How to Make Golf Club Covers?

Are you looking for golf club covers? Whether you want to know how to make golf club covers or you are looking for suggestions on which one to buy, you have come to the right place. Today we will let you know everything you need to know about golf club covers. So, let’s get started!

Why Use Golf Club Covers?

Golf club covers are mainly used for the protection of your golf clubs. Golf club headcovers are built to shield the heads and shafts of your clubs from harm that can occur when clubs are jostling about in your bag. If you’re holding your clubs or transporting them in a cart, jostling is unavoidable. Golf club covers can also be used for style.

How to Make Golf Club Covers?

To make a single golf club cover you will first need about three square feet of fabric that is durable, non-abrasive, and water repellent if possible. For example, you can use heavy canvas, denim, and upholstery fabric. You’ll also need one tube sock per cover. Place your fabric flat and face-down on a solid surface. Then draw the pattern onto the fabric and cut it out.

Fold and glue each pattern into a three-dimensional slipcover. You should only have to pinch a single line of fabric glue down the back of each of the 14-inch sides to do this. Fold the pattern carefully so that each of the 6-inch side flaps can be glued to the bottom of the 14-inch sides, then fold the remaining length of the 14-inch sides carefully to the 8-inch sides.

Tuck a cloth slipcover’s open side into the cut end of the tube sock collar. Pull the slipcover in so that the sock is around 2 inches inside. A little at a time, peel back the cut end of the sock, apply some fabric glue to the inner edge and press it back down onto the slipcover. After the glue dries, continue going around the sock opening circumference, gluing it as you go. With the remaining slipcovers and socks, repeat the previous steps.

How to Knit Golf Club Covers?

To knit the shaft cover, first, do a slipknot and cast on 60 stitches. Then you should knit the first round and continue until you reach the desired length. You should have no problem knitting this if you already know how to knit. Then you can increase the cover for the club and finish it by decreasing the round near the end.

How to Clean Golf Club Covers?

You can clean your golf club covers using a mild detergent and cool water to gently hand wash the covers. If you wish, you can try machine-washing on a low cycle. Always use a moderate, dye-free, and scent-free detergent and lie flat to dry. You can also spot clean your golf club covers.

These Products Could Help You

Taboo Fashions 4-Pack Designer Golf Club Cover Head Cover Set

Taboo Fashions 4-Pack Designer Golf Club Cover Head Cover Set is considered stylish headcovers for golf clubs. They will do more than just protect your clubs; they will also complement the style. They are made to fit all types of clubs for ubiquitous use.

Key Features

  • Made from 100% Never-WEAR polyester.
  • Each set includes 4 club covers (1-3-5-X).
  • The driver club cover accommodates up to 460cc.
  • Velcro-lined for extra club protection
  • Fits all utility, rescue, and fairway clubs

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Are Golf Club Covers Necessary?

Answer: Yes, they are necessary for the protection of your clubs.

Question: What Are Golf Club Covers Called?

Answer: They are called Headcovers.

Final Words

If you want to make your golf clubs last as long as possible and use them at their full potential for longer, then golf club covers are a necessity. As you can see, you can make them yourself or save yourself some trouble by just buying a manufactured headcover. Whatever you choose, there is no doubt that it will protect your gear and keep it safe.

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