Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive

Often people wonder why are Honma golf clubs so expensive. Many of them do not even understand how these Honma clubs vary from the other more affordable ones. Honma golf clubs are pricey because they are made of special steel much better than low-cost industrial steel. Honma iron is finely forged, too. Thus, to make it make sense, we have put together some reasons why are Honma golf clubs so expensive.

Are Honma Golf Clubs Good?

Honma golf clubs are undoubtedly great! Honma Clubs are great for you if you are a professional golfer with a bit slow swinging pace and is badly in need of a draw bias. Honma clubs function much like most of the clubs accessible on the marketplace if not greater, and their value is gradually improving because they are not as pricey as they used to be anymore. They are amazing, and you would not regret making a purchase.

Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive?

Honma is, without a doubt, the most famous Japanese company for golf accessories, and you will hear them speak about its quality and the high price if you ask most golfers about this brand. Honma, therefore, has this luxurious brand image that is not going anywhere soon. So, to answer why are Honma golf clubs so expensive, there are few key points that make them different from other golf clubs.

Usage of Raw materials while making Honma golf clubs

The thing that’s the most exceptional about Honma is that it uses much better special quality steel than ordinary cheap commercial steel. Honma uses special steel which is much stronger than the usual cheap industrial steel. While most golf club producers use steel too, the one Honma uses is rare, one-of-a-kind soft steel, and exceptional for each ball contact. You will definitely feel the difference if you are using Honma golf clubs as opposed to other clubs.

Custom Made Golf Clubs:

Like Honma, no other company will produce custom-made golf clubs. Their innovation of craft can appeal to about any request. Some golf clubs also have gold plating and embellishments of crystals. Their selection of designs is very extensive, with a few clubs crafted for extremely prominent individuals. This is the major reason why so costly Honma golf clubs are.

Usage of Hand Forged Irons:

One other thing that is noticeable about the Honma clubs is that they’re still being forged. The Honma TW747 V iron that can be forged from a single piece is a common example of one of the irons. Having said that, it is not that all of their irons, though, can be absolutely forged. For instance, the “two-piece” iron, Honma Beres, could just be partially forged. But you can be certain the Honma iron is forged by hand if it is possible. This hand-forging system is far more complicated and costly than the usual casting procedure.

World-Class Designers:

An even more prominent reason why Honma golf clubs are so costly is that they’ve been designed by world-class craftsmen. Some golf clubs also have gold plating and adornments of crystals. The exclusive look and feel of these Honma clubs are the reason why are Honma golf clubs so expensive.

Exclusive Handmade Shafts:

This is probably the most prominent reason as to why are Honma golf clubs so expensive. Honma is recognized all throughout the golf club business sector for producing much of its shafts on special offer. Even though Honma occasionally uses or maybe chooses other competitors’ Tour World iron shafts, it still wants to make its very own shafts. This is plain since Honma does have club creators in the field who are dedicated designers and are able to craft outstanding shafts that are ergonomic for most golfers.

One thing is truly outstanding for their Beres range! Honma Beres is not a pioneer in the language of efficiency for nothing in a single business segment: the ArmRQX shafts are comparatively mild as well as delicate but have outstanding torque values. A crucial consistency criterion for shafts is this specific value.

The larger the number of selected stars, the greater their importance. These distinctive shafts single handedly make it worthwhile for many players to purchase Beres clubs. These clubs provide you with every kind of advantage to achieve greater performance.

Extensive Range to Choose From:

More significantly, the greatest range is available at Honma golf clubs. This is why Japanese golf clubs are so pricey. They are renowned for their light, soft graphite shafts with minimum torque. Golfers can twist when stroking, even though the shaft is light, and it will still move towards the correct direction.

For calculating the worth of their golf clubs, Honma uses stars. Two-star shafts are already very fine for golfers, but to step up the game, they also have very costly 4-5 star shafts that offer the best results.

What Pros Use Honma Clubs?

There are a couple of professional golfers who love and adore Honma. The most notable professional golfers who use Honma golf clubs are Justin Rose, Shan-Shan Feng, Liang Wen Chong, Hideto Tanihara, Yoshinori Fujimoto, Koumei Oda, Bo-Mee Lee, Ha-Neul Kim.

These Products Could Help You:

If you are looking for a versatile Honma golf club to purchase as a starter, this product is right up your alley.

HONMA TW-X Iron Set RH 4-10 Graph Stiff

Honma’s T/World-X iron blend muscle back, is designed as a utilitarian iron, aims at the gap and redemption correlated with improving the game. The best part of using this golf club is its precision and power. This golf club provides a superior feel and improves performance, taking your golfing experience to a whole another level.


  • A dimension of 48 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

Key Features:

  • The hand shaped blade profile is exclusively crafted by top-notch designers from Sakata, Japan.
  • Inspired by PGA Tour
  • Exclusive muscle back design, specially forged by hand
  • Provides great speed and feel with the 25C body made with high-quality MS300 forge
  • These are very forgiving in a game, providing spectacular result with proper weight distribution

Final Verdict

It is the attention to little details that makes Honma golf clubs spectacular. Honma golf clubs are pricey because they are made of distinctive steel, which is much better than low-cost manufacturing steel. Furthermore, the Honma iron is nicely forged. We’ve come to this article’s conclusive findings. In your hunt, we hope we have helped you to find knowledge to comprehend why are Honma golf clubs so expensive!

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