Balls?

Answer: Matte finish balls can be used both by the beginners and the advanced level players.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have now got the answer to your question of do matte finish golf balls spin more. Matte finish golf balls are popular both among the beginners and the advanced golfers in respect of low and high spin since the spin does not depend on the finishing of the ball.

These balls are produced for both long and short shots and provide high visibility producing an anti-glare effect and do not shine like classical balls.

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