Which Vice Golf Ball is Like Pro V1?

“Which Vice golf ball is like Pro V1?”, as a golfer, you might have a question like this. Golf is a very popular sport all around the world. Thus, many people enjoy playing golf in their spare time. The first concern for all people who are professional golf players as well as those who are very much passionate about golf is the type of golf balls. Although the one who plays golf is the player, their performance totally depends on the quality of their golf balls.

The popularity of Titleist Pro V1 and Vice golf balls is very high among the other golf balls. Although there are some similarities and dissimilarities between the Vice golf ball and Pro V1 golf ball. As a result, many people are very much curious about “which Vice golf ball most like Pro V1” and also, which golf ball is better like Vice golf ball compared to Pro V1. In order to dismiss all of your concerns and confusions, this article will highlight all the comparisons and similarities between Vice golf ball and Pro V1.

Details of Which Vice Golf Ball is Like Pro V1?

Golf is one of the popular games in the world where around 60 million people play golf on a regular basis. It is a sport that is recognized for bringing people of all ages and skills together. With the popularity of golf, it is known that the golfer is not the only one who can hit the perfect shot on the course. Of course, the player is the most important component, but other factors also influence the shot. The golf ball is one of these factors. The quality of your golf ball may help you make new records or break your game. Therefore, it is impossible to overstate the importance of finding the best golf balls for your game.

German manufacturing company Vice also has a similar view on golf balls. As a result, while manufacturing golf balls they give more priority to the quality rather than price. According to them, high-performing balls do not need to be so expensive. Thus, Vice golf balls are one of the most economically friendly golf balls.

On the other hand, the Pro V1 has been one of the most popular golf balls on the market for several years. Most professional golfers prefer Pro V1 to any other golf ball. Pro V1 is perfect for both professional and amateur players. Also, this ball is best suited for maximizing distance as well as maximizing short game control. Moreover, players prefer Pro V1 for long-distance games. It has a lower spinning rate, as well as the speed, can be higher.

The structure of this ball is very simple with a three layers construction along with a solid core. The compression of this golf ball is 90. Although many players prefer Pro V1, it is quite costly in comparison. Thus, many people are looking for an alternative Vice golf ball similar to Pro V1. Also, the other vice golf ball, vice tour golf ball, and Vice Pro Soft golf ball have a great record for better performance. And among the vice golf balls, vice pro plus is similar to Pro V1.

The following chart will help you understand the similarities between best vice golf ball brands balls and Pro V1:

SpecificationsPro V1Vice Pro PlusVice TourVice Pro Soft
Wedge SpinHigh High Mid High
FeelSoft MidSoftSoft
Swing Speed100-105 MPH110+ MPH100+ MPH 90+ MPH

According to the chart, we can see that Pro V1 and vice pro plus are quite similar. Also, one can use vice pro plus as the alternative to Pro V1.

Final Thought

Hopefully, after reading this article, you are able to figure out which vice golf ball is like Pro V1. Among all the Vice golf balls such as Vice pro plus golf balls, Vice tour golf balls, Vice golf pro soft golf balls, only the vice pro plus has the most similarities with Pro V1. To ensure better performance in a game you can use Vice Pro Plus instead of Pro V1.

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