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Golfers who already have faster swing speed and seeking maximum distance, high greenside spin, and firmer feel, then Srixon Z Star XV 5 golf ball is their best fit. It also has been redesigned to give new and old golfers a wonderful experience. Interested to learn more? Here is the detailed Srixon Z Star XV 5 review for you.

The reformulated design of this ball comes with an inner core that is extremely resilient. The 4-piece balls are made from urethane material to deliver unparalleled technology that comes with an amazing feel to help golfers take their game to a whole new level. This is why Srixon says it is the best ball in the Z-star series.

Technology Used in Srixon Z Star XV 5

Srixon Z Star XV 5 golf balls are made using the new FastLayer Core technology. This technology allows the ball to start soft from the center allowing the edge to firm up gradually to give golfers a better score result. It is designed for high-speed golfers that want an incredible feel with great ball speeds for the greatest distance.

The Z-star uses the 4th Generation Spin Skin technology alongside the Sling-Ring material (SeRM) with a urethane material that ensures that every part of the ball is well covered with coating. This makes it the very first golf ball to be made with SeRM. The coating gives the ball an extraordinary shearing force that doesn’t break the molecular bonds of the ball.

The Key Technology of the Srixon Z STAR XV 5 Golf Ball

1. The SeRM With Spin Skin Technology

The Z Star XV 5 ball is designed with an extremely soft urethane cover. It features both the SeRM and Spin Skin technology that gives the ball a long-lasting coating that allows for increased molecular bonds. This makes the ball nudge deep into the golf’s iron grooves and wedges for great spin and better control with unprecedented stopping power.

2. 338 Speed Dimple Pattern Technology

The new 338 Speed Dimple Pattern technology is another excellent technology that makes the Srixon Z STAR XV 5 golf ball stand out. This technology makes the ball minimize dragging which helps in greater distance coverage when in flight.

3. FastLayer Core Technology

The ball starts by being soft from the center and gets firm gradually from the edge. This helps to increase the speed of the ball for the most distance. It has a newly invented inner core that improves the resilience of the ball for increased speed.

Which One is Better: Z Star or Z Star XV 5? Check Out Srixon Z Star XV 5 Review

The Z Star and Z Star XV 5 were both updated in 2021. They were reformulated for high performance at exceptional price points. While the Z-Star is a 3-piece ball with increased spin, the Z-Star XV 5 is a 4-piece version with more speed. The two balls are fast, soft and responsive. These balls share a lot of similarities. They have a great feel, excellent control and perfect flight.

When it comes to performance, there is not much difference between the Z-Star and Z-Star XV 5. Where you can find a clear distinction is in the area of the range. While the Z-Star is designed for mid-range; the Z Star XV 5 is perfect for high-range.

The dimple patterns of the two balls are still 338 dimples, but they have been updated to be a little bit deeper. This helps the ball to be consistent even in breezy conditions.

The Z-Star urethane cover is thin and a bit thicker for a better greenside spin while the XV 5 has reformulated inner and middle cores for better ball speed. The thickness of the XV has not changed. It still maintains the 0.5 millimeters measurement but there is only an update in core for improved ball speed. Its lower spinning and higher compression make it perfect for players that love speed. The Z-Star maintains its higher spinning and soft-feeling for players that love the spins of the ball.

The point about which ball to choose will depend on your preference. If you are a player who likes speed and distance, the Z-Star XV is the ball for you. The ball can nudge deep into the golf wedge for enhanced friction to give any golf player a lot of control with great stopping power every time you strike a shot. The Z Star XV 5 ball is built for you if you want the perfect shot.

But, if you want your ball to spin at the expense of speed, go for the Z-Star ball.


Question: Should I play Srixon Z Star or XV 5?

Answer: It is just a matter of choice. If you want high-speed ball movement, you can go for Z Star XV 5 but if you want a ball with a mid-range, you can go for the Z-Star. The Z-Star spins a lot while the XV doesn’t spin as much.

Question: Who plays Srixon Z Star XV 5?

Answer: The Z Star XV 5 is for players who love speed and want more control.

Question: What spins more Z star or Z Star XV 5?

Answer: The Z-Star spins better than the Z-Star XV 5.

Question: Which Srixon ball is the best?

Answer: Srixon has confirmed that the Z-Star XV 5 is their best ball ever when it comes to distance. The ball helps you to cover more distance with better greenside control. It is built with ultimate performance in mind.

Question: Which of the Srixon balls is the longest?

Answer: Distance is pushed to the limit with the Z-Star XV 5. It is the right ball for players with speed swings. This is the longest ball you can find anywhere on the market.


No matter what you want in a golf ball, the Z Star XV 5 fits the bill perfectly. The ball moves with a deserved speed that any professional player craves. After the detailed Srixon Z Star XV 5 review, all we can say that it comes with a nice flight, exceptional control and a great soft feel. The Z Star XV 5 is the new gamer for lovers of golf and Srixon describes it as the best ball in the Z Star series. If you want to know how good this golf ball is, you need to go out there and give it your first shot.

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