How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

A Golf Cart is a small motorized vehicle designed to carry Golfers from one place to another and run via batteries. Getting a personal Golf Cart can seem adventurous, but one question seems to rise frequently. How long do Golf Cart batteries last? The answer, however, is not easy to find. Let us take a look at all the factors that encircle this question.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

A Golf Cart battery is a battery that holds electricity that will be used to fuel the cart. A Golf Cart battery will last anywhere from Half-a-year to even seven years, based on its use and how well it is maintained. Golf Cart batteries, like automobile batteries, must be adequately cared for in order to achieve total battery capacity. If you’re using your cart regularly, even then, proper maintenance is required to keep your battery running longer.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last on One Charge?

Golf Cart Batteries can run a full long hour or an hour and a half on average, depending on their age. Newer batteries can hold out for much longer. However, proper maintenance and care are necessary for the deep-cycle cells to keep running their full potential.

Can You Overcharge a Golf Cart Battery?

Yes, it is possible. Leaving your batteries charging for days usually does more harm than good and can cause problems. When a battery is fully charged, it is best to use an electronic charger that shuts itself off. This critical aspect is missing in some older versions. If you indeed use a manual battery, remember to turn it off after a full charge.

The use of alarms is advised to help you remember. Since lead-acid batteries do not last as long if fully discharged, it is advised that you charge your golf cart battery every day that you use it.

When and How Often Should I Water My Batteries?

The loss of water in golf cart batteries is absolutely natural. During the charging of submerged batteries, water is lost. Watering the batteries is better done near the end of the charging cycle, so if the plates are open to sunlight, add only enough water to protect them before beginning the charge cycle.

Re-check the electrolyte after the charging phase is finished and top off if required. Use distilled water or de-ionized water only. It’s a smart idea to review your new batteries on a daily basis to get a sense of how much your application would necessitate battery watering.

WARNING: The electrolyte amount in a brand new battery can be low. First, charge the battery, then add water if necessary. Adding water to a battery before charging it will cause the electrolyte to overflow.

How to Know When Golf Cart Batteries Are Dying?

It all depends on the performance you are getting out of your golf cart. If you find that going up hills is taking longer and longer, or if your charging time is rising, it’s probably time to start searching for an alternative. If you find yourself waiting longer for it to deliver the performance it used to give, you have a golf cart battery that has hit the end of its useful life.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: How often do golf cart batteries need to be replaced?

Answer: We recommend changing your Golf Cart battery every six years. However, if you see signs of slowing down from your Golf Cart, immediately assess the batteries for inspection and maintenance. In order to keep your Golf Cart intact, the replacement of batteries is ideal.

Question: Can I replace just one golf cart battery?

Answer: The main battery in a golf cart is made up of 4-6 individual batteries. While it is technically possible to replace just the faulty battery, doing so is not recommended because it can result in further damage. When a single battery fails and has to be replaced, always replace all of the batteries.

Question: Should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time?

Answer: This is highly discouraged as overcharging is also damaging to the battery rather than helping it. It is best to use an automatic electronic charger that shuts itself off. If you do use a manual battery, remember to turn it off; the use of a timer or an alarm is advised to help you remember.

Question: Can I affect my golf cart on the basis of how I operate it?

Answer: Yes, how you operate it can definitely affect your batteries. Any light bulb or electrical gadget will completely discharge your golf cart battery if left on for an extended period of time. If this happens, you will need to jump-start a gas-powered cart. When you’re through with them, remember to switch off the lights, radio, and other appliances. Your golf cart battery can last at least five years if you abide by these suggestions. You’ll be able to ride longer distances between charges as well. When your cart’s battery dies, make sure to recycle it and replace it with a high-quality one. High-amp capacity units normally last longer.

Final Words

Batteries last as long as it is maintained and kept from all the negatives that drain battery life. Replacing golf cart batteries on a regular basis can be costly and time-consuming. So the next time any random golfer asks you, “How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?” show them our article for an in-depth analysis of the question.
To wrap things up, battery life is a big issue and imposes a significantly high cost for golf cart users. Taking the necessary maintenance steps would result in a longer lifespan and lower costs.

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