Why Do Golf Carts Use 6-volt Batteries?

If you are an owner of a golf cart and looking for a good long-lasting durable battery for your vehicle, then this article is for you. Here we will discuss Why Do Golf Carts Use 6-volt Batteries? A good battery will provide you good performance of your golf cart for moving around golf courses or other vast areas smoothly. There are many batteries available at the market right now but what you need is the best one for your favorite golf cart.

Why Do Golf Carts Use 6-volt Batteries?

Most available in the market golf carts require 48-volt battery packs.

Purchasing a few batteries with high voltage will save you money. But there are some other factors related to your cart which you should keep in mind.

If the battery gets old or slow you can change it easily with a 6-volt battery. It will cost less. An old battery can make your vehicle slow and travel distance will reduce. Most of the golf carts use 6 volts batteries for voltage and amp-hour.

How to Test a 6-volt Golf Cart Battery?

Checking up your vehicle’s battery is an important part of maintenance. You have to do it on a daily basis. Part of the battery checking process has some key issues like Voltage, Amph, Cable, and Electrolyte (VACE). You can check your battery voltage by using the voltmeter. To check the battery Amph you have to use a battery load tester. You have to check the battery wire if it is wiggly or torn.

A good plastic wire will cover up all the metal wire inside. Make sure the cable is not pipetting. Add some distilled water to the top of the battery plate, If it is dry. You can check the battery electrolyte by using a hydrometer. An old-fashioned hydrometer can do. Keep the top of the battery clean. Check for the battery temperature. Often the battery gets very hot, keep it cool. If a battery is old it is prone to get hot.

How Much Does a 6-volt Golf Cart Battery Weigh?

A flooded lead acid 6-volt golf cart battery can weigh up to 62 Ibs.

How to Hook Up 6-volt Golf Cart Batteries?

To increase the volt of the golf cart or higher up the capacity you have to hook up batteries together. Generally, golf carts require up to 48 volts. You need to hook up eight 6 volt batteries together. All you need is deep cycle two six volts batteries in series or in parallel connection.

Always keep in mind the safety measures during hook up any batteries.

How to Charge 6-volt Golf Cart Batteries With a 12-volt Charger?

There are two ways to charge your battery with a 12 Volt charger. The first one is to open up the battery clamps off the charger, leave four inches of wire on the battery clamps. Place an electrical tape on the battery wire to mark the positive battery clamp. Solder positive wire on the leads of the first resistor. Cover the joints when it is cool.

You can charge your 6-volt battery using a 12-volt charger but It’s risky. Better not to use it.

How Much Are 6-volt Golf Cart Batteries?

After the question Why Do Golf Carts Use 6-volt Batteries? Comes the question of the cost of that battery. The cost of 6-volt golf cart batteries can depend on the brands. Different types of companies provide different prices for the batteries. Generally, the price is between 800 US dollars to 1500 US dollars.

Trojan 6 volt battery will cost you 1200$, Duracell 6 volt price will be 190$, ever start brand will cost you 102 US dollars. The AGM battery will cost you 306 US dollars. Prices will be slightly different in different stores.

Cheap 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105 is the best cheap 6-volt golf cart battery at a reasonable price. This product helps you and some special features find for you.

Special Features:

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Lowest cost per amp-hour 
  • Comparatively low price
  • Easy to charge

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long do 6-volt golf cart batteries last?

Answer: Up to five years

Question: How many volts is a golf cart with 6 batteries?

Answer: 48 volts

Question: How many amps are in a 6-volt golf cart battery?

Answer: 180 to 225 Amp-hours.


A long-lasting battery will provide you with excellent performance for your vehicles. Installing new 6 volt batteries can increase the lifespan of the golf cart. Following proper precautions and safety measures for battery charging will save you from hustle and bustle.Hope you got your answer to What is the Best 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery?

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