How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh? Detailed Information

Do you know off the top of your head, how much does a golf ball weigh? One of the most important things used in a round of golf is a golf ball. Most casual players never think about what their golf balls weigh on average. But if you want to be an expert player, you must know all the basics and key factors about golf balls, including their average weight and dimension.

There are rules in place considering how much a golf ball must weigh during an official play. This is because golf balls must have a standard weight to ensure fair competition among the players. Today we will answer one simple question for you, which is, how much does a golf ball weigh?

What Does A Golf Ball Weigh?

If you’re a golf fan, you probably know a golf ball weighs less than 46 grams on average, making it one of the lightest balls possible. Ten golf balls are roughly equal to one pound. The question is simple to answer. In accordance with the official golf rules, a ball should not weigh more than 1.620 oz or 45.93 grams.

The R&A and the US Golf Association test and approve golf balls that are to be used in golf clubs and tournaments. Golf balls that do not comply with the rules are not allowed to be used in official competitions.

A golf ball needs to weigh as a standard because many factors like swinging depend on the weight of the ball. If a particular golfer is used to playing with standard balls, it will create problems by having such a ball that does not weigh as standard. If a golf ball weighs over 45.93 g, it is considered illegal to use that in a game.

The extra weight on top of the 45.93 g provides a benefit when for long shots. The additional weight brings the ball beyond a standard weighing ball. Any heavier object pushes better into the air, so it happens. Golf balls of extra weight are flagged as illegal to prohibit such an unfair advantage.

Do All Golf Balls Weigh the Same?

The USGA states that a golf ball’s weight cannot exceed 1.62 ounces and a ball’s diameter must be not less than 1.68 cm. Golf ball manufacturers seem to agree that the best model for their products is the production of balls that have the maximum weight and the minimum size since 1.68-inch diameter and 1.62 oz limit are ideal for performance.

Manufacturers try to maintain ball weight as close to 1.62 ounces as possible because not every ball can exactly weigh 1.62 ounces.

The main difference between golf balls is defined by their hardness, compression, and simple patterns. The structure of typical golf balls varies according to the manufacturer. The wound and multilayered balls are two pieces. Ball building is no longer a performance synonym.

Two-piece balls are traditionally classified as distance balls, consisting of a large center and a thin cover. Multi-layer balls are designed to fit each type of shot ultimately. The core is developed for driver distance, mid-layer shots, and covering for feeling and turning in halves, chips and stitches.

Detailed Information of How Much Does A Golf Ball Weigh?

A golf ball must not exceed 45.93 g in grams. And in ounces, it must weigh no more than 1.62 ounces. You must know the golf ball material and other characteristics when you play golf. Did you know that the average golf ball’s size is less than the various types of other balls used for outdoor and indoor sports?

This is due to the small diameter of the golf holes, which means the golf ball size is also small so it can fit through the hole. The size and shape of the hole cup are smaller, the golf balls are therefore smaller and weigh less.

According to the standard golf rules, 45.93 grams should not be crossed by the golf ball. If it crosses that weight, the golf ball would be considered illegal and you won’t be able to use it in an official game. If this prescribed weight exceeds the golf ball, it will lose its speed. It would also be hard for the ball to reach the distance.

It won’t have the correct flight type. Even if the golfer hits the ball hard, the overweight ball can’t travel very far due to the effect of gravity. In addition, the spin rate is lower while the starter angle can also change.

How Much Does A Golf Ball Weigh in Pounds?

In pounds, a golf ball must weigh no more than 0.1012 lbs. It will be considered illegal if the weight exceeds that. The majority of legal golf courses weigh nearly 45.93 grams or 0.1012 pounds, but they never weigh more. No performance enhancement can be seen from making the golf balls lighter.

By varying the dimple pattern instead, Golf Ball manufacturers can improve lifting and thus affect aerodynamic lifting force. This can be done more easily and efficiently than manufacturing a whole series of lightweight golf balls. In addition to the distance, wind resistance is a good aspect to be taken into account.

An aerodynamic ball is less affected by the crosswind or headwind when it is on a ball’s flight. More wind-resistant is a heavy ball. In any case, the advantage is a small distance by hotter balls for lower speeds of the club. However, stringent restrictions on weight and size make it harder.

