What Kind of Battery Does A Yamaha Golf Cart Take?

Yamaha is a leading golf cart producer in the world that offers a wide range of options and accessories for suitable fits to the golf cart. The exclusive patented suspension system of the cart by Yamaha provides a smooth ride even on rough terrain. Yamaha golf cart takes a limited version of golf cart battery for its carts. Now, the question is what kind of battery does a Yamaha golf cart take?

Let us come to the main point Yamaha has been using the traditional OEM equipment and lead-acid battery sets since the very beginning. The OEM battery they use is under the brand name: Trojan Golf Cart batteries. However, from 2017 forward, they are using lithium-ion batteries because of multiple benefits.

About Yamaha Company

Yamaha entered the golf cart industry around 1975. It is now one of the leading brands and trusted names in the golf cart industry for producing high-quality products. Along with excellent performance, Yamaha promises to provide durability. Yamaha has a wide range of budget options for different products to fit in.

It is popular over other brands because of its spacious interiors and plenty of storage options. They have focused their design on comfort and convenience. That is why a lot of users all over the world use their products.

Details On What Kind Of Battery Does A Yamaha Golf Cart Take?

Yamaha takes lead-acid battery sets of traditional OEM equipment under the brand name Trojan Golf Cart Batteries. Nevertheless, now they also offer lithium-ion batteries that come in different voltages. There are 6V, 8V, and 12V batteries available for Yamaha golf carts.

How Many Batteries Does A Yamaha Golf Cart Take?

In a 48V golf cart, Yamaha takes four 12V batteries in place of six 8V batteries, and in a 36V golf cart, it takes six 6V batteries.

How Does A Yamaha Golf Cart Charge The Battery?

The detailed charging procedures and required charging items for the Yamaha golf cart are described in this part.

The Required Items:

Below are the items required for charging the battery:

  • DC output plug
  • Battery charger rated for use and a well-ventilated area.

The Procedures:

  • Before charging, the ignition key must be turned off and removed.
  • The battery charger has to be placed on a solid level-fireproof surface that is well-ventilated. The charger requires to be plugged into a three-prong electrical outlet and the DC outlet cord is attached to the charger.
  • The positive and the negative connectors are attached to respective color-coded nodes depending on the charger model.
  • The DC outlet cord is removed after being fully charged.
  • The battery charger automatically turns itself off to avoid overcharging.

How Do You Test a Yamaha Golf cart Battery Charger?

Chargers are the most essential part of batteries. So, for the maintenance of batteries, the charger needs to be tested. One of the ways to test a charger is to watch if the batteries are being charged properly. The batteries won’t charge if the charger is not original. The indicator in the charger will indicate if the batteries are being charged up or discharged.

Followed by disconnection, batteries can be tested by connecting one end to the charger car and attaching the other to each terminal on different sides of the dead battery and reconnecting to the original cables. Also, a multimeter can be used to test the voltage associated with the charger.

How to Add Water to Yamaha Golf Cart Batteries?

The battery plates require to be dipped in electrolyte and sulfuric acid solution for a chemical reaction to occur which delivers voltage to the cart. Discharged batteries consume electrolytes dropping the water level and the evaporated water is a normal part of a deep cycle battery. During summer or in hot temperatures, water levels become low without the battery being discharged.

Low water levels expose battery plates to air which causes them to dry out resulting in a condition called sulfation. Sulfation leads to automatic battery discharge turning them to be useless. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that batteries should not be refilled unnecessarily every time the water level is low.

Refilling might result in overflow and leak of battery acid everywhere and cause erosion. Again, discharged batteries should not be watered. Distilled water has to be used for batteries since it is free of any contaminants that can harm the battery.

A fully charged battery should be checked for water levels if the plates are covered or exposed. Water requires to be added only if the plates are exposed through a funnel or directly from the bottle. Water should be filled to cover the exposed plates and below the vent and should not be overflowed which can be harmful to the battery and the golf cart.

How to Install Battery Meter On Yamaha Golf Cart?

A battery meter is added for reading the charge state level of the battery bank which could both be analogue and digital and come in square or round shape. It indicates the voltage level, time to recharge, and visual confirmation of batteries being charged. Here are the steps to follow to install a battery meter on a Yamaha golf cart:

  • Firstly, a place has to be selected for mounting the meter and it has to be cut out according to the shape of the meter. Electric fires and fiberglass are not to be mixed for preventing shorts and arcing while working.
  • Using the drill and other cutting tools, the dashboard is cut and the signal wire is attached to the key switch from where you can access the positive and negative terminals.
  • A professional connection is established between the switch and battery through a lug connector on the terminating end of the wire.
  • Connecting the charge meter to the key switch, it should be turned on to check if the battery level is shown in the meter.
  • If it does, it’s time to put all components back into the dashboard and mount the charger meter.

How to Replace Yamaha Golf Cart Batteries?

  • The first step to changing the batteries is to take pictures otherwise there’s every possibility of forgetting the wiring.
  • Cleaning is required followed by disconnection and breaks in cables need to be checked.
  • Next, the batteries are to be removed using handy battery straps.
  • After removing the batteries, the battery hold needs to be cleaned and dried out.
  • Then, new golf cart batteries are placed in respective slots and hooked up with the cables. Finally, all the functionality has to be appropriately checked.


We believe we must have been able to provide a brief idea about what kind of battery a Yamaha golf cart takes, how to install the battery meter, the replacement of batteries, the charger, and other small details that might be helpful to you. Though Yamaha used lead-acid batteries earlier, the company is now taking lithium-ion batteries for its golf carts.

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