Srixon Z Star 5 vs 6: Comparison & Easy Choice

Srixon Company first manufactured golf balls in Japan in 1930. Since the company’s entry in the market, it has been producing many quality golf balls and winning the customer’s hearts. However, in the comparison of Srixon z star 5 vs 6, there are some similarities and dissimilaritities. The key differences you will find in these two balls are in the areas of swing speed, distance, and feel.

Golf ball performance is classified into four categories: launch circumstances, aerodynamics, durability, and feel. Srixon golf balls excel in all of these aspects and have long been regarded as the best three-piece golf ball in the United States. Srixon has been upgrading their Z-star golf balls each year.

The Srixon Z-STAR 5 and Z-STAR 6 golf balls have received minimal changes in comparison to their previous two generations. The line isn’t broken, so it’s just a matter of a pinch here and a skosh there. Let’s find out the new features of these two balls.

Technical Comparison of Srixon Z Star 5 vs 6

Through this technical comparison of Srixon Z star 5 vs 6, you can learn several key points of these two balls. Take a look at the comparison table to see the differences between Srixon z star 5 vs 6 at a glance below:

SpecificationSrixon Z star 5Srixon Z star 6
Construction3-piece constructionPremium 3-piece construction
Swing Speed90 mph90 mph+
Distance93 mph95 mph+

Details of Srixon Z Star 5 vs 6

The differences between the Srixon Z-STAR 5 and Z-STAR 6 balls are modest when compared to their previous two generations.

Skin Generation:

First of all, Z star 5 has 3rd generation skin which is softer with spin coating. On the other hand, Z star 6 has new 4th generation skin with SeRM coating.


Z star 5 has energeting growth core to provide lower compression whereas Z star 6 has a softer core that gets firmer around the edges.


Z star 5 was made for top performers to be consistent with every shot, no matter the handicap. Then there is Z star 6 that is developed to travel the longest and maintain straight flight through strong winds with 4th generation new SeRM skin.

Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

The Srixon Z-STAR 5 golf ball is designed for golfers who desire peak performance. It combines unrivaled technology with outstanding feel, allowing players to improve all facets of their game.


  • Energetic growth core that provides lower compression
  • Improved aerodynamic 338 speed dimple pattern
  • Softer, elastic new spin coating
  • Improved flight performance with thinner cover


  • Softer feel on all shots and better launch conditions for extra distance off the tee
  • Improved flight performance allows for greater distance gains and full shot control.
  • Softer feel, improved greenside spin, and more consistent spin on approach shots from any lay, particularly the rough.

Srixon Z-Star 6 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Those who refuse to compromise quality, Srixon Z star 6 is for them. Every feature of the Z-STAR is tested, from its molecules to its dimples. Srixon went to great lengths to attain peak performance to make sure players perform the same on every tee shot, chip, and putt.


  • New 4th generation skin with SeRM coating
  • Maximum greenside spin
  • New fast layer core starts soft on the center, firmer around the edge
  • 338 speed dimple pattern


  • Premium 3-piece construction gives a complete tour performance feel
  • New 4th Generation skin maximizes spin for more control
  • Flies straight in the strongest wind with 338 dimple patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the shelf life of Srixon Z star 5 & 6?

Answer: The golf balls can last upto 5 years when stored in room temperature, dry place.

Question: Where are the Srixon Z star 5 vs 6 balls made?

Answer: All the Srixon Z star series golf balls are made in Japan.

Question: Which Srixon golf ball is the longest?

Answer: Srixon Z star 6 is the longest golf ball of Srixon

Question: How much is the spin of Srixon Z star 5 golf balls?

Answer: Srixon Z star 5 golf balls have high greenside spin

Question: Which Pros play with Srixon Z star 5 vs 6 golf balls?

Answer: Pro golfers like Brooks Koepka, Hideki Matsuyama, Shane Lowry, and Cameron Champ swear by Srixon Z star golf during tour performance

Final Thoughts

As we reach the conclusion of our comparison review of Srixon Z Star 5 vs 6, you can see that there are hardly any cons to any of the two Srixon balls. We have provided an in-depth comparison of the two balls and the differences between Srixon Z Star 5 and 6.

The new Srixon Z-STAR balls have seen a slight price increase. Despite the price hike, they are still cheaper than Titleist, Bridgestone and Taylormade tour balls. And they provide the best performance despite the affordable price rate. Hopefully, this article helps you decide the best Srixon golf balls for you.

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