Who Makes Titleist Golf Balls? Top 5 Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist has led tour ball counts across the world for decades because it manufactures some of the best golf balls on the market, and that popularity is duplicated among club golfers as well. But the question is who makes Titleist golf balls. How are competitors battling against Titleist?

These premium-priced, tour-endorsed models aren’t the only ones among a wide spectrum that meets the performance needs of golfers of all levels and budgets.

Given that the golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use for every shot, it’s important to pick one that fits you perfectly. As a result, we hope that our guide to the brand’s current lineup will assist you in selecting the finest Titleist golf balls for your game.

Are Titleist Golf Balls Really Better?

There is no doubt about the quality of the Titleist golf balls. Especially, if we see the user’s feedback on the different models of the Titleist golf balls, we can realize how popular the golf balls are among golfers worldwide. Along with that, a lot of professional golfers also use this brand. In the next parts of this article, we will explain in detail about that.

Who Makes Titleist Golf Balls?

In 1932, after finding out a golf ball with a faulty core, aspiring businessman and amateur golfer Phil Young teamed up with Fred Bommer to make the perfect golf ball with the Acushnet Golf Division. After 3 years of continued effort, Young and Bommer came up with the Titleist golf balls in 1935.

Acushnet Company, the parent company of Titleist, Footjoy, and other Golf equipment companies is the company that makes Titleist golf balls. To this day, Titleist golf balls are the most played golf balls in professional competitions.

Where are Titleist Golf Balls Made?

Titleist golf balls have been manufactured in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA, for the past 85 years. Titleist presently has a workforce of over 1,100 highly competent individuals with a combined expertise of over 20,000 years. All of this takes place in the heart of New Bedford, a city with a population of slightly more than 95,000 people.

How are Titleist Golf Balls Made?

Advances in process technology have enabled Titleist to build tight manufacturing tolerances in our three state-of-the-art ball plants over the years. Computers and quality assurance teams monitor every stage of the development process, utilizing best-in-class equipment to meet the industry’s most stringent standards. Manufacturing process steps are like this:

  • Core mixing
  • Core molding
  • Grinding
  • Casing layer
  • Urethane cover
  • Removing the casts
  • X-Raying
  • Buffing
  • Painting
  • Hand checks

Which Golf ball is Better: Titleist or Callaway?

To begin, Titleist manufactures three-piece golf balls, whereas Callaway manufactures four-piece golf balls. Second, Titleist balls have a higher compression rate, ranging from 90 to 75 percent, than Callaway balls. Both of these distinctions are seen on the course in two places: off the tee and on the green.

Better players with faster swings may prefer the Titleist in both positions. For these better golfers, the Callaway may be too soft on the greens. Some may feel as if they are striking a spherical sponge.

With the Callaway, less gifted players and those with slower swing rates may see an increase in distance off the tee. That’s not bad for such a short game.

Considering the price with performance, consistent quality delivery the Acushnet, who makes the Titleist golf balls, Titleist golf balls are a better choice.

What are the Best Titleist Golf Balls?

1. Titleist Pro V1: Most Popular Titleist Golf Balls

For the past two decades, the discussion about the greatest premium ball to use has always started with the Titleist Pro V1, and this list will be no exception. The Pro V1 is the model of consistency and performance in both the Ball Lab and robot ball tests, getting top marks in both situations.

The ball’s profile appeals to the widest range of golfers in the Titleist lineup and is rarely a negative pick. It has mid-low flight, medium feel, and Medium spin. The Titleist Pro V1 has a higher price tag, but for many, the value is still there because of the degree of trust it delivers. Overall, it is the greatest Titleist golf ball you can buy.

2. Titleist Pro V1x: Best Titleist Golf Balls For High Handicappers

While the Titleist Pro V1 puts golfers in the middle of the bell curve for feel and spin, the Pro V1x is geared for players who like a firmer feel and higher spin. Golfers can trust Titleist to deliver quality balls in every box and sleeve, with consistency that continues to lead all manufacturers.

The Pro V1/V1x partnership was important in establishing the current ball industry as it is now, and there’s nothing wrong with sticking with a classic. The Pro V1x is still one of the greatest Titleist golf balls.

3. Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash: Most Expensive Titleist Golf Balls

Even in golf, knowing or having something that others don’t is a pleasant feeling. For a long time, some golfers were privy to a Titleist secret: a Pro V1x with a small dash mark to the left of the name. The Pro V1x Left Dash began as a Titleist CPO (custom performance option) for tour players and was designed with the attributes required for epic distance off the tee.

The ball is now available to the general public, and robot testing revealed that the Left Dash was the longest of all tested balls, at least for golfers with faster swing speeds. While it is no longer a secret, the Pro V1x Left Dash may be the best Titleist golf ball.

4. Titleist AVX: Best Titleist Golf Ball For Seniors

If you’re looking for a premium ball, Titleist has a product that should fit your tastes and attributes. The AVX is ideal for players who desire a softer feel or have a slower swing speed. The AVX has the lowest compression number of any Titleist premium product, providing a soft feel for every club.

It has medium flight, a soft feel, and a low spin. It also has the same amount of consistency and quality that other Titleist ball staffs have. The AVX is the softest Titleist golf ball on the market.

5.Titleist Tour Speed: Best Titleist Golf Balls For Ladies

The price difference between thermoset cast urethane and thermoplastic injected urethane is approximately $10. While there are many more thorough explanations available, the cheaper technique is ultimately what allows the Tour Speed to be sold at a lesser price than other Titleist urethane wrapped balls.

The Tour Speed is also the softest of the Titleist urethane options, scoring a few points lower on the compression scale than the AVX. It does not, however, sacrifice distance, coming in second only to the Left Dash in high swing speed robot driver testing. The Tour Speed is the greatest Titleist golf ball on a budget, despite being a “not quite” tour ball.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which Titleist ball is the softest?

Answer: The new TruFeel is the softest Titleist golf ball yet, and it’s been redesigned with a new TruTouch core and updated TruFit aerodynamics for extra distance in your long game.

Question: Are Titleist golf balls made in China?

Answer: No. The Titleist Golf Balls have been manufactured in New Bedford, Massachusetts for the last 85 years.

Question: Where are Pro V1 balls made?

Answer: The best-selling Titleist golf balls Pro V1 balls are made in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and Thailand.

Final Thoughts

Acushnet, who makes the Titleist golf balls, has consistently and proudly been delivering excellent golf balls to the industry for 9 decades. Titleist has long marketed their golf balls as the best in the world. In fact, that phrase is inscribed on every box of Titleist balls. It is not a frivolous boast.

In this article, we have tried to present the reasons why Titleist golf balls are the best balls you can spend your money on. Every single ball of Titleist will perform just as it promises. Hope you have found the right ball for you. We are waiting to answer any other questions you may have to enjoy the gentleman’s game with the best golf balls.

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