Srixon Q Star vs Q Star Tour: Comparison & Reviews of 2022

For years, Srixon quietly manufactured some of the world’s finest golf balls. Professionals and amateurs alike have benefited from the company’s high-quality performance, which includes a soft feel, a dynamic dimple pattern for an increased spin, and ultimate short game control. We’ve compared the Srixon Q Star vs Q Star Tour golf balls and included all of the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

Srixon’s two flagship products, the Q-Star Tour golf ball and the Q-Star line, both feature a low compression for increased launch, a thin but durable urethane cover, and exceptional greenside control. Which golf ball, on the other hand, is superior? We put both golf balls to the test in this review to determine which is the best fit for your game and provides the best playing experience.

Technical Overview of Srixon Q Star vs Q Star Tour Golf Balls

SpecificationsQ StarQ Star Tour
FeelSoft Softer
FlightMid – HighMid
ConstructionTwo-piece Spin SkinThree-piece Urethane
Greenside spinHighHighest
Driver spinLowLow

Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls Reviews (One Dozen)

The Srixon third-generation Q-Star is an excellent option for mid-handicappers looking for a three-piece ball that is softer around the greens but still delivers long driving distance.

The graduated core of the Q-Star, with its soft center and firm outer edges, results in a core that behaves as if it has a thousand layers. This results in the distance with a soft feel, but also the same short game spin as seen on tour. Additionally, the softer core reduces long game side spin, which improves accuracy.

Pros: Use a Q-Star if

  • You want a ball with an energetic core that jumps off the face of the club
  • You want softer feel around the greens with the patented Spin Skin
  • 338-dimple urethane cover that reduces drag and maximizes length


  • Lower compression

Who is for Q Star Golf Balls?

The Q-Star is designed for golfers who require premium performance in a golf ball with a wide range of abilities. The Q-Star was developed using tour ball technology to provide an unmatched combination of distance, accuracy, and greenside spin durability. Srixon’s Q-series is ideal for players with slower club speeds due to the lower compression, which helps maintain yardage for any club in the bag.

Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Balls Reviews (One Dozen)

The Q-Star Tour is a premium, lower-compression golf ball with a urethane cover designed specifically for golfers with moderate swing speeds who demand tour-level performance and feel.

This is a two-piece ball designed for golfers with a medium-to-high handicap. They frequently prioritize distance and durability over feel and spin. It was previously referred to as the AD333 in the United Kingdom.


  • Offers more longevity.
  • More resistant to any accident.
  • Tour-level performance and excellent feel.


  • Unless you have a relatively slow swing speed, this is likely to feel too soft

Who is for Q Star Tour Golf Balls?

Q Star Tour Golf Balls are for those who have moderate swing speeds and look for a superior feel and performance. The ball is also designed for golfers with a medium-to-high handicap. The ionomer cover should last longer than the urethane cover. Furthermore, it should be more resistant to accidents. A critical determinant of the type of player at whom this ball is aimed. Due to the ball’s low compression, it can be used by players with slower swing speeds, which corresponds to the ball’s intended user.

Detailed Comparison of Srixon Q Star vs Q Star Tour Golf Balls

The Q-Star and Q-Star golf balls appear to be identical at first glance. You’d be forgiven for believing they share similar characteristics. While both are excellent golf balls, there are a few characteristics that set them apart. To begin, the compression rating of the Q-Star golf balls is 77/90, while the compression rating of the Q-Star Tours is 78. As a result, the Q Star is the slightly softer of the two balls. Choose the Q Star Tour if you prefer a softer ball.

However, the Q-Star Tour may perform better at faster swing speeds due to its length, which provides more distance than the Q-Star. If you’re a bargain hunter, the Q Star may be significantly less expensive than the Q Star Tour. Another distinguishing feature of the Q Star, according to many players, is the urethane cover, which appears to yellow more quickly. This is not noticeable on the Q Star Tour, and thus the Q Star Tour is a no-brainer if you value durability.


Question: Who is Srixon?

Answer: Srixon is one of the world’s largest golf ball manufacturers. Additionally, they manufacture a variety of clubs and other golf equipment. Sumitomo Rubber Industries, their parent company, also owns the Cleveland Golf and XXIO brands.

Question: Does a Star Have Any Meaning?

Answer: This is an acronym. “Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness” are its abbreviations.

Question: Does Srixon Q Star fit all golfers?

Answer: There is no such thing as a golf ball that fits all. Certain balls are better suited to players with fast swing speeds, while others are better suited to players with slow swing speeds. When chipping and putting, some golfers prefer a softer feeling ball, while others are less concerned with feeling.

Question: Is Srixon Q Star a good ball?

Answer: The Q Star strikes a good balance between distance and spin and does so at a more affordable price point. It is an excellent choice for the average mid to high-handicappers. Low handicappers and those with faster swing speeds will also benefit from the Q Star as well as Q Star Tour.


So we hope that you have come to know everything about Srixon Q Star vs Q Star Tour golf balls. Srixon’s invention of a club golfer’s ball with all the same technology as a tour model was a stroke of genius, and every major golf ball manufacturer now offers a ‘tour ball’ aimed at club golfers. In reality, the concept provides what the vast majority of golfers have desired for years – a ball that performs optimally at their speed.

We love the softer feel of the Q-Star Tour (it’s 20% softer than the Z-Star), and that added feel comes at no cost when your driver swing speed is between 75 and 90+ mph – a no-brainer in our book. It feels fantastic on iron approaches, short pitches, and chips, and provides excellent feedback on the greens – all without sacrificing distance. Additionally, the new alignment side stamp eliminates the need to draw a sightline on your golf ball.

In terms of spinning speed, these two designs from Srixon are the best. Bear in mind that as swing speed decreases, so does spin; therefore, if you generate less speed, a ball designed for your swing speed will likely perform better in terms of spin. We’ve tested every version of the Q-Star and it has consistently performed well in terms of driver distance, wedge spin, and putting feel. A new lower price tag only serves to bolster their viability as a viable option in 2022.

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