Nitro Pulsar Golf Balls Review: Most Popular in 2022

If you are not with the right golf ball on the golf course, you are about to waste your precious time badly. Golfers use a lot of golf ball brands to choose the perfect golf balls and make their game more enjoyable. Awesome people play golf and it’s one of the most popular and well-appreciated sports out there. In this article, we have come up with the Nitro Pulsar golf balls review to make your decision-making process easier.

Nitro Golf is one of the most trusted brands amongst players. Nitro Pulsar golf ball is very popular among golfers because of its softer feel and exceptional distance coverage capability. Another mentionable thing is that the price of this golf ball is very affordable. To know some more exceptional information and features of this golf ball, please read this article thoroughly.

How Did We Make This Article?

We took a survey of professionals, casuals, and buyers from online stores. We collected data from Amazon and other online shops alike and collected reviews for over a hundred similar products. After going through a lot of data and analyzing all, we finally came to the verdict that Nitro pulsar golf balls are one of the best golf balls in the market.

It took us hundreds of hours and a lot of man force to curate and analyze all the data we collected. We did it to ensure that you are getting all the most relevant information.

What is Nitro Pulsar?

Nitro Pulsar is a golf ball manufactured by Nitro Golf. Nitro Golf is a well-known company among all golfers. Nitro Golf has a legacy of 25 years in producing golf-related products. From golf balls to golf bags they have you covered. They have been providing top-quality products for a very reasonable price. That’s why they are so well known amongst golfers.

The Nitro Pulsar golf balls have a longer range and a softer feel. The titanium fused hybrid ionomer cover provides a penetrating trajectory as well as increased lift force. The Pulsar high-energy speedcore is gentler to the touch while yet maintaining optimal launch conditions and increasing ball velocity.

The low 90 nitro pulsar golf balls compression design provides a large moment of inertia, resulting in improved accuracy when shooting off-center. Designed to launch high and with a little spin for maximum distance. The 352 dimple design is wind resistant. All handicaps are encouraged to use it. A new flat matte texture has been added.

How Much Does It Cost?

Like all Nitro Golf products, the Nitro Pulsar is very affordable compared to the similar products by the competitors. For a pack of 12 balls, you are looking to pay around 15$-16$. Which is quite the bargain.

Who Is It For?

Nitro Pulsar golf balls are made for mostly casual golf players who are looking to get a premium feel at a very reasonable price. It is very beginner-friendly as the ball is very easy to control. It offers all the benefits of a tournament ball without costing as much. So you can enjoy your game and not worry about breaking your bank.

Nitro Pulsar Golf Balls Review

When you are about to buy or invest in a product, it is generally a good idea to look at what other people have to say about the product. And when it comes to Nitro Pulsar, all the users have a lot of good things to talk about.

Golf can be an expensive sport. The ball can be a very expensive part of the game too. So as the game goes on, you will need more balls. But Nitro golf balls are very affordable. They are suitable for all weather. No matter the condition of the grass it will do just fine.

It has a perfect weight balance, making it easier to play for the beginner. The superior aerodynamics makes it travel a long distance in a minimum amount of swing. Perfect for senior golfers and beginners as well.

It comes in bright colors making it easier to spot from a distance. Overall, your golf experience will be elevated with Nitro golf balls.

Some of the Main Features of Nitro Pulsar Golf Ball

Extremely Affordable Price:

One ball can last multiple games. And they are cheaper than tournament balls, to begin with.

Perfect Weight Distribution:

Makes it easier to hit the balls. And it is perfect for the senior golfers and the newcomers alike.

It can Travel a Long Distance:

Very good for the casual players who want to have fun playing while not having to put in as much effort as the professionals do.

Very Durable:

Most golf balls last around one game. But you can get multiple games out of one ball. It is the perfect bang for buck ball.

Spotting the Ball is Easy:

Generally, spotting a golf ball can be very difficult. Especially when it’s on the air. But with Nitro golf balls, it is not a problem. As it comes in varieties of color. The bright colors make it easier to track in the air. Also on the grass.

High-Speed Titanium Core:

It allows for perfect hit transfer. So the ball catches top speed as soon as it is hit. No need to worry about your swing.

Aerodynamic Golf Ball:

Aerodynamically they are perfect. So they provide low drag while in the air. Allowing it to travel a long distance other golf balls can not

Final Verdict

After looking at the Nitro Pulsar golf ball review, we can safely say that it’s a bang for the buck. Nitro has outdone themselves again. It’s a very comfortable golf ball to play with, not to mention easy to spot. Which seems to be a big factor in the popularity of Nitro Pulsar golf balls. You cannot go wrong with your purchase of Nitro golf balls.

Nitro Pulsar golf balls are very easy to find. You can find them in your nearby sports stores and other online stores. Not to mention, you can purchase them online with great ease. And the reviews online speak great volumes about the performance of Nitro Pulsar golf balls.

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