How Old Do You Have to Be to Drive a Golf Cart?

Some of us love to spend our leisurely summertime with a nice game of golf. All the greed around you relaxes your mind and sometimes can be quite calming and very therapeutic. A golf course is a huge place and the most efficient way to go from place to place in a golf course is a golf cart. If you hop on a golf cart you might find a teenager is driving the cart. It might make you wonder how old you have to be to drive a golf cart.

A golf cart is compact and relatively slower than its counterparts on the road. It is generally easy to maneuver too. That is one of the reasons we see all the young golf cart drivers on the golf course.

However, there are some laws involved regarding how old you have to be to drive a golf cart regarding the place you are at. It varies from state to state. Majority of the states in America a child has to be at least 14 years old to operate a golf cart.

Rules of Driving a Golf Cart

Rules of driving a golf cart do vary from one state to the next. So we listed the rules of five states regarding driving a golf cart. This might help you get a better view and form an opinion of your own.

South Carolina

You should have a legit permit to drive a golf cart on the road. You can only drive four miles with your property. You need to replace the golf cart permits every five years. In case you change your residential address, you should obtain a new permit with the current information.

  • You need valid insurance to get a permit.
  • You must be above sixteen years old with a driving license.
  • The maximum speed limit is 35 mph.
  • The driver will be held accountable for breaking the rules.
  • If a minor does not abide by the requirements, the parent is liable for legal action or a fine.


  • You can not exceed 25 mph while driving your golf cart on the road.
  • At max, you are allowed to have 4 people on the cart including the driver.
  • It is prohibited to drive a golf cart on the sidewalk.
  • You need a driver’s license and liability insurance.


Alabama does not permit driving golf carts on roads unless the driver has a low-speed vehicle upgrade. You do need a vehicle license to drive a golf cart on public roads and must be 18 years old or above. You can only operate a golf cart between sunrise and sunset with the headlights on at all times.

  • You can not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • You must follow the required speed limit for a low-speed vehicle.
  • You cannot operate between rows of drivers or lanes of traffic.
  • You must always yield the right of way for other larger and faster vehicles.
  • Your cart should have seat belts.
  • You can only drive with children over five years old.
  • Your cart should have a vehicle identification number.


If you drive a golf cart, you enjoy all the rights applicable to a regular motor vehicle driver and the same legal actions if you fail to abide by the requirements.

  • You can not exceed 35 mph on the road.
  • Minors from thirteen years old and above can drive a golf cart under the supervision of an adult with a license.
  • Drivers above 18 years old must have a valid driver’s license.
  • A safety certificate is needed to carry passengers.
  • You cannot drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Your golf cart should be registered under DMV and it must have a vehicle number.


Hopefully, you got all your answers regarding your question of how old do you have to be to drive a golf cart. Driving a golf cart is fun for many people. Teenagers, young adults and adults. It is lightweight and very easy to operate.

It doesn’t matter how easy and enjoyable it might be to drive, we should all follow and abide by the rules of our respective states. Some states have a very relaxed approach to golf carts and some have very strict requirements that have to be met.

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