How Many Golf Balls Fit in a School Bus?

How many golf balls fit in a school bus; is a very common question asked in interviews. A lot of people have already faced this question. It is surely a mathematical question. But the main purpose for an interviewer to ask this type of question is to understand the interviewees’ ability to understand the problem and figure out the solution. With the formula of volume and the correct value finding out the answer is easy.

Purpose of This Question

With this question, “How many golf balls fit in a school bus?” the interviewers mostly do not anticipate a right answer. They need to understand whether the interviewee understands the problem and how they are going to approach it throughout the process. In order to select candidates for employment, the employer needs to understand their problem-solving skills.

These types of questions are very common. We know both bus and golf balls have measurements. Moreover, with the formula of volume one can easily find the correct answer. In order to calculate the number of golf balls that can be fit in a school bus, one needs to have the measurements of the bus and golf balls.

Details about School Bus

To answer the question “How many golf balls fit in a school bus?” one must need to know the exact size of a school bus. School buses are usually yellow in color. As different school buses are of different sizes. In this case, we can use the most common measurements of a school bus. On average the length of a school bus is 20 feet, the width is 8 feet, the height is 6 feet. Therefore, with these values, we can easily find out the volume of a school bus.

The volume of School Bus

We can find out the volume of a solid product by multiplying it by the length, width, and height of the school bus. Thus the volume of the school bus is (20ft*8ft*6ft) or 960 cubic feet. Also, we know that 1 cubic foot has 1728 cubic inches. With further calculation, we can find out that 960 cubic feet have 1.6 million cubic inches.

Details About Golf Balls

In order to find out the answer to “How many golf balls fit in a school bus,” we also need to know different measures about golf balls. Golf balls are very essential while playing golf. Golf is a very popular game. For professional golf games, golf balls have a standard measurement. However, golf balls can be bigger than that measurements but smaller golf balls are not acceptable. 

According to The R&E and UGSA, the minimum dimension for a golf ball is 1.680 inches. Also, the weight of a golf ball cannot be over 45.93 grams. In short, the minimum diameter of a golf ball is 1.68 inches. In order to maintain specified velocity, distance, and symmetry limits, the size of a golf ball has been fixed.

The Volume of a Golf Ball

If we want to fill a school bus with golf balls the standard diameter of the golf balls is 1.680 inches. Moreover, to answer the question “How many golf balls fit in a school bus?” we have to identify the volume of a golf ball. As the standard diameter of a golf ball is 1.680 inches, therefore the radius of a golf ball will be 0.84 inches. 

We can find out the radius from the diameter by simply dividing the value of the diameter. With the aim to calculate the volume of the golf ball we need to multiply the value of the radius with the value of pi and the number (¾). We know the value of pi is 3.1416. Thus the value of the volume of the golf ball is (¾*3.1416*0.84) or 2.5 cubic inches.

The Answer

After getting the values of the volume of a school bus and the volume of a golf ball, finally, we can find the answer to the question “How many golf balls fit in a school bus?” In order to achieve the exact numbers, we are required to divide the volume of a school bus with the volume of a standard golf ball. Therefore, the amount of the golf balls will be (1600000 cubic inches/2.5 cubic inches) or 660,000 golf balls.

Thus, a school bus can be filled with 660,000 golf balls. However, a school bus has many other components inside such as seats, engines, driving equipment, and many more other things that are taking up some space. Also considering the spherical shape of the golf balls it is safe to give a round-down answer of 500,000.

Final Words

In this article, we hope that we are able to describe the answer to the question very briefly. It is an important question that is asked in many interviews especially in “Google” interviews.

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