How Many Dimples are There On a Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball?

Acing a golf match is no joke; it requires practice, patience, and a perfect golf ball. Having that one perfect ball sometimes makes or breaks a game. In today’s competitive market, there are numerous golf balls to choose between and too many choices often cloud our minds. However, after choosing Titleist Pro V1 golf ball, many want to know how many dimples are there on a Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. To clear all your dilemmas, let us answer the question for you.

Honestly, Titleist Pro V1 is one of the best in the business of golf balls ensuring great feel, amazing distance coverage, better control, and accurate spin. Though the perfect balls vary from player to player whether you are a low handicapper or high, a professional gamer or beginner, how fast or slow is your spin. But here is what we will do; we will answer all your questions and provide suggestions to you for the golf ball that is liked by most of the players starting from beginners to professionals.

How Many Dimples are There on a Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball?

There has been much confusion and debate over this, “how many dimples are there on a Titleist Pro V1?” Let us answer this for you. Most golf balls have dimples within the range of 320 to 350. Among the Titleist golf balls, the Titleist Pro V1 ball has 352 dimples, which is the highest even among the other varieties of Titleist golf balls. Dimples convert the spin of the golf ball into the lift. The thing is that high dimples mean less drag in the golf ball thus extending the flight.

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Titleist PRO V1 vs Bridgestone Tour BX – What’s the Better Golf Ball?

We have narrowed down two golf balls which are very popular among golfers and here we will compare (pros and cons) both the golf and also share the review in terms of durability, outlook, and price.

Titleist PRO V1 Reviews

The Titleist Pro V1 ball has 352 dimples which is why it is considered to be the best golf ball for professional tours. The higher dimples have an excellent feel and offer even off new spring face drivers’ technology. And its 3 piece system gives it a softer finish, enhancing the game by providing high vertical coverage.

The outlook and feel of the ball are incredible because each component embedded in the ball has precision and accuracy. The swing speed is around 96 mph. The compression of Titleist Pro V1 is 90 which definitely a mid-range compression, and are widely accepted for their average cores, swing speed, and maximum distance coverage.

The cover is made up of Urethane Elastomer which is very thin and allows maximum spin control. The ProV1 offers excellent distance with a lower penetrating flight. It is better for those players who like to compress the ball more. The ball has high stopping power because of its soft grip feel.


  • The thinner cover enhances the feel
  • Low spin allows higher control
  • A great option for mid to low handicappers
  • Made for professional high-speed golfers
  • Great for short matches
  • Allows consistent flight paths


  • Designed for professional plays
  • Lesser durability
  • The feel is not as soft as it claims
  • Expensive
  • Not recommended for double-digit handicappers

Bridgestone Tour BX Reviews

The Bridgestone Tour BX is also emerging and making a mark among the golfers the balls are made of seamless “Reactiv” Urethane which flex according to how you are hitting the ball. This 3 piece design makes it versatile and utilizes an energy gradient core so it retains a lot of speed off the tee.

The seamless covers also shine when you are on the green. The number of dimples in the ball is 338 which gives it a rigid finish and less vertical coverage and spin so that more horizontal distance can be covered. Lower dimples prevent the ball from spinning more and lower its swing speeds.

Players who have a swing speed of more than 105 mph then fewer dimples are for them and they can cover the maximum distance because of the energy released during the commencement of the golf ball. So a player who doesn’t have much swing speed should avoid using Bridgestone Tour BX. The ball has 64 compressions indicating a soft feel compression with hit and sticks action.

Compression is the main core of a golf ball, lower compression means softer core and higher compression means harder core. Lower compression balls usually range from 60-to 70 and are suitable for senior golfers who have slow swing speed. Even when your game is shorter, the Bridgestone Tour BX absorbs a lot of undue shocks which makes these balls easier to control in general.


  • High-quality seamless cover design
  • Great for learners
  • High Durability
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for mid swing speeds
  • Dual dimple feature gives these balls high speed


  • Not good for fast swing speeds
  • Lower compression hence softcore
  • Hard to get good launch angle
  • Unexpectedly higher spin on the green


Even though Titleist PRO V1 shows better consistency with their length but in terms of durability, the seamless “Reactiv” Urethane cover of the Bridgestone Tour BX offers better flexibility hence taking the crown.


The Titleist PRO V1 is a bit hard which allows the balls to have a good stop and drop factor but Bridgestone Tour BX has precise spin control. If we judge the balls based on attributes the Titleist PRO V1 wins in every aspect minus the little adjustments related to feel and grip.

Price Comparison

The Titleist PRO V1 balls will cost you a bit higher than a set of Bridgestone Tour BX.

Which One is the Best?

In this tug war between Titleist PRO V1 and Bridgestone Tour BX, we have to come to a winner. Both the balls are better in their own way but it is said that a golf ball with lesser dimples will travel half the distance compared to a golf ball with higher dimples even if it was shot by a professional. The fluid forces such as lift and drag are dependent on the depth of the dimple. Even a little change causes a significant change in the ball’s trajectory and overall distance coverage.

Final Words

Therefore, when you are looking for a golf ball, look out for feel and performance because that sorts out everything more than the rest. Titleist PRO V1 having higher dimples (352) and higher compression (90) will definitely outperform Bridgestone Tour BX golf balls lower dimples (338) and lower compression (60-70). After reading this article, we hope you have got the answer to your question of how many dimples are there on a Titleist Pro V1 along with other details.

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