How to Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries?

If you are looking for the best deep cycle 8-volt golf cart battery, there is a wide range of markets. There are AGM, flooded lead-acid models battery availing at the market to go. These batteries will provide you extra mileage, long-lasting service, and smooth speed for your golf cart. How to Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you can find that below.

How to Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries?

The battery which lasts long with one charging time is the best 8-volt golf cart battery. How to charge this 8-volt battery is a crucial question. Usually, when you buy the battery, the charger comes along with it. The best way is to use the same charger for the same volt battery. It is one of the safest ways to charge your golf cart battery.

How to Charge Dead 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries?

What is the best way to know your 8-volt golf cart battery is dead? Well, generally, there are 24 cells in an 8-volt golf cart battery. When the voltmeter will show 0 volts, you must know that your battery is dead. Whenever you discharge the battery, charge it. Water the battery according to necessity. Don’t overdo it. Check the electrolyte level of the battery. Check the battery post if they are corded or not. Clean the battery properly.

How to Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries with a 12 Volt Charger?

You can charge an 8-volt battery with a 12-volt charger cable. A golf cart usually needs a 48-volt charge overall. First, you need to start on the normal 10 amp range, then reduce the charge of the battery draws more power than the usual pattern. It usually takes half an hour to charge it fully.

If you want to put a full charge into the battery with the 12-volt charger, keep an eye on the end of the charging cycle. Be aware of the charging process. You can charge a 12-volt battery easily with the 12-volt charger but when it comes to the question of 8 volts, you have to be careful. Unless you are cautious, your battery will produce a lot of heat which will lead it to a damaging point. So shut off the charge before it gets too hot. Wait for the battery to cool down.

You must charge each battery individually.

Another system is to connect the 12-volt charger with the entire 48-volt battery bank. First, turn it on and then connect the vehicle’s main charger. The 12-volt charger may supply enough voltage to the vehicle easily. When it is done charging, disconnect the 12-volt charger.

How to Test 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries?

You must test the battery with these four parameters:

  • Voltage,
  • Amph,
  • Cable and
  • Electrolyte

Together with the short form (VACE). You can check your battery voltage by using the voltmeter. To check the battery Amph, you have to use a battery load tester. You should check the battery wire if it is wiggly or torn. Make sure the cable is not pipetting. Check for the battery temperature; add some distilled water on the top of the battery plate if needed.
You can also check the battery electrolyte by using a hydrometer. This is the way to know how to test 8 volt golf cart battery.

How Much are 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries?

The prices of batteries vary from one brand to another. There are different kinds of battery brands in the market. If you are looking for a good 8-volt golf cart battery. Then you must consider the price. Generally, the price for an average 8-volt golf cart battery is between 800 US dollars to 1500 US dollars.
· Trojan T-875 brand price is 125 US dollars.
· US battery 8 VGC family price is 138 US dollars.
· 8 volt Centennial GC-8VP price is 115 US dollars.

Cheapest 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Currently, the answer to How to Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries is Exide brand, the cheapest for 8-volt golf cart batteries.

Lot of 6 Trojan T-875 8V Golf Cart Batteries

Special Features:

  1. Deep-cycle 8-volt battery
  2. Comes with cleaning accessories
  3. Lightweight, perfect for golf carts
  4. Easy to change and maintain

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Long Do 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Answer: An 8-volt golf cart battery will last from 4 to 6 years.

Question: How Much Does an 8 Volt Golf Cart Battery Weigh?
Answer: An 8-volt golf cart battery will weigh 63 pounds.

Question: Where to Buy 8-volt Golf Cart Batteries?
Answer: You can buy an 8-volt golf cart battery from Amazon, eBay, Costco, Walmart, some other local hardware stores.


A good battery is essential for generating power for your golf cart. If this question is luring in your mind that how to Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries, then you must study before buying any kind of battery. If it isn’t a good purchase, your vehicle will make you suffer in the long run.

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