How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?

The weight of a golf cart doesn’t usually have a limit. Manufacturers aim to keep the weight as low as possible at all times. Different carts are made with distinct materials and specifications, this means different models will have varying weights. Even if the carts are from the same manufacturer, different models can have remarkably different weights. For the average, the best we can do is a rough weight estimate.

Why Is Golf Cart Weight Important?

It’s definitely important to know the weight of your golf cart. This understanding will help you make choices about which cart is right for you. You need to bear in mind that all your equipment has to be carried by a golf cart, so a strong knowledge of a golf cart weight becomes very important. 

A golf cart is a piece of heavy machinery, and knowing its weight is a must if you are moving towns or even nations and want to take your golf cart along with you. It’s also important in case your cart has to be towed or if you need to move uphill.

Add one thousand pounds or roughly four hundred and fifty kilograms to your cart’s curb weight. When you have to determine whether your car should tow the golf cart or not, this number is the base figure. You should do this because the vehicles’ towing limits are typically too low. Even if the vehicle is still capable of towing huge numbers, the transmission will be more difficult. 

It is also advised to select a weight that you can conveniently tow and prolong the vehicle’s lifetime as well. If you have to tow your vehicle over rugged terrain next time, the weight of your golf cart will become very important.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh on Average?

Golf carts, on average, weigh between 900 and 1100 pounds. Two similar-sized carts may have different weights depending on the material used and the type of the vehicle. And you can expect 300 pounds more when we’re talking about an electric one with a big battery. 

Just like that, when a two-seater cart weighs about 900 pounds, it will weigh about 1100 pounds for a cart with more room, like 6 people. Manufacturers of golf carts typically make their carts available to resellers. And most offer customization. You can customize the cart according to your preferences to get the weight you want.

Examples of Golf Cart Weight

The examples given below are the dry weight of the golf cart. This means that the carts do not have modifications or batteries that come directly from the maker. This will give you some idea about what a typical golf cart can weigh.

  • 2018 E-Z-Go Express S4 Gas Golf Cart – 984 pounds (446 kg)
  • Club Car Onward 2 Passenger Electric Golf Cart – 975 pounds (442 kg)
  • Club Car Villager 2 Gas Golf Cart – 651 pounds (295 kg)
  • 2018 E-Z-Go TXT Valor Gas Golf Cart – 780 pounds (354 kg)
  • 2018 Evolution Electric Golf Cart – 1,262 pounds (572 kg)
  • 2018 Yamaha Drive2 PTV Quietech Gas Golf Cart – 785 pounds (356 kg)
  • Club Car Onward Lifted 4 Passenger Electric Golf Cart – 1,125 pounds (510 kg)
  • 2018 Cricket SX-3 Portable Golf Cart – 313 pounds (141 kg)

Factors That Affect Golf Cart Weight

You should also know some of the factors that affect golf cart weight. Below some of the factors are listed.

Dry Vs. Curb Weight

You’ll also come across the words “dry weight” and “curb weight” from suppliers while investigating golf carts. Understanding these words is critical. Dry Weight is the weight of the cart without a battery or additional accessories of the golf cart. 

On the other hand, curb Weight is the total weight of the golf cart, including the battery and other accessories, as purchased. Such things as tires, rear seating kits, trailer hitches, roof storage racks, and more are additional products that can affect the difference between dry weight and curb weight.

Gas Vs. Electric Golf Cart Weight

Engine types, models, and manufacturers are variables that affect the golf cart weight. Let us talk about the types of engines. Two types of engines exist. A gas engine that runs on gas, as you might have guessed. A golf cart with a gas engine uses a 4.6-liter tank and it weighs around 100 pounds or 45 Kg more than the electric model.

On the other end, you have electric engines that don’t need gas fuel. Usually, electric engines are lightweight and they don’t have to carry crude oil, making them lighter than gas engines. A gas engine model can weigh 606 pounds or around 275 kg, while the electric version of the same model will weigh less than 495 pounds or 225 kg. This offers a huge reduction in weight if you are looking for that.

Electric golf carts can weigh less in most situations than gas golf carts. However, if they use oversized or larger batteries, electric cars will increase dramatically in weight.

Weight Limit of the Passengers

You also need to factor in the weight limit of the passengers. A 2-seater gas-powered cart can hold 2 people who weigh up to 200 pounds or a little more, but not more than that. You will also find golf carts that are ready-made with 4-6 seats, and these carts weigh the most. 

This is because of the weight of the seat, the frame that holds these seats, and you need a big motor to drive 6 seats and this raises the weight. The big 6-seater carts can hold up to 700 pounds all the way. The maximum weight limit will be stated when you buy the cart. It’s smart not to cross that limit because it can reduce the lifetime of your cart and make it underperform over time.


So, that’s some of the weights of the typical golf carts. You can buy a weight-fitted golf cart to meet your needs. A final tip should also be taken into account before you buy a cart you should consider the dry weight and curb weight of the cart. The golf cart battery weight is frequently ignored by most golfers but it can add a lot to the overall weight of the cart. 

Also, keep the passenger weight limit in mind to ensure your cart has a long lifespan. When you keep the weight of the carts in mind, it will help you make decisions that will keep your golf cart in perfect condition the longest!

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