Who Makes Vice Golf Balls? A Useful Review Of 2022

You all know golf balls play an important role in your performance. A golf ball can make or break your golf ball experience at a level that you cannot even imagine. The more aware you are about the golf balls and manufacturers the better strategy you can set for improving your experience and performance. Today, we are going to talk about Vice Golf Balls and its manufacturer. Do you know who makes Vice Golf Balls? Or is it even useful?

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Vice Golf Balls is a good option if you’re looking for high-quality golf balls at a reasonable price. Vice Golf is a company that sells high-end golf balls at a discounted price. A lot of globally renowned golfers used this ball and achieved desired success.

Is Vice A Good Golf Ball?

The most alluring feature of Vice Golf balls is their incredible performance, which is comparable to that of more expensive brand balls but at a much lower price. Vice Golf manufactures golf balls with a plethora of features similar to Titleist golf balls. Vice Golf’s three golf balls were named to Golf Digest’s 2020 Hot List. They sell some of the highest-quality golf balls on the market.

All of Vice’s golf balls feature the KIL technology. This feature assists you in aligning putts. These balls have an extra-long line pre-stamped on them to aid in alignment and allow you to drain more putts.

Who Makes Vice Golf Balls? Detailed Answer

So who makes Vice Golf Balls? Vice is a golf ball manufacturer. Vice Golf creates and manufactures its own golf balls. On the other hand, another company named Foremost manufactures the 2020 Vice Pro Golf ball in Taiwan. Foremost Golf Balls is one of Taiwan’s largest golf ball manufacturers.

Where Are Vice Golf Balls Made?

Vice Golf balls are manufactured in two different locations: Germany and Taiwan. In Germany, Vice designed and engineered five distinct golf balls. They all provide high-quality products that are suitable for tour players. Initially, the company manufactured premium golf balls in Germany. Vice Golf expanded into Europe and the United States in 2015. Vice golf manufactures five distinct golf balls. Tour players are pleased with these golf balls because they are of high quality and have been independently tested by international testing institutes.

Are Vice Golf Balls Legal?

We understand how difficult it is to convince golfers that Titleist is not the end-all-be-all of golf balls. They have certainly earned their reputation as an industry leader in terms of innovation. Nevertheless, times have changed.

Smaller manufacturers can now produce golf balls with a comparable performance at a lower price. Now we can add Vice Golf to the list. Therefore, if you’re looking to try out a new ball that will save you money, we strongly advise you to check them out.

Best 2 Vice Golf Balls Reviews

1. Vice Tour Golf Balls

The Vice Tour Golf Ball’s outer cover is made of advanced ethylene copolymers and features a DuPont Surlyn cover. As a result, the cover provides an exceptional level of resistance and resilience to the golf ball. Additionally, the ball is pliable due to the thin cover.

The Vice Tour Golf ball that was developed features numerous dimples. The dimple structure enhances the aerodynamics of the golf ball. It maintains a smooth and stable trajectory for the ball.

2. Vice Drive Golf Balls

The Vice Drive Golf Ball’s cover is made of Dupont Surlyn, a very durable material. Additionally, it is constructed of plastic and is perfectly adjustable. It is capable of withstanding high impact loads.

This ball is impenetrable, with no cuts or abrasions. Vice Drive is distinguished by its symmetrical dimple structure. It can help ensure that the golf ball remains perfectly buoyant following the tee shot. Additionally, the dimple’s unique design results in a longer roll phase and an optimal drive length.


Question: What Compression Are Vice Golf Balls?

Answer: Vice Drive and Vice Tour are virtually identical to the original in terms of compression. At +/- 86 compression, it resides in the sweet spot where compression loss is negligible while still providing a slightly softer feel than a sizable portion of the “Tour” category.

Question: Which Vice Golf Ball Spins The Most?

Answer: During testing, we discovered that the Vice Tour provided excellent feedback on full shots and a reasonable amount of control approaching the greens. This option has a little more zing to it.

Question: Which Vice Golf Ball is designed for golfers with slower swing?

Answer: The Vice Drive, the range’s only two-piece ball, is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds looking for maximum distance. While it lacks the premium performance of some of its other products, it is unquestionably one of the best distance golf balls available.

Question: Which Vice Golf Ball Is Like Chrome Soft?

Answer: Vice Pro Soft is the softest one out there, offering the highest comfortability at slower swings. Vice Tour is softer than Vice Drive due to its lower compression.

Final Thought

Vice is committed to the tried-and-true formula. It is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and a simple, clean, minimalistic yet powerful design that reimagines golf’s passion. Their design philosophy is always functional: they have equipped their balls with a distinct ball number and a distinct putting line.

We hope that after reading this article, you have got the answer to your question of who makes Vice Golf Balls? However, if you want to know if you can use this ball then we would like to offer you some important information here. Vice golf balls are ideal if you’re comfortable with Titleist ProV1s, Srixon Z-Stars, or Nike Tour One balls.

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