Pro V1 Alternatives: These Golf Balls Are Perfect Choices

A lot of golf equipment you carry and use in the golf course. But the ball is the only thing that you use on every shot while playing golf. So, many of you put a lot of effort to choose the best golf ball. Some use expensive golf balls but others cannot afford them. So they look for some alternatives to expensive golf balls like Snell MTB Black, Pro V1, TaylorMade Lethal, etc.

The good thing is that we have come up with some Pro V1 alternatives that will give you an almost similar feel, spin, quality, and consistency. Some of them are cheaper and some are at a similar price range.

The list of the similar price range golf balls to Pro V1 alternatives is below:

  • Bidgestone Tour B XSBest alternative to pro v1 similar price

The List of the Cheaper Pro V1 Alternatives is Below:

  • Vice PRO Plus Golf BallBest cheaper alternative to pro v1

Which Golf Ball is Most Similar to Pro V1? Best Pro V1 Alternatives

You will find out some awesome golf balls similar to pro v1 in the market. The most similar golf balls among many are Bridgestone Tour B (R) XS, TaylorMade Lethal, Callaway Chrome Soft, etc. In terms of price range similarity, the most similar golf balls to Pro V1 are TaylorMade Lethal, Volvik Vista iV, Bridgestone Tour B XS, etc.

But among all these, Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball is the most competing golf ball to Pro V1 in terms of layers, price, compression, etc.

If you look at the comparison table below, you will get to know more about the similar golf balls to Pro V1.

BallsLayersCompressionWedge SpinFeelSwing Speed
Bridgestone Tour B XS385HighSoft105+ MPH
TaylorMade Lethal585HighSoft90-100 MPH
Wilson Staff Model495 High Mid105 MPH
Callaway Chrome Soft375 High Soft90-100 MPH

Again if you look at the table below, you will come to know which golf balls are also almost similar to Titleist Pro V1 golf balls but come at a comparatively lower price range.

BallsLayersCompressionWedge spinFeelSwing Speed
Srixon Z Star390HighMid100-105 MPH
TaylorMade TP5580 High Soft100-110 MPH
Vice Pro Plus495 High Mid 110+ MPH
Mizuno RB Tour490 High Soft 100 MPH
Cut Blue490 High Mid 90-100 MPH

Should High Handicappers Use Pro V1?

If you have the proper control on the spin of the ball and are serious about saving shots off your round, you can certainly use Pro V1. For you, Pro V1 is such an awesome golf ball. But keep in mind that this ball is mostly designed for pro golfers and is a bit expensive, so if you are not that much skilled then you are most likely to lose more balls.

In addition to that, most handicappers cannot control the spin on the ball to put so using Pro V1 is not a good option to use for them. These balls will cost you more money as they come at a high price compared to the best alternative to Pro V1.

So the straight answer to this question is if you are a skilled and professional golfer, you can use Pro V1 without any hesitation. This ball will make your day on the golf course.

Is AVX Replacing Pro V1?

There is actually no direct answer to this question because this is something that depends on your preference and skill. If you like less spin and a softer feel than Pro V1, then you can use AVX. Also, AVX has more penetrating flight than Pro V1. But if you already have high spin then it can be an alternative to Pro V1 for you.

But in terms of performance, AVX, Pro V1, and Pro V1x offer almost the same. This is why you can use any of these balls as an alternative to each other.

Why is Pro V1 so Expensive?

Though there are some amazing golf balls similar to Titleist Pro V1, it is so expensive compared to them. Titleist produced Pro V1 for professional golfers. Before going to the production of this ball, the company kept some innovative factors into its consideration. Titleist brought the game-changing fact in the golf ball industry by developing the solid-core ball with a urethane cover.

Another reason behind its high price is the quality and performance of the ball. At this price range, there are very few golf balls that will offer such performance and consistency. The brand value and wide recognition of Titleist is also a factor to make this ball so expensive.

Is Pro V1 or Pro V1x better?

Before diving deep into the details, let us have a look at the comparison table below of these two balls Pro V1 and Pro V1x:

Pro V1Pro V1x
Wedge SpinHighHigher
Swing Speed100 MPH100+ MPH
FlightMid High
Is Pro V1 or Pro V1x better?

From the above table, you can choose your best ball depending on your own preference after comparing different factors. If you like more spin, more swing speed, and higher flight, then you can go for Pro V1x. But here you should know that the distance covered by both balls is almost similar under the same swing condition.

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two balls is the flight of these balls. Pro V1 golf balls produce more penetrating ball flight and it descends at a shallower angle. But Pro V1x launches higher and falls out of the air at much steeper angles of attack. So the choice depends on what type of ball flight you prefer.

Then it comes the feel factor of these two balls. If you like a softer feel then the Pro V1 is for you. But if you prefer to have a little more pop then you should go for the Pro V1x.


Question: Is Pro V1 good for beginners?

Answer: Pro V1 golf ball is a perfect choice for all types of golfers from beginners to professionals. It is also good for handicappers. But it is one of the best options for professional golfers.

Question: Are Vice Golf Balls As Good As Pro V1?

Answer: Vice golf balls are one of the best golf balls comparable to Pro V1. The price of the Vice golf ball is considerably cheaper than Pro V1 golf balls.

Question: Which Callaway golf ball is like Pro V1?

Answer: The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is like Pro V1. Both the golf balls have a similar price range.

Question: Are Costco’s Kirkland golf balls better than Titleist Pro V1 golf balls?

Answer: Costco’s Kirkland golf balls and Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are very much similar in terms of spin, feel, compression, etc. They are probably as good as Pro V1 but not better than that.

Final Thought

To conclude, if you want to have almost the same quality, performance, and perfection with comparatively a lower price, you can choose any of these options Vice Pro Plus, TaylorMade TP5, Srixon Z Star, etc. as your favorite golf balls like Pro V1. But if you want variety in your golf game and you do not have money issues, then you can go for Bridgestone Tour B (R) XS, TaylorMade Lethal, Callaway Chrome Soft, etc. as the best Pro V1 alternatives.

As there are various alternatives to choose from, it will be best for you to rely on your own preferences. It does not mean that one is good for others ultimately will be good for you also. So to pick the specific golf ball, we recommend you check all the comparison tables we have provided above.

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