Maxfli Softfli vs Callaway Supersoft: Which is Best for 2022?

It’s not easy to decide which golf ball will be your companion on the golf course. The choice is even harder when it’s between two golf balls with similar advantages and price ranges. The golf balls we are talking about today are the Maxfli Softfli and Callaway Supersoft. So when you have to make a choice between Maxfli Softfli vs Callaway Supersoft, you need to know some important things.

They are both targeted towards the average golfer who wants to add some distance to their swing with some soft golf balls. And both of these are designed for a slow swing speed. Confused about which one will be better for you? Today we will focus on essential information of Maxfli Softfli and Callaway Supersoft in our review and help you make up your mind!

Maxfli Softfli Vs Callaway Supersoft: Overview of Reviews

Before we compare the two balls individually, let’s take a look at their overall rundown and what they have to offer first.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Reviews

Is it possible to make a difficult game easier with a soft ball? Callaway seems to think so and consumers agree. Based on early returns for the company’s Supersoft golf ball, it seems to have quickly become a favorite among golfers. Supersoft was introduced in 2014 and rapidly became Callaway’s best-selling product.

The Supersoft golf balls come in a variety of colors, as well as the new Magna variant. The Magna is a slightly larger Supersoft golf ball that is a perfect alternative for senior golfers.

The Callaway Supersoft is a low compression golf ball. It will be difficult to find something with a lower compression rating than this, which has a value of 38. The Supersoft has the added benefit of being a good alternative for individuals who have a faster swing speed. The Supersoft will benefit golfers with a wide range of handicaps.

The Supersoft has a hexagonal aerodynamic pattern, which is found on all Callaway golf balls. By lowering drag, this pattern will aid in increasing total distance. The velvety geometric cover provides a fantastic feel in addition to the increased distance.

And lastly, as the name suggests, the Callaway Supersoft is a ball designed for softness. But what does this specifically engineered softness achieve? Golfers with slow to medium swing speeds can benefit from longer, straighter shots, as well as improved feel and sensitivity around the greens.


  • Ideal for a slower swing speed.
  • The spin rate is low.
  • Reasonable cost.


  • Two-piece structure.
  • The cover may be scratched easily.

Maxfli Softfli Matte Golf Balls Reviews (Longer Straight Distance – Soft Feel)

For casual golfers, Maxfli has traditionally been a well-known brand. This niche for low-compression golf balls fits right in. This one has a compression rate of 35, which is exceptionally low. Your swings will glide straighter if you have a low spin rate.

The Maxfli Softfli also has a modest 332-dimple design to reduce the spin rate even further. Consumers who have reviewed this golf ball seem to enjoy it. It also has a matte finish, which is uncommon for golf balls.

With a compression value of 35, the Maxfli Softfli is a golf ball with a very low compression rate. The compression of a high compression golf ball should be similar to 100. As you’ve seen, the Maxfli Softfli is a golf ball with lower compression.

Maxfli’s core provides a lot of ball velocity with a low spin rate. This indicates you’ll have a lot of success with the Maxfli SoftFli if you’re aiming for distance off the tee. The Maxfli has 332 dimples, which serve to reduce drag and significantly increase the distances you can achieve with this golf ball.

The Maxfli Softfli also has an ionomer cover composition that is extremely soft. With the Maxfli Softfli, you can get some fantastic speed around the green as well. This golf ball is ideal for players with slower swing rates.


  • A greater distance can be achieved.
  • The spin rate is low.
  • Golfers on a budget will appreciate this.


  • It may take a while to get used to the matte finish.

Maxfli Softfli Vs Callaway Supersoft: Full Comparison


A better golf ball is one with a lower compression rating. The lower the compression value the softer the golf ball. A golf ball compresses a little when you hit it. Once the golf ball contracts, it will have a spring-like effect off the clubface. Players with a faster swing speed can compress the ball significantly more than those with a slower swing speed.

As seen in the overview, both of these balls have a low compression rating. The Callaway Supersoft has a compression rating of 38, while the Maxfli Softfli has a compression rating of 35.

As you can see, they are very similar when it comes to compression rating and it will only make a small difference when your choosing between golf balls so similar in terms of their compression.


The two golf balls are very different in terms of cover. The Maxfli golf ball contains 332 dimples, which help to reduce drag and enhance the distance you can travel with it. The MaxfliSoftfli also features an extraordinarily soft ionomer cover material.

It has a 3-piece construction. On the other hand, all Callaway golf balls have a hexagonal aerodynamic pattern, which is present on Supersoft. This design will help to increase total distance by lowering drag.

However, some Supersoft golf balls aren’t scratch-resistant, and it’s also a two-piece construction. Since we are aiming for softness, the Maxfli Softfli is a better choice when it comes to the cover.


Both the Maxfli Softfli and the Callaway Supersoft are known as long-distance golf balls. As they are both low compression, softballs with aerodynamic design, they are both designed to cover a long distance off the tee. Both of these balls are similar in this regard.


One pack of Callaway Supersoft balls retails for 24.99$. The Maxfli Softfli on the other hand is worth 36.00$ per pack. Though, the price of each ball may change as per the company decision.

Each pack contains 12 golf balls for both of these golf balls. Therefore, you want to save some money or if you are on a budget, the Callaway Supersoft ball will be a better pick for you in terms of price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the material of the golf ball covers?

Answer: The Maxfli Softfli has an ionomer cover while the Callaway Supersoft has a rubber cover

Question: What are the compression ratings of the balls?

Answer: The Maxfli Softfli has a compression rating of 35 and the Callaway Supersoft has a rating of 38.

Question: What are the product dimensions?

Answer: The package dimensions of Maxfli Softfli are 10.08 x 7.68 x 5.28 inches; 4.13 Pounds. And the package dimensions of Callaway Supersoft are 6 x 7 x 2 inches; 1.42 Pounds.

Final Verdict

It’s not easy to pick one when it comes to choosing from Maxfli Softfli Vs Callaway Supersoft. They are both very similar in more than one term. The golf ball you pick will ultimately depend on your play style and preference.

However, we believe one of these golf balls is a better pick, and it’s the Callaway Supersoft! It may come as a surprise, but not only do we think it’s the best low compression ball on the market, but you can also get it for a better price.

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