Vice Pro vs Vice Pro Plus: Comparison and Which is Best 2022?

Vice is a German-based golf accessories company mainly focusing on premium golf balls at an affordable price. The company is still quite new in the industry, soon to be a decade-old brand. Golfers around the world are yet to know about Vice but they are slowly making their mark in the industry with their quality service.

Vice sells only 5 types of golf balls to ensure continuous improvement on their products. In this article, we are going to compare two of Vice’s golf balls. Vice pro vs Vice pro plus. Firstly, we are going to highlight the features of each golf ball and compare Vice pro vs Vice pro plus

About Vice Brands

Vice balls are still fairly unknown to many golfers, despite the fact that they first appeared on the market in the United States in 2015.

Vice appears to be intent on making a reputation for itself through a two-pronged strategy. The first has a limited quantity, and the second is selling directly to the public.

Vice creates five distinct balls. It claims that it intends to limit the number of balls available so that each can receive unique attention in terms of design and manufacture. This makes great sense for a small business like Vice.

And it appears to be effective. All of the vice balls appear to be of great quality.

The other strategy is to sell directly to the general population. Vice believes it can reduce the price of its premium balls. That could have been a difficult task decades ago. However, given the widespread acceptance of the internet marketplace, this appears to be a viable option as well.

Vice Pro Golf Balls

Designed for amateur and professional golfers with driver clubhead speeds ranging from 95 to 110 mph who want to maximize carry distance off the tee while keeping maximum spin and feel around the green of the wedge. The new Vice PRO has an improved KIL-putting line for improved visual awareness of alignment when addressing the ball.

The extra-long, highly visible “Keep In Line” (KIL) putting line with sharp edges was created in partnership with amateurs and teaching experts to meet the most stringent putting and alignment requirements.

  • Vice Pro has a cast urethane cover which produces the best product for maximum performance, increased feel, and high spin rates around the green.
  • Strong durability due to the strong polymer chains in the urethane cover.
  • The Vice Pro’s 318 dimple design provides a steady trajectory, especially in windy weather.
  • The Vice Pro is a significantly less expensive premium golf ball with features equivalent to the Titleist Pro V1.
  • The new Vice PRO exceeds the Titleist Pro V1 on ball speed (159.4 mph vs. 158.5 mph) and travels further when tested with a driver swinging at 108.8 mph.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

The new four-piece cast urethane set Vice PRO PLUS is intended for advanced players who have faster swing rates. The premium golf ball is used by many of the world’s best amateurs and professionals. Vice PRO PLUS players place a premium on a soft feel, long-distance, and maximum spin around the green.

The new Vice PRO-PLUS has an improved KIL-putting line for improved visual perception of alignment when addressing the ball. The extra-long, highly visible “Keep In Line” (KIL) putting line with sharp edges was created in partnership with amateurs and teaching experts to meet the most exact putting and alignment requirements.

  • The extra-thin 336 dimple cast urethane coating provides a grippy and controlled feel of the wedge. Golfers will get greater spin around the green.
  • Vice PRO PLUS produced previously unheard-of distance off the tee with tremendous ball speed while maintaining very low driver spin and high, yet manageable wedge spin.
  • The number of swings used to evaluate impact durability during the test has been increased by 25% to allow for a greater lifetime.
  • The Vice Pro Plus cover has a BJ13 coating, which makes the cover UV resistant, ensuring that your Vice Pro Plus golf ball stays white for several rounds.
  • Because of its great energy absorption, the Vice Pro Plus’s big core guarantees an extremely soft feel.

Detailed Comparison: Vice Pro vs Vice Pro Plus


The Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus are both intended to maximize distance. Both of these golf balls are built with a High Energy Speed Core (HESC). This core design absorbs energy at contact, resulting in a faster ball. Distance is difficult to choose a winner in this contest, but the dual casing incorporated in the design of the Vice Pro Plus provides it with that extra edge to assure a couple of extra yards, particularly off the tee.


When it comes to golf balls, people want durability. Golf balls are more than simply a requirement; they represent an investment in your game. The Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus golf balls include a long-lasting Urethane cover technology. Both of these golf balls have a BJ13 coating on the urethane cover system, which makes the cover UV resistant and ensures that your golf balls retain their pearl white appearance for numerous rounds.

Control on Green

The Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus are both premium golf balls with an exceptionally soft feel, as one would expect from a premium golf ball.

The Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus both include a soft urethane cover system for a soft sensation at contact. The HESC core, with its energy-absorbing properties, is used in both the Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus golf balls, ensuring that both golf balls have a remarkable soft feel at impact.

In terms of feel, it’s impossible to pick a victor between these two golf balls; both the Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus are difficult to beat.


Question: Are these golf balls good for low handicap players with a swing speed of 90+?

Answer: Yes. You will receive a nice reaction from the clubface.

What is the number of dimples on the Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus?

Answer: The Vice Pro cover system has 318 dimples, whereas the Vice Pro Plus has 336 dimples. The larger dimples in the Vice Pro’s dimple design improve a steady trajectory, which is especially noticeable while playing in windy circumstances.

What is the distinction between the Vice Pro and the Vice Pro Plus?

Answer: The Vice Pro has a three-piece design, whereas the Vice Pro Plus has a four-piece construction. Both golf balls provide tremendous distance while being exceptionally soft. The bigger dimples on the Vice Pro support a steady trajectory, but the smaller dimples on the Vice Pro Plus promote a lower launching penetrating ball flight.

Why are Vice golf balls so cheap?

Answer: Vice golf balls are reasonably priced due to their direct-to-consumer method. Vice exclusively sells golf balls online, which removes the need for third-party sellers. Vice also encourages bulk purchases; if you buy more than 5 dozen at a once, the price per dozen reduces by around $10.


The Vice Pro and Pro Plus are both high-quality golf balls. They may not be as good as Titleist’s ProV1 in terms of overall performance, but they are also less costly.

With their mix of performance and pricing, these balls both provide a lot of value.

Where are these balls likely to fall short? First and foremost, there have been issues concerning the durability of the product. These are not common, yet they occur frequently enough to cause worry. Nonetheless, you have a good probability of obtaining well-made balls.

The second aspect is customer service. Cutting away the middleman may cut the price slightly, but it also means that when issues emerge, it’s all on Vice. That might be difficult for a small business to manage. Being tiny, on the other hand, allows it to be more agile in its decision-making.

The slightly more sophisticated design of the Vice Pro Plus wins it a tiny victory in this closely contested match. Give both of these golf balls a shot; you could well discover a new favorite golf ball at a fraction of the price you’re used to paying.

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