Vice Pro Plus vs Titleist Pro V1:Which is Better for 2022

Golf balls are an essential part of any golfer’s life. It is important that players with high swing speed use a modern golf ball like Vice Pro Plus. The types of golf balls we will compare today are Vice Pro Plus vs Pro V1. Both vice pro plus and Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls have plenty of upgraded features. This will help you to decide which one to choose if you are planning on acing the game. So stay tuned to know more about these two types of ball.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Reviews 2022

These synthetic golf balls claim to be the best in the marketplace. They have their valid reason for that as well. Vice pro plus series says that they are making their balls with 4 pieces of cast urethane cover. These types of materials are used for a long time to make golf balls and they are for obvious reasons. There are two types of urethanes used. Thermoplastic and Cast Thermoset.

Let us know about these Cast Thermosets first. Golf balls made using this type of material create a comparatively less thick cover for the balls. This is also the reason for the ball to have a very softcover. For all these qualities the ball cover becomes very durable. As we need to hit hard the ball often, it has to be of a durable cover. It also enhances the performance of the ball.

On the other hand, Thermoplastic urethane material provides harder covers for the balls than the first one. It can be said that the Thermoset could be a 2 half ester chemical process similar in conception to epoxy, whereas thermoplastic is one-half plastic that gets fusible and injection shaped whereas liquid.

Another feature of these balls is that it is optimized for covering a longer distance. And as we are talking about the game of golf, we all know how important this feature is. If you want to record the pitch at the lowest and keep your game strong, having this feature in your ball is a must. More long-distance coverage means fewer shots and that is what you need.

You also need to keep in mind that your golf ball stays on the track you are playing. It helps you to aim for the hole. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls have excellent green grabbing control, that is why it stays in the path while playing the game and helps you win.

Last but not least feature is the 336 dimple design. The number of dimples is optimized to attenuate dispersion and supply a stable ball flight mechanical phenomenon. This helps to stay the ball straight even once taking part in the wind and facilitates ball management off the clubface.

This is the first phase of Vice Pro Plus vs Pro V1 comparison, more onwards.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Reviews 2022

These types of balls are unique in their own way. These types of golf balls are the number 1 choice for a lot of golfers. They prefer this type of ball for a particular reason. One of them is the quality of Low Long Game Spin and the Penetrating Trajectory of the golf ball.

A few of the premium balls, just like the Titleist Pro V1 are available alternative versions, which spin slightly less for players preferring a firmer feel, and fewer bear the tee. Try both types from tee to green to seek out your preference and you will find that Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls are the best in these criteria.

The second good thing about these brand balls is that these Golf Balls feature new aerodynamic, cover, outer layer, and core-middle technologies, and these dramatic production improvements are designed to assist all golfers to have lower scores.

Each element of the Titleist 2021 Pro V1 ball is precisely designed to figure together delivering top-notch performance and extreme consistency for each player on all of the shots. New Titleist Pro V1 features longer distance endurance, high trajectory, low long game spin, it also increases Drop-and-Stop greenside control and a softer feel while playing.

Also, these golf balls come in 4 sleeves of 3 with numbers 1-4. Which is preferred by most of the players around the world.

Vice Pro Plus vs Pro V1

Now with the details from both the brands you can compare which is better for you. Vice Pro Plus vs Pro V1 debate has been a long one among the pro golfers. Both have strong and valid reasons to support their preferred brand.

If we still are to compare, then we can look at the table below-

Golf BallBall SpeedBackspinHeightCarry Distance
Vice Pro Plus168.1 MPH2597 RMP34 YDS285 YDS
Titleist Pro V1166.4 MPH2531 RMP28 YDS278 YDS

From the comparison of Vice Pro Plus vs Pro V1 above, we can conclude that the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls are better than the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls.


Question: Which one is the cheapest golf ball of the best quality between Vice Pro Plus and the Pro V1?

Answer: Titleist Pro V1 is the cheapest among the above 2 compared.

Question: What are the best golf balls- Vice Pro Plus or the Pro V1?

Answer: From the qualities considered, Vice Pro Plus is the best golf ball among these two.

Question: How many balls are in a box of Vice Pro Plus and the Pro V1?

Answer: Both types have a dozen packs, meaning you can buy 12 together

Question: What are the main differences between Pro V1 and Pro V1X?

Answer: The main differences are in ball speed, backspin, and carrying distance.

Final Thoughts

In the comparison of Vice Pro Plus vs Pro V1, we see that both golf balls have pros and cons. We suggest that the vice pro plus is the best, based on our analysis. It has better materials while considering its structure. Excellent (S2TG) technology for green grabbing control, backspin, and carrying distance, and it is chosen by all kinds of players-long hitters, amateurs who play for just fun, players with high swing speeds, young club professionals.

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