Maxfli Softfli Review of 2022 | Best Maxfli Golf Ball

Average golfers find Maxfli Softfli golf balls helpful to improve their golf playing skills. The perfect blend of softest feel, straight flight, easy visibility, best price, etc. is some of the main reasons behind the faster-growing popularity of this ball around the world. A lot of golfers also like the slower swing speed, longer distance, and higher greenside control of this golf ball. This Maxfli Softfli review will help you better understand the best Maxfli golf balls and some other important things.

When it comes to lower-priced golf balls, the golfers, unfortunately, have only one option between these two- either price benefit or quality, rather than being able to have both. But Maxfli has luckily made it possible to pick up both options without breaking the bank paying for golf balls. If you want to know more about this golf ball, you should keep reading this article of Maxfli Softfli golf balls review.

Maxfli Softfli Reviews – Best Maxfli Golf Balls

If you go through the key points of this Maxfli Softfli review, you will be able to know the main message of this writing. But if you thoroughly read this article, you will learn each and every aspect of the Maxfli Softfli golf ball. To perform better on the golf course, you must know all the ins and outs of the golf ball you are using.

We all know that one of the most expensive parts of playing golf is buying golf balls. Because of this, many golfers always try to find ways to reduce the cost of golf balls. As a result, some golfers go for used golf balls and others go for low-priced golf balls. But the Maxfli Softfli golf ball is here to let you get rid of the hassle. This golf ball is very cheap and at the same time comes with higher quality and performance.

Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls

For those who are looking for a golf ball that does not give too much spin on the tee but offers expected spin around the greens, then the Maxfli Softfli Matte golf ball is for you. This golf ball offers a softer feel and lower compression. Maxfli Softfli’s 35 compressions give a wonderful feel and exceptional greenside control while playing golf.

With a high coverage 332 dimple pattern, you will get a more consistent flight and higher satisfaction. The core of this ball is reformulated and can offer faster ball speeds and accurate lower spin. The soft Ionomer cover of this ball comes with a vivid matte coloration that provides superior control and excellent visibility through the air and turf.

Top Features

  • Maxfli Softfli’s softest golf ball is designed to offer a superior feel and performance.
  • 35 compressions give a wonderful feel and exceptional greenside control.
  • 332 dimple patterns offer consistent flight and higher satisfaction.
  • The soft Ionomer cover comes with a vivid matte color feature that provides superior control and excellent visibility through the air and turf.
  • Reformulated and offers faster ball speeds and accurate lower spin.
  • 12 Pack.


  • The ball improves golf playing skills.
  • Comes at the lowest price without compromising quality and performance.
  • Flies longer than other low compression balls.
  • Good for the high handicappers.
  • The colored ball is easier to find out from the Fairway.


  • Need to clean the ball more frequently compared to other golf balls.
  • The blue color is a bit more difficult to spot than a white ball.

Maxfli Softfli Compression

Maxfli Softfli Matte Blue golf ball comes with 35 compressions so that you get the wonderful feel and exceptional greenside control while playing golf. Because of this ultra-low compression design, you get the softer feel and exceptional feedback on all the shots from the tee to the green. In the Maxfli Softfli matte golf balls review, we have explained everything you would like to know.

Are Maxfli Golf Balls Any Good?

Maxfli golf ball is undoubtedly a better option for golfers who have average to better performance and are looking for lower price golf balls. Apart from that, this golf ball offers improved performance, straight flight, softer feel, low compression, better greenside control, higher visibility, etc. This golf ball covers comparatively a higher distance than many other similar golf balls available in the market.

Why Use Maxfli Golf Balls?

Golfers use Maxfli golf balls because of the lowest price and higher quality and performance compared to other golf balls. Buying new golf balls every time after losing them in the golf course is a very painful thing for golfers. But Maxfli has rescued the golfer from the trouble by offering higher quality golf balls at a lower price. All the golf balls by Maxfli provide great value for money.

Some Best Maxfli Golf Balls Recommendations

If you are looking for some of the best Maxfli golf balls recommendations then the list below will be very helpful for you:

  • Maxfli StraightFli Matte Golf Balls
  • Maxfli UFli Speed Golf Balls
  • Maxfli Revolution Distance Golf Balls
  • Maxfli U/6 Tour X Golf Balls
  • Maxfli Speedfli Golf Balls
  • Maxfli Performance Series Low Resistance 3.25″ & 1.5″ White Golf Tees – 50 Pack
  • Maxfli Performance Series Low Resistance 3 1/4” & 1 1/2” Assorted Golf Tees – 50 Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Maxfli a good brand?

Answer: Maxfli is one of the reputed golf ball brands in the industry with some of the best and premium product lines.

Question: Are Maxfli golf balls soft?

Answer: Maxfli produces different types of golf balls and some of its golf balls are amazingly soft and perfect.

Question: What’s the difference between Maxfli and Wilson golf balls?

Answer: There are some differences between Maxfli and Wilson. Among all, the compression of Maxfli is 35 whereas the compression of Wilson is 60. Maxfli comes with a 332 dimple pattern whereas Wilson comes with a 334 dimple pattern.

Question: What company makes Maxfli golf balls?

Answer: The Maxfli Company produces Maxfli golf balls.

Final Thoughts

Maxfli has brought a revolutionary change in producing the cheapest golf balls after shifting its focus from premium performance golf balls. The company has made it possible to play golf in a more affordable way than ever. All the golfers can now buy higher quality golf balls at a lower price range. In the Maxfli Softfli review, we have explained how the company was successful by offering exceptional golf balls and why the company is getting more popular day by day.

If you want to improve your golf skills without burning a hole in your pocket buying new golf balls, you can go for the Maxfli Softfli Matte golf ball without any hesitation. This golf ball is exceptionally designed to offer you what you want.

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