How Long Does It Take to Play 18 Holes of Golf?

Are you a golf enthusiast? But also you live in 2021 and you are super busy like everyone else and thinking that-how long does it take to play 18 holes of golf? Can I actually invest that time from my hectic schedule? 

Well, we are here to enlighten you on that. Spending your time at a golf course can be very pleasing, only if you are not playing the game of golf itself. Haha, just kidding!! Bear with us for a moment to get your answer. 

Is It Good Exercise?

Well, before we discuss the main topic, we need to know that why should we invest the time that we are going to invest in a game? As you can guess that golf not only entertains you but also keeps you in a good shape. Not any good shape, a very good shape. These are some of the pros of playing golf.

Walking on a golf course for a whole 18 holes golf requires a lot of walking (only if you are not using a cart). Though it is not a ‘continuous walk’ It is more like ‘stop and go’, but it is still better than staying inside the house.

Also, think about the lovely time you will spend with your teammates, this will bring mental relaxation as well. You can spend time with your friends and family and can make new friends as well.

Golf is an outdoor game and being outside will bring the joy we all crave for especially in 2021. 

These are just a few to name.

How Long Does It Take to Play 18 Holes of Golf??

If you are thinking of hitting the golf course for a nice time, also keep in mind that every golf course is a step closer to nature which also happens to have sand dunes with a blue lake. Now if you are thinking how long does it take to play 18 holes of golf? 

Well, it will take you roughly 4.5 hours to play the whole game. This is a simple assumption though. So many other factors plays role in this calculation as well. Here are those factors.

What Kind of a Player You Are:

If you are a professional golfer then playing a hole will take roughly 10 minutes of your time. That means it will take 180 minutes or 3 hours to play the whole 18 hole game. 

Now if you are an amateur player and you like to practice some swings in the wind, just to be sure before hitting a perfect stroke, then it will take 15 minutes. Add that time. You will get 4.5 hours. There you go, that is your time.

How the Previous Team Is Doing:

If you are on a very busy golf course, and the team who are playing before you is taking long, then obviously it will affect your game. You will have to wait for them to finish and then start your game.

Are You Using a Golf Cart?:

If you are using a golf cart while playing, it will save you some time. You can then simply save the time you used walking from one hole to another. But remember that we calculated that 4.5 hours without the time spent on walking.

How Many Teammates You Have:

A typical team consists of even numbers of players. So if you have a big group, you will obviously need more time to complete one hole and the whole game eventually.

How Many Holes You Are Playing:

If you are playing a 9 hole game, it will take you 1 and a half to  2 hours. Assuming that you are a regular player, not a professional or an amateur, you will need 12-13 minutes per hole. Based on that, you can finish your 18 hole golf in 3 to 4.5 hours. So you can clearly understand the time distribution now.  

Your Age and Other Factors:

The age of you and your teammate affects the total gaming time. Also if you fave bad weather, it is going to hamper your estimated time. Any kind of unwanted and unexpected incident may also affect your gaming time.  

How Far You Have to Actually Walk?

While playing golf you can actually get done with a lot of walking 3 to 6 miles to be precise. Yes! While playing golf, you will be able to cover this distance. Though it depends on the golf course and how many holes you are playing. But most of the golf courses have a standardized size. 

But is it really that easy to say that it only takes 3 to 6 miles to play a game of 18 holes golf? Think about it. You are missing all the pondering inside the club, the return trip from each hole, walking around the green, and the distance from the car parking area to the main golf course. Now you do the math for the ‘little extra walking’.


So now that you know how long does it take to play 18 holes of golf, do you think you can actually invest that time?? Remember one thing, we are always going to be busy, but you can seize the moment of joy, so why not it be in the form of golf? So pack your golf set and plan for an amazing 4.5  hours of your life on the weekend. 

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