Srixon Z Star vs Q Star: Details Comparison & Review of 2022

Srixon has quietly manufactured some of the world’s best golf balls for years. The company has been providing high-quality performance to professionals and amateurs alike by offering a soft feel, a dynamic dimple pattern for an increased spin, and ultimate short game control. We’ve compared the Srixon Z Star to the Srixon Q Star and included everything you need to know before making a purchase.

Srixon’s two flagship products, the Q-Star Tour golf ball and the Z-Star line, both offer players a competitive price point, low compression for increased launch, a thin but durable urethane cover, and exceptional greenside control. However, which golf ball is superior? In this review, we put both golf balls to the test to determine which one is best suited to your game and provides the best playing experience.

Technical Overview: Srixon Z Star vs Q Star

SpecificationsZ StarQ Star
FeelSofter Soft
ConstructionThree-piece urethaneTwo-piece ionomer
Greenside spinHighestHigh
Driver spinLowLow

Srixon Z-Star 6 Golf Balls Review (One Dozen)

This is their flagship ball (along with the Z Star XV) and the model that competes with the Titleist Pro V1. A comparison of the Z-Star and the Pro V1 can be found here.


It is designed to provide maximum distance off the tee while still feeling soft around the greens. To aid in this endeavor, the latest model of the Z Star incorporates what Srixon refers to as their “fast layer” core. “A unique heat treatment imparts speed to the outer portions of the core while maintaining a satisfyingly soft center.”

The cover is designed to generate the greatest amount of spin possible. It is covered in ultra-thin urethane. Additionally, Srixon has developed a coating and slide-ring material called Spin Skin& slide-ring material(SeRM). This contributes to the increase in friction, which maximizes the spin on pitches and chips.

“Exceptional flight performance in windy conditions,” the ball boasts. The Z-Star is an excellent premium option for anyone swinging at an “average” (male) amateur pace. Around 90 to 100 miles per hour.


The only disadvantage of this ball is its price. Although they are still relatively inexpensive in comparison to Pro V1s. If you frequently lose multiple balls per round, you may find these balls to be prohibitively expensive.

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls Reviews (One Dozen)

This is a two-piece ball that is primarily intended for golfers with a mid-to-high handicap. They frequently place a higher premium on distance and durability than on feel or spin. In the United Kingdom, it was previously referred to as AD333.


Probably the most significant advantage is the price. Around $15 less than the Z Star.
Durability. The ionomer cover on the more expensive balls should last longer than the urethane cover. Additionally, it should be more resilient to mishaps. A critical factor in determining the type of player this ball is aimed at.

Because it is a relatively low compression ball, it can be used by players with slower swing speeds, which corresponds to the type of player targeted by the ball.


Unless you have a slowish swing speed, this will probably feel too soft.

Detailed Comparison of Srixon Z Star vs Q Star

At first glance, the Z-Star and Q-Star golf balls appear to be identical. You’d even believe they share the same characteristics. While both are high-quality golf balls, there are a few distinguishing characteristics between them. To begin, the Z-Star golf balls have a compression rating of 88/90, while the Q-Star Tours have a compression rating of 78. As a result, the Q Star is the softer of the two balls.

If you prefer a less firm ball, opt for the Q Star. However, at faster swing speeds, the Z-Star may perform better due to its length, which provides more distance than the Q-Star. If you’re a bargain hunter, you may be able to snag the Q Star for a significantly lower price than the Z Star. According to many players, another distinguishing feature of the Q Star is the urethane cover, which appears to yellow more quickly. This is not noticeable on the Z Star, so if you value durability, the Z Star is a no-brainer.

Is Srixon Q Star or Z Star a Good Ball?

There is no such thing as a golf ball that fits all. Certain balls are better suited to players with fast swing speeds, while others are better suited to players with slow swing speeds. When chipping and putting, some golfers prefer a softer feeling ball, while others are less concerned with feel.

The Q Star strikes a good balance between distance and spin and does so at a more affordable price point. It is an excellent choice for the average mid- to high-handicapper. Low handicappers and those with faster swing speeds will almost certainly get benefits from either of the Z Star models or possibly the Q Star Tour.

Which One is Better: Srixon Q Star or Srixon Z Star?

The Q Star is a two-piece ball encased in an ionomer. Due to its lower compression than the Z star, it should suit players with slower swing speeds (77 versus 90).

Due to the nature of its construction, it is likely to spin less than the Z star. The Q Star should be significantly less expensive than the Z Star.


In 2021, the average club golfer’s driver swing speed will be approximately 93 mph, equating to approximately 214 yards of carrying. You are not the Z-target Star’s player if you are anywhere near this marker. However, if you have more speed than the Average Joe and are willing to pay for the performance of a tour-level ball, the Z-Star is an excellent choice.

The two models are Srixon’s highest spinning balls. Bear in mind that as swing speed decreases, spin decreases as well, so if you generate less speed, a ball designed for your swing speed will likely perform better in terms of spin. We’ve tested every version of the Z-Star and it’s consistently been a top performer in terms of driver distance, wedge spin, and putting feel. A new lower price tag only strengthens their position as a viable option in 2021.

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