How Much Does a Dozen Golf Balls Weigh?

The weight of twelve balls or a dozen golf balls is about 1 pound 3.4 ounces or 551 grams. If you are planning to buy dozens of golf balls at once, this may be helpful. You may have heard of the commonly used term ‘sleeve’ when buying golf balls. Every day, people think that a sleeve is a plastic, but in the golfing world, things are different.

A sleeve is a long tube that stores golf balls. Usually, up to 4 golf balls are in each sleeve. In most cases 3 sleeves are available in 1 golf ball package; this gives you a total of 1 dozen sleeves or 12 golf balls.

If you buy a golf box, 12 balls will be included in the box on average. The balls are divided into three sleeves which protect the balls and keep them fresh. Major brands tend to sell golf boxes containing a dozen golf balls and they can be seen in most golf shops in the market.

That was the standard ball count in a box decades ago and it still remains untouched to this day. 12 balls will weigh approximately 1.4 pounds in a high-quality set.

If you want to buy a case of golf balls after a far larger amount, you can take advantage of a large discount. A run-of-the-mill golf case will have an average of 6 dozen golf balls or 72 golf balls total. A great number of golf balls are the perfect place for golfers who use a great number of balls throughout the year.

And if you don’t need to use so many, you can save some money by dividing a case between friends and sharing the cost. A case of golf balls is provided by every major brand. The most frequent size we have found is 6 dozen, but 2 or 3 dozen cases can be found as well.

Average Golf Ball Weight and Its Effect On Performance

There are rules of golf by The R&A and the United States Golf Association. The average golf ball weight is almost the same for different brands as according to the rules, no golf ball weight should exceed .620 oz or 45.9 gram. The weight of a golf ball must be below or equal to the stipulated weight as there is a clear effect of the weight of the golf ball on performance. The higher the weight of a golf ball the higher the velocity the ball will achieve to cover a large distance.

The maximum weight of a golf ball is 45.93 grams though some of the golf balls weigh 46 grams or more. But the fact is that according to the rules of golf, a golf ball with higher weight than the stipulated weight is not allowed to be used in a competition. However, most of the golf balls do not have significant weight differences. But they vary from one to another in terms of many other ways such as golf ball material, dimple, compression, construction, types, and so on.

Average Golf Ball Weight for Different Golf Ball Brands

The average weight of golf balls for different brands in an average condition varies. Below are some of the measurements of the average weight of golf balls from different brands:

  • Titleist- 45.84 grams
  • Srixon- 45.68 grams
  • Wilson- 45.9 grams
  • Nike- 45.84 grams
  • Dunlop- 45.44 grams

Golf Ball Weight Comparison

Research shows that as the condition improves, the average ball of golf becomes heavier. The average difference in weight between a new and poorly conditioned ball is only 0.21 grams, which is interesting. There is a little difference in the weight of a new golf ball in comparison to a ball in bad condition.

The weight of brand-new balls was not very different (0.1 grams). The difference in good condition between the weightiest and the lightest ball was 1.1 grams.

The difference was significantly greater when the weight difference in balls was looked at in average or poor conditions. The average difference in balls was 2.9 grams and 3.3 grams. Some poor balls had openings that permit debris, which can explain the disparity in weights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: How much does a golf ball weigh in grams?

Answer: If you want to know the weight of golf ball in grams then the right answer is that a golf ball weight in grams is 45.93 grams.

Questions: What is the golf ball weight in pounds?

Answer: The golf ball weight in pounds is 0.1012 pounds.

Questions: How much does a golf ball weigh in ounces?

Answer: A golf ball’s weight in ounces is 1.620 oz. So the weight of 1 dozen golf balls is 19.44 oz or 551.16 grams.

Questions: What is the golf ball diameter in cm?

Answer: The golf ball diameter is not less than 1.680 inches (42.7 mm).

Final Thought

Do you now know the answer to the question ‘how much does a golf ball weigh?’
It is 45.93 grams or 1.620 ounces or 0.1012 pounds. The golf ball’s science is difficult to grasp, particularly for people new to golf because it’s fascinating, as confusing as it is. We hope that you now have all the information you wanted to know about the weight of golf balls.

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