Titleist Nxt Tour Vs Pro V1: Full Comparison & Review 2022

There are different factors in the golf ball game and choosing the right combination of ball types can really change your ultimate outcome. Many suggest, if you are an amateur, go for second-hand balls and if you are a pro, go for high-end balls that have the best distance, feel, control, and spin rate.

Well, that is a piece of very good advice honestly. Here, we are making it easy for you to compare the Titleist NXT Tour vs Pro V1 golf ball so that you can experience the best game according to your player type.

Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAA Golf Balls

Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAA Golf Balls are the best for you if you are a new player. It has all the great features that will help you to get comfortable in the green. These golf balls are rated 5 A. So if you are a golf enthusiast, you are familiar with the fact that 5A means these are the best golf balls out there.

But one should keep in mind that these balls are already used, hence I mentioned that, it is the best for you if you are new to this game. Losing a golf ball is a huge mental pressure as these balls are very expensive.

Therefore, if you are practicing your game with a cheaper set of used balls it will take off the mental stress during the game and you will be able to focus on the game properly. During the comparison of Titleist NXT Tour vs Pro V1, one might think that used, second-hand balls are not so good, but they will be wrong.

Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAA Golf Balls have the best features which make them 5A grade golf balls. When you open the pack of the balls, it might look a bit worn off as they are used, but you can be 100 percent assured that you have the most quality product.


  • Very cheap in price
  • Can be used by everyone
  • Perfect for practicing the game


  • Less durability
  • Low drive spin rate and backspin
  • It will not help in pro-level game

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Reviews

These types of balls are unique in their own way. These golf balls are the first choice of many golfers. For certain reasons, they prefer this type of ball.

One of them is the quality of the Low Long Game Spin and the penetration trajectory of the golf ball.

Some high-quality balls, such as Titleist Pro V1, are available as alternative versions, with less spin for players who prefer a stronger feel and less teething. Try two types from tees to greens to find your preference, and you will find that Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are the best on this standard.

The second benefit of these branded balls is that these golf balls use new aerodynamics, cover, shell,` and core technology. These dramatic production improvements are designed to help all golfers lower their scores.

Every element of the Titleist 2021 Pro V1 ball has been precisely designed to fit together to provide first-class performance and ultimate stability for every player’s every shot. The new Titleist Pro V1 has longer distance resistance, higher trajectory, and long and low game spin. It also adds Drop and Stop control on the green and a smoother feel when playing.

In addition, these golf balls have 4 sleeves, 3 each, numbered 1 to 4. This is the first choice of most players in the world.


  • Professional level balls
  • Have the best durability
  • Perfect for highest backspin, carry distance, and height


  • Costly for commoners
  • Not everyone can control the speed
  • Feels rigid on the green

Titleist NXT Tour vs Pro V1

For the comparison, let us start with the outer look first. As the name suggests, Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAA Golf Balls are yellow in color. Titleist Pro V1 is white in color. The first kind is easier to locate while you are playing.

Next, the 1st kind is suitable for players who are new and practicing a lot. It is a pack of second-hand balls, so losing it will not matter to the player. Also, these are top-rated golf balls that will give a smooth beginning to the new player. For the second kind, it is more of a suitable ball for a more mature player.

Players who are playing for a long time and are looking for professional features, go for this specific kind. The 388 tetrahedral dimple design of the outer case helps more for this preference. It helps golfers to use the distance while providing penetration for a consistent flight.

For a clearer comparison, see the table below:

Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAATitleist Pro V1
Outer layer dual-core makes them last longerHigh-flex, solid core casing gives a softer feeling
For payers with a low carry distance of 230YDSFor players with a higher carry distance of 278 YDS
From beginners to professionals everyone prefers this ballThis is for the professional players
Gives a smooth and stable feeling because it is used before388 tetrahedral dimple design gives stability for fast swingers
Less durability than Titleist Pro V1More durability, best in the market
Have less control on the greenPerfect grip on the green for highest control
It is cheaper as this is second handCostly pro-level balls
Very bright, easy to spot yellow in colorNice and stylish white in color

Frequently Asked Questionss

Question: The cheapest golf balls in best quality?

Answer: Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAA is the cheapest among the above 2 compared.

Question: What are the best golf balls? Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAA or the Pro V1?

Answer: From the qualities considered, Pro V1 is the best golf ball among these two.

Question: How many balls are in a box of Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAA and the Titleist Pro V1?

Answer: Both types have a dozen packs, meaning you can buy 12 together

Question: What are the main differences between Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAA and Titleist Pro V1?

Answer: The main differences are in ball speed, backspin, and carrying distance. You should keep in mind that the Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow AAAAA balls are used golf balls

Final Words

Golf is an essential part of any golfer’s life. It is important for fast swing players to use modern golf balls like Titleist NXT Tour. Both the Titleist NXT Tour and Pro V1 golf balls have many improved features. If you plan to play a game, hope this article will help you decide which one to choose. So keep visiting our website for more information on these two types of balls.

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