Do You Need a License to Drive a Golf Cart?

Golf carts aren’t just for the golf course. They can provide a fun and convenient way for many drivers to ride in or around their hometown. But you may be wondering do you have to have a license to drive a golf cart? The answer may be a bit complicated depending on where you are. Many states have legislation dictating which form of license is required to drive a golf cart. 

These criteria differ in many respects and can increase the strength of golf cart users in one state. For instance, one country can have a full license, while another country has an age limit. Today, we are going to try to help you figure out if you need a license to drive a golf cart!

Do You Need a License for a Golf Cart?

While many countries restrict the use of golf carts to licensed persons, a number do not. Sometimes the variations in these laws are very different. Your home country may have strict golf cart regulations that are not used in the countries close to you. As a consequence, you have to find out what the licensing restrictions in your region are from the municipal government. 

They can not only help you understand the licensing criteria but also explain the procedure of how to obtain your license. And while not every country requires a golf cart license, almost every country has a minimum age for golf carts. In the US, the age limit is at least 13 for most states. 

However, it’s best to have an adult present if a teenager is driving to prevent any accidents. So, yes, you do need a license to drive a golf cart. Drivers must have in their possession a valid Class D driver’s license and valid insurance while driving. Furthermore, drivers must comply with all regular road rules in their city.

What Are the Typical Restrictions for a Golf Cart License?

Depending on where you live, you can either need a complete license or a partial permit. You need a complete license in states where you need a permit to drive the golf cart – such as Texas if you’re in the US. Depending on the jurisdiction, the time it will take for you to obtain this license varies. The age limit for the partial permit also varies. 

Some states allow people as young as 15 to drive golf carts with a partial permit. This license requires young people to drive in front of a completely licensed adult. Having a partial permit means they have to be supervised by an adult when they drive and they cannot drive the golf cart when they are alone.

Aside from licensing, there are also speed limits for golf carts. This limit is generally between 25 and 45 miles per hour and of course it will vary according to where you live. You can also be restricted to speeds that are far below your golf cart’s maximum speed in some countries. 

There are also time limits on when you can drive the golf cart, such as from sunrise to sunsets. This is because golf carts do not have headlights and accidents may occur if someone drives them in the dark. If you can drive in the dark in your area, you will still have to install additional items such as headlights, taillights, etc.

What Is a Street Legal Golf Cart?

Street legal golf cart means you can drive them outside your golf course. This will mean additional modifications to your cart. A street legal golf cart should be fitted with basic safety devices, such as headlights, taillights, front and rear turn signals, tail, reflectors, a parking brake, an exterior mirror, a windshield that meets state regulations, seat belts, and a vehicle identification number (VIN). 

Traditional golf carts are not legal on the street unless they meet all specifications of low and medium-speed vehicles. Many golf carts are known as low-speed machines, as they are electrically driven four-wheelers and have a maximum speed greater than 20 mph, but less than 25 mph. An electric or gas-energized vehicle with a high speed of more than 30 mph but less than 35 mph is a medium-speed vehicle. 

You can only drive on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph. Keep in mind that golf carts cannot be driven without permission on sidewalks or private land. So be sure to follow the guidelines.


So, if you were wondering, do you need a driver’s license to drive a golf cart? You have the answer. In short, you do need a license and you will have to modify your cart to drive them on the road. We hope you have all the information you needed.

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