How to Choose a Golf Ball? Must Check Our 5 Consideration

Though the skill level and personal preference of the players are the first things in the case of how to choose a golf ball, still there are several factors that you should consider before selecting one. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is your level of expertise in this game. Are you a beginner or advanced level player? Or, are you a high handicapper or a low handicapper?

Secondly, considering the swing speed, control, and spin is very important. Next comes, the compression rating, driver length, construction of the ball, dimple count and shape. Last, but not least, the durability and affordability of the ball are also crucial elements. Below are the details of choosing the right golf ball for you.

Steps and Key Factors of How to Choose a Golf Ball?

Choosing a golf ball indeed is not an easy task. It requires a lot of study and scanning through the features of the golf ball, game, weather conditions, the player itself and so on. The few elements that you must not reject at all include your skill level, control, and spin.

First Consideration:

If you are a beginner level player, you must be focusing on the most durable and affordable balls. On the other hand, if you are an advanced level or professional level player, then compression rating, spin and swing speed are very important for you.

Second Consideration:

Choosing the ball also depends on whether the game is a long or short one, since the manufacturers focus on maximizing the distance and feel of the ball, it is a key element.

Third Consideration:

The driver’s length and the construction of the ball are major components in case of choosing a ball. Balls with two-piece construction and multipiece perform differently in terms of spin, swing speed, compression rating and control.

Fourth Consideration:

The balls require to be chosen depending on what kind of swing you want as a golfer: high, moderate or low.

Fifth Consideration:

Another salient aspect to consider before choosing a golf ball is if you are a low, mid or high handicapped.

How to Choose a Golf Ball for Beginners?

For a beginner, the best golf ball would be the one which is inexpensive and durable. Again, other key factors include balls with lower compression rates and two-piece models that help slow swingers. Balls with surlyn cover and high launch angle brings about improvement in the performance for beginner golfers.

How to Choose Ladies Golf Ball?

The most important factor in choosing ladies golf ball is the compression rate. A softer ball will travel fast with high swing speed but a harder ball travels faster with high swing speed by being compressed. The difference is speed can vary in the case of men and women to compress the ball correctly. The average compression rating for men is, 70-100 and for women is 50-70.

How to Choose a Vice Golf Ball?

The perfect vice ball can be chosen by considering gender, score that a golfer typically shoots, brand the golfer typically plays with, average total distance covered with a 7-iron, average driver club head speed, and what the golfer focuses on in his short game.

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How to Choose a Titleist Golf Ball?

You should choose a Titleist golf ball considering your skill and preference.

  • Pro V1 is for greater longevity, enhanced distance and consistency.
  • Pro V1x is with a softer urethane cover for more short-game spin control.
  • AVX 2022 is known to have scored highly in the durability stakes.
  • Tour Speed provides a little more distance on iron shots.
  • Velocity 2022 has a nice firm feeling and is also excellent for distance.
  • Trufeel has good control, sound and feel.

How to Choose a Bridgestone Golf Ball?

The golfer’s choice and expertise depend upon choosing a golf ball. Bridgestone Tour B Xs is considered for higher consistency through the air and exceptional spin control around the green.

  • Tour B x goes long off the tee with control on approaches.
  • E12 Contact dimple design encourages straight flight and promotes better spin.
  • Tour B Rx shows impressive bite on well-struck chips and pitches.
  • E12 Soft is for the player who favors a softer ball feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do golf balls matter for beginners?

Answer: Golf balls do matter for beginners because in the case of improvement a beginner needs a ball with a lower compression rate, a ball that is inexpensive and more durable.

Question: What kind of golf ball should a beginner use?

Answer: A beginner should be using a ball with a lower compression rate because it helps bring about improvement in performance.

Question: Do hard or soft golf balls go further?

Answer: A softer ball will travel fast with high swing speed but a harder ball travels faster with high swing speed by being compressed.

Question: Should beginners use soft or hard golf balls?

Answer: Beginners should be using soft balls because they offer more forgiveness.

Final Thoughts

If you are serious about your game, you must know how to choose a golf ball. Even if you are an occasional golf player, you should also know how and which one to pick. So if you know this clearly, you will not get confused when choosing one from a lot of different brands and types of golf balls. Since a golf ball is the most important key element for a successful round, you must take the above-mentioned factors into consideration for choosing the correct one.

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