What to Do with Old Golf Balls? Best Uses for Old Golf Balls

Now that your golf balls have worn out, have you considered what to do with old golf balls? Golf balls may wear out over time, but they are extremely tough. But that doesn’t mean they can last forever. Your old golf balls are not completely hopeless. You might be surprised to know that there are professional online companies that only rescue and sell used golf balls. We have lined up some suggestions for you so you can find out what you can do with old golf balls.

Are Old Golf Balls Still Good?

The modern golf ball is pretty impressive and sturdy. The high speeds, the sometimes unpredictable field of a golf court, and the misplaced shot are resisted. Unless it is stored in harsh circumstances, such as extreme cold or heat, a golf ball may last years in your bag or stored on the shelf.

Not every golf ball is equal and various factors affect durability. There are a number of simple tests that can be done at home to see whether your old golf ball is still fine. We will list three of them below:

Look for Chips On the Surface

This one is simple but effective. You have to check if the surface of the ball is chipped. Any splits or major breaks in the cover would be visible, but you would need to look a little deeper. You will know it’s chipped if you see scratches along the dimple peaks.

When your club makes contact with the ball, especially when the club is wet, the dimple’s peaks may get chipped. These can completely negate the compression rating. If you find any of these, test the ball to be sure, then toss it in the garbage.

Perform a Bounce Test

Bounce a new golf ball and an old golf ball side by side. You can do so on any hard surface that will send the ball back and forth. Check the movement of balls. The newer ones may be bouncing further since it has never been used before, but the older golf ball shouldn’t be too far behind. If they both bounce at nearly the same height, your older golf ball should be all right.

Listen for an Audible Pang

Please note that steel acoustics are different indoors than outdoors on a ball cover. Hit the ball with your driver. Do you remember the audible pang sound of a new ball, which is so crisp and clear? You should be able to hear that sound if the ball is in good condition. The sound is the vibration rattling across the layers of your golf ball and then finally hitting the cover.

If this sound cannot be heard, it means that there is a microfracture on the surface of the ball. You can’t seal the crack at that point. When the cover is cracked, it is rendered completely useless to you.

What to Do with Old Golf Balls?

If your old golf doesn’t pass the tests, there are a few things you can do with them besides chucking them in the garbage. Look below to gather some ideas about what could be done with them:

Sell Used Golf Balls

There are numerous ways to sell used-good golf balls, with online websites being the most common. Many companies recycle old golf balls all over the world, so start looking for keywords like “recycling factory.” If you are unable to travel to their location, some manufacturers will even come to your home to pick up recycle balls. You can make an appointment at their websites.

Instead of selling these balls, consider making a donation to school clubs or non-profit organizations. Those organizations are grateful for your contribution. Those organizations also require golf balls for amateur use, which is acceptable even if the balls are a little worn. But don’t donate balls that are well past the point of being usable. Only donate balls that still have some usability.

Make Crafts Out of Golf Balls

Golf balls can be used in arts and crafts due to their small, compact design and lightweight nature. Vertically or horizontally gluing the balls together can create different shapes. Furthermore, because golf balls are white, you can quickly draw and decorate them. Golf balls serve as a canvas for the children to express their creativity. This is golf balls recycling rather than throwing them away to end up in a landfill.

Repurpose Them as a Massager

It may appear to be a strange idea, but it is feasible. Golf balls are similar in size to hot stone massage stones and are rounded. When pressed against the human body, they can give you a similar weight and feel. As a result, golf balls can be reused as massagers. Before you can use them as massage stones you need to carefully sterilize the golf balls. They are not sanitary if you don’t spend enough time cleaning the used balls.

Afterward, put them on the ground or a flat surface. Then cover them with a clean towel. Then lie on it with your back to it. You may need to move around a little to feel a rolling or massaging sensation. This way you can repurpose your old golf balls as a massager. You can repeat the procedure for other body parts.

How to Clean Old Golf Balls?

Cleaning golf balls is an important part of ensuring that all of your equipment performs optimally during each round of golf that you play. Let’s go over the best way to clean a golf ball so that the next time you pull one out of your bag, it’s a clean one!

Step 1 – Fill a small bucket halfway with hot water mixed with some dish soap. Then add the golf balls and soak them in.

Step 2 – Soak the balls in this hot, soapy mixture for at least half an hour. A large quantity of dirt and surface stains are removed from the ball by this point.

Step 3 – Take each ball and scrub it with the bristle brush one at a time. Make sure that the bristles are nylon. You will damage the outer core of the golf ball if you use a wire brush.

Step 4 – Empty the bucket of water and then give the balls and the bucket a quick rinse to remove any soap or particles that accumulated while they were soaking.

Step 5 – Fill your bucket halfway with hot water again and add half a cup of bleach. Allow the balls to soak in the bucket for about a half-hour again. Soaking the balls in bleach will not only remove any discoloration but will also sterilize the balls, eradicating any fungus or algae.
Your golf balls should be as good as new after this thorough cleaning.

How to Dispose of Old Golf Balls?

If you want to dispose of your old golf balls, you can either sell them or recycle them. We have already discussed some methods above. Donating to those who need new golf equipment is always a good way to dispose of old golf balls. You can also sell them to thrift stores, apart from the refurbishers and golf ball restoration agencies. And if you are a creative person then you can easily use your old golf balls in your next craft project!

How Much Distance Do You Lose with Old Golf Balls?

You can lose between five yards minimum and twenty-five yards maximum, depending on the condition of your golf ball. The average used golf ball has been in the water for approximately 3 months over the course of its lifetime. If a golf ball sits in the ball for twelve hours, the ball’s exterior layer is permeated by water.

If the golf ball is exposed to water for an extended period, it may sustain permanent damage. A decrease in driving distance will be the principal effect. Your typical golf balls should last for many years unless they are stored in extremely cold or hot temperatures, are scuffed, or are water-logged. So make sure you store them properly.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous ways to reuse used golf balls, ranging from recycling them to donating them. Remember that golf balls may be built tough but they will deteriorate without proper care. After reading this article, you should have some ideas about what to do with old golf balls. Visit us again to more about golf balls!

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