Which City Has an Airport With a Golf Course Between Runways?

There is no shortage of eccentric golf courses around the world. This pop-up just where you least expect it. These bizarre tourists and golf lovers are alike something to look forward to. One such golf course is the one between two runways. The golf course is popular among tourists and locals alike. Today we will share with you which city has an airport with a golf course between runways and what else is there to know about it? So, let’s get started.

Which City Has an Airport with A Golf Course Between Runways?

So, you want to know which city has an airport with a golf course between runways. This might come up in trivia and you will be fully prepared to answer then. Or maybe you just heard it but you don’t know where it is. Without further suspense, the city that has an airport with a golf course between the runways is Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand.

The airport is called Don Mueang International Airport Bangkok and it’s the home to the famous Katarat Golf Course. The golf course is located between two runways and the teeing point is just 20 yards away from the passenger aircraft. The 18-hole course is a narrow strip within Don Mueang, one of the world’s busiest international airports.

Playing golf on the Katarat Golf course is a thrilling experience. One wrong swing can hit a passenger plane on its way out, but proper precautions are taken to keep both the players and the passengers safe. If you love to geek out about planes but also love to play golf, the Katarat Golf Course is the place for you.

And since it’s a public golf course, anyone can join in on the fun for a low fee. Katarat golf course is popular among the local golf players because of the cheap fee as well as among the tourists passing through.

Of course, since the golf course is inside the airport, every player must go through proper security checks. This even involves checking the golf bags for possible explosives! The authorities do their best to make sure the golfers enjoy their game in a safe environment and there aren’t any unwanted accidents.

The all-season golf course ranks third among the top ten golf courses in the world. Passengers who want tee can do it all year round. All the other services that you expect from a golf course are also available. The benefits include rental services for carts, clubs, caddies, etc. for your convenience.

Now let’s find out more about the airport that hosts this amazing golf course. Don Mueang Airport officially began operating in 1914. It is home to the Royal Thai Air Force and one of the main commercial airport hubs in Asia. In a typical year, the airport registers over a million passengers passing through their commercial flights.

It is a busy place and the golf course only adds to the attraction. Bangkok has a hefty amount of air traffic each air the golf course offers the travelers a place to relax. Someone can go to the golf course easily and play a few rounds of golf while they wait for their next plane to land.

And after they board, they can watch the games even during take-off! So the Katarat Golf Course certainly has a lot to add to the typical routine of the airport.

The golf course wasn’t always a good addition to the airport of course. The airport made several improvements to its safety following the red flag given by the International Civil Aviation Organization in 2015. The course has no isolation from the runway, and the only thing that holds people back is the red light that alerts the players to the approaching aircraft.

The Katarat Golf Course, designed in 1956, has no fairways. This means that the only obstacle for the players is a passenger jet on the runway. But the safety improvements certainly make it safer than it was in the past.

Playing at the Katarat Golf Course is a thrill for many players. Players have to play amidst planes constantly taking off and landing, and they also have to deal with the noise and the danger that comes with it. This airport is the only place in the world where you can play golf while you watch a passenger plane land or take off.

There’s no question that the view is spectacular, but the excitement might put you in trouble if you’re not too careful. So be sure to keep yourself safe if you are planning on playing there on your next visit!


Katarat golf course is certainly an interesting place for golfers. It adds a lot to the charm of Bangkok and it certainly a good place for businessmen to relax if they are there for work. But the golf course is open to the public for anyone to enjoy.

So, keep it on your radar if you want to spice up your golf games and enjoy them on a different level. The Don Mueang International Airport Bangkok is the place to go for an exciting game of golf between runways!

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