Where are Titleist Golf Balls Made?

Titleist has its reputation for being the number one golf ball brand because of its excellent performance and outlook along with its supreme quality. They are best in the business of golf balls. After knowing such information, are you being curious about where are Titleist golf balls made? If you don’t know Titleist’s reign in the golf world then here is where you should start.

Each component of this golf ball was assembled with extreme accuracy. Thus is the finesse. However, you will find six different types of Titleist golf balls to choose from depending on the criteria you want. In the later part of this article, let us talk about different types of Titleist golf balls in a bit more detail.

What are the Different Types of Titleist Golf Balls?

You already know that there are 6 different types of Titleist golf balls in the market. The main types are Titleist Pro V1, Titleist Pro V1x, Titleist Tour Soft, Titleist AVX, Titleist Velocity and Titleist TruFeel. A short description about all the different types of Titleist golf ball are given below:

Titleist Pro V1

Golfers who want a good score with good distance coverage and constant flight should definitely opt for this one. Also, the minimum long game spin and soft feel is an added bonus to Titleist Pro V1.

Titleist Pro V1x

It covers immense horizontal distance and high trajectory along with constant flight with a soft feel.

Titleist AVX

This is more of a premium product that has huge distance coverage and trajectory with a much preferred soft feel.

Titleist Tour Soft

This focuses on better feel and performance for the specific requirement of the golfers.

Titleist Velocity

This is designed with minimum spin to cover the highest horizontal distance.

Titleist TruFeel

This too is the softest with a minimum spin for maximum horizontal distance coverage.

Are Titleist Golf Balls Made in the USA?

The beginning of Titleist was just from a random game of golf by Philip E.Young, founder of Titleist, who graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While playing the game with his dentist friend he was very disappointed with the performance of the golf ball he was using. His friend suggested that they do an X-ray to figure out what the agent was weighing the golf ball down.

They later found out that the core made of rubber has deviated from the center which caused the shot inconsistency. This triggered Young to figure out a new design that will enhance shot consistency and better performance. By going through this, we have got the answer to “Where are Titleist golf balls made?”

Where are Titleist Golf Balls Made?

For over a half-century, Titleist golf balls were manufactured in New Bedford, Massachusetts in the United States of America. They have highly experienced workers who are highly skilled in making these extraordinary golf balls. The standardization of testing each type of Titleist ball is done with much scrutiny and precaution.

For example, Pro V1 can go for almost 100 quality checks whereas Pro V1X goes over 100 quality testing before finalizing the product to release it to the market.

How Many Dimples are There on a Titleist Golf Ball?

Most golf balls have dimples within the range of 320 to 350. Among the Titleist golf balls, the Titleist Pro V1 ball has 352 dimples. However, the Pro V1X golf ball has 328 dimples. In Pro V1 the more the dimple count and its 3 piece system gives it a softer finish, enhancing the game by providing high vertical coverage.

On the other hand, Pro V1X has fewer dimples than Pro V1 which gives it a rigid finish and less vertical coverage and spin so that more horizontal distance can be covered. Titleist designed ProV1X to prevent the ball from spinning more and lower its swing speeds.

Fewer dimples mean it is for players who have a swing speed higher than 105 mph and they can cover the highest distance because of the energy released during the onset of the golf ball. So a player who doesn’t have much swing speed should avoid using ProV1X.

It is said that a golf ball without dimples will travel half the distance compared to a golf ball with dimples even if it was shot by a professional. The fluid forces such as lift and drag are dependent on the depth of the dimple. Even a little change causes a significant change in the ball’s trajectory and overall distance coverage.


Question: Are Kirkland golf balls made by Titleist?

Answer: The answer is no, the Kirkland golf balls are produced in China by Qingdao SM Parker. Titleist is the premium golf balls, which have the highest number of dimples, which ensures smooth and consistent performance in comparison to Kirkland golf balls.

Question: Are Titleist golf balls or Callaway golf balls better?

Answer: Titleist golf balls are usually premium and are dominant for the tour and its balls are ranking number 1 among the golfers. The Callaway golf balls hold the 2nd position in terms of selling the golf balls, but it is still far behind Titleist.

Question: How long do Titleist golf balls last?

Answer: The Titleist golf balls have a shelf-life of 5 years or more if the balls are kept in a moderate condition. Extreme heat or cold will decrease its performance the older balls will bounce less in comparison to the newer ones.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you all are now well aware of your questions “where are Titleist golf balls made”. You have also come to know about its different versions. No matter which one you choose, you should keep in mind when you are looking for a golf ball that you should look out for feel and performance because that sorts out everything more than the rest.

